Sonic Fan Objects Title
Fans of Sonic seem to be endless, and just as endless is the supply of Sonic-fan-items for you to see! What creative objects will everyone come up with this time?
Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see. No one's in some factory somewhere mass-producing things only hoping to grab money. Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?
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Remember "Project Freedom Leader", from another page of Fan items? It was to make a real working Sally action figure that could really be posed. Here's the 2nd part of it, a finished, SatAm Season 1
model Sally action figure. She's at about 3.5 scale (but not to scale with Jazwares 3.75 inch line) She has 16 points of articulation that all really work. There are plans to be able to commission the figure as well, so "re-produce-ability" had to be built in to the original design. (Making it different than 1-offs) What would go into making something like this? Just look at this list:
Milliput / Yellow - Grey (sculpt epoxy)
Casting Resin (head/base)
Krylon Fusion spray (clear)
Krylon Fusion spray/primmer (White)
Testors Model Master paints
Lacquer Paint Thinner
X-Acto knife
Sander block
Warm soapy water
Loctite brush-on super glue
Multiple paint brushes
Blue Hawk Dremel set
Silicone Shock Fluid
Blue tape
Factory gloves
As you can see, this is no ordinary fan figure - it took about 7 months to make. All made & photos by Red X Power.
Fan Project Emerald Energy Cans These cans are a fan project. Someone has made a whole mock-up product. Each can got a custom wrap you see here, as well as a cardboard display box so all 4 cans could be 'sold' at once. However, because it is a fan project, it's too bad you can't buy the drinks. Notice how the top of the can is goldtone, while the rest is silver. That is to represent a ring from the games. With 4 flavors, the 16-bit look pixelated chaos emeralds, winged rings & matte black cans, this is a thought out project. The flavors are lemon yellow, blue raspberry, red fruit punch & green apple. You can read more at the webpage about this Energy Can Project. Photo discovered by Crystal Kitsune
Custom Gundam Here's something new & cool, it's a custom paint job Gundam. A Gundam is a model kit where you have to paint & build the pose-able figure. But, because you can paint it yourself, you can choose to give it a Sonic style paint job! There are plenty of spikes on this model to be Sonic-like, but the white eye spots, white gloves & red stripe shoes look great. There are even green eyes (bottom photo) under that metal visor area. It looks like the fingers really work / are pose-able, and the joints let it do cool actions. (It is too bad an official Sonic figure never really got pose-able fingers) This is the "Master GRMS 108 Marasai" which was built & painted by Syd Gaijin Gunpla
Fan Silver & Blaze Plushes Here are a pair of fan plushes, Silver & Blaze. These look fairly mid-sized, and include lots of fun details including real furry fabric for his chest patch & her boot / glove accents, a jewel for her forehead, shiny material for the shoes & a twisty gold necklace for the collar of Blazes' dress. Do you know who made these?
Nerdy Nummies is a professional Youtube food making channel. (Like, done with lights, on a set, & sponsored etc) They make unofficial foods themed after video game & movie things, while showing you how to make them in a fun way. During one of their episodes they made Sonic inspired chili dogs. Want to watch the video? Nerdy Nummies Chili Dog Video will take you to it. (Since the channel is pro, the video will likely never break)
Uh oh Someone finds a use for a not so great costume...
By making it worse! On the internet there is a "Scary Game" mod of Sonic 1 called "Sonic.exe" The 'evil version' character from the game is made into a mascot with fan alterations to this mascot suit. The eyes are red/black, there's added blood coming from the eyes, evil mouth, & face symbols on the gloves. The Tails Doll (from Sonic R, always regarded as a creepy meme on the internet) is an actual fan made item here to carry. Because the character is twisted/evil, the off-ness of the spikes actually adds to the suit instead of being a flaw.
Did you spot Slenderman in the background? Here's there. Suit by EXE
Customized Shadow Amiibo This is a customized Amiibo figure. It started out as a Sonic, but now it's Shadow! The figure was removed from the base & boiled in water to re pose the spikes. It has a full body repaint. The shoes are a Jazwares 3.5 line Shadow (Amiibos are about that scale)
and the eyes have been re painted to red. the figure was then able to be placed back on the base. Figure customized & photos by Dustin Lee Autry
Neo Metal Sonic Custom Figure Here's a customized Neo Metal Sonic fan figure. Neo Metal appeared in Sonic Heroes as a transformed version of Metal Sonic. This is based on a Jazwares 3.5 inch line Metal Sonic. To turn the figure into Neo Metal, you can see added sculpy spikes, shoe points, knee spikes, & hand details. The added cape is real cloth (a black t-shirt) and new metallic tone shiny paint has been added to complete the custom look. The figure can still be posed as normal. Figure customized & photos by Dustin Lee Autry
5 inch Shadow Custom Figure Here is 5 inch size customized Shadow the action figure. As you know, Jazwares never got to make a 5 inch size regular Shadow figure. (They lost the license due to Boom before it could happen) So, in this fan modification, the Lancelot/Sonic Black Knight version is used. His armor has been removed with a dremel to grind away the plastic. His body & details are re-painted, and the shoes filled in/sculpted back with sculpey. He's still fully pose-able, and stands on his own. Figure modified & photos by Dustin LeeAutry
Graduation Cap Custom Some schools let you customize your mortarboard cap for graduation celebration.
So why not celebrate with Sonic! This customized fan hat uses puffy paint, jewels, green tape, Sonic (of course) and 3D letters to spell out "On my way 2 the next level". This fits in with the old Sega slogan "Welcome to the next level", and with Sonic games as well. Customizing the cap turns it into a neat keepsake too, with the year charm on the tassel. Photo & customized by CrystalSonic Fan
Rings Necklace Now here's an item that puts the iconic 'gold rings' to use!
This necklace has pixelated 'ring losing' Sonic in the center...and the product of his loss (scattering rings) is the source of the rest of the necklace. This is especially thought out because in the games, the rings DID come out of him in a complete circle, and scatter around. The rings are also placed along the upper part so the necklace isn't just one pendant thing. Being on the form here, it shows that it would likely lay properly if you put it on. This is a fun idea with a good execution....but who made it? Write in if you know the artist, to help this item get credit.
ORPG Sonic & Shadow Theme Horn People Here are 2 virtual fan 'items'...or rather characters.
Much like the CAW (create-a-wrestler) online multi-player games often have lots of customization options for players to get their character looking right. However, via some interesting very spiky hair placement, someone's gotten Sonic & Shadow themed horn people. Notice that the Shadow has red tips to the spikes, red eyes (and black eyewhites...but) Do you know what game these characters are from?
Customized HUmar PSO Suit Sonic Amiibo
This is a fan-customized Amiibo figure...
But it IS customized into an official costume Sonic actually did wear in a game. In Sonic Adventure 2 Battle you could unlock special costumes=skins for the characters. Because Phantasy Star Online was popular at the time (containing Sonic crossover elements to this very day in 2015!) the characters could wear the clothing of the default characters in PSO.
In this case, someone has carefully painted onto Sonic the HUmar suit (Human/Hunter Class/Male) which was always default to orange/yellow/black. Do you know who customized the figure?
Layered Green Hill Loop Cake What a complicated cake!
Someone will have a happy birthday when they see this complex layered Green Hill Zone cake. A big piece of the level is reconstructed here with a whole lot of cake and fondant frosting. You can spot fun details like a real bridge over the pixelated 'water', complete with chop-chop fish badnicks ready to leap up. Then, Tails is on a spring, Super Sonic sees some spike traps, Amy is on a ledge, Metal Sonic is near a ring & Sonic is in the loop...which they actually constructed! The top of the loop even has the grass, flowers & ring monitor. Don't miss Knuckles there on his little floating platform. To top it off, they printed up a real screen shot from the game to give it a background. This is an impressive, large cake with a lot of construction work. But who was having a birthday?