Sonic Fan Objects Title
Fans of Sonic seem to be endless, and just as endless is the supply of Sonic-fan-items for you to see! What creative objects will everyone come up with this time?
Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see. No one's in some factory somewhere mass-producing things only hoping to grab money. Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?
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Sonic EXE Game Cartridge & Title Screen A fan of the 'scary game' Sonic.EXE , also tied into the internet 'legend' or in internet terms, 'creepy-pasta' (off of copy-paste becoming copy-pasta, and then replacing copy with creepy because layers of necisity were somehow needed) of Sonic.EXE the story of an evil version of Sonic who kills the player of the game. Here, a rom-hack of Sonic 1 turns the game into the EXE version, complete with fan-made altered cartridge art for the customized cartridge.
With the proper technology today, it is possible to make a cartridge that will play in an old system. It's likely costly & difficult, but do-able, which is likely what this item is.
However, look at the art, it says Genesis, but it's playing (with the title screen) in a Mega Drive. Maybe the fan created cartridge is not region specific. It is interesting to see an internet legend turn into a rom hack, then into a physical fan item. Discovered by CoolLuke1337
Knit Fix Sonic Doll Is this a fan item?
No, it's a fan FIX! This clever cure for a wrecked doll, turns an ordinary plush into a Sonic vs Black Knight gauntlet wearing one.
This thrift store find was a great bargain...but someone had totally ripped off and lost one of the arms.
Instead of passing it up, it became a cool project once knitting skill was applied. Using knitting needles & correctly colored yarn, a new arm, complete with actually layered armor gauntlet over it was constructed to restore the doll. It was knitted on US Size 4 knitting needles, with three colors (cream, yellow and gray), with 8 separate pieces, assembled with a tapestry needle, and transplanted with regular sewing thread Restoration & photo by: RaeLogan
Mephiles Knit Plush Don't have a Mephiles plush, but want one? Knitting one is a cool fan option. This plush is made out of 100% knitting. Because you can use it to construct individual shapes & then connect them together, it's possible to get 3D details like socks, shoe edges, glove cuffs & ears that stand up. The chest fur is hooked in, letting it stand out and be fluffy. (Tail is present, it's just difficult to see as the doll is dark.) This was made with size 4 needles, with a mix of cotton, acrylic and novelty fuzz yarn. Chest fur was done by knitting a triangle, stitching to the chest, then using a small crochet hook to root strands to it in a manner similar to a latch-hook. The glove/sock cuffs are separate from the limbs (and also hide the knitted stripe markings as well). The rings and cuffs are textured differently because I flipped them to the "wrong side" (basically, the Purl Side). The eyes are just stitched yarn." Knitted & photo by RaeLogan
Lego Green Hill Zone Square
To prove how cool it would be to have a Sonic themed Lego set, here is a fan made Green Hill Zone scene. They didn't stop at just a character, they've built a whole large square area, complete with hill, palm trees, totem post, and rings. Notice the area under the checkered ground, the scene itself is on a raised base with the sort of deco theme of some of the level title screens. This is a big effort to make a large scene, but who did it?
2 Tails Doll Plushes
The Tails Doll from Sonic R is always a popular subject for fan plushes, because it was a plush to begin with. Here are 2 fan made Tails Doll plushes, each made from smooth, non-furry fabric. They have felt eyes, and are fairly large. Made & photo by: eharbin92
Bikini Beach Cosplayers Sonic Knuckles It's a cosplay combination!
What to do if you're cosplaying at the beach like in this photo? Make it a bathing suit cosplay for fun like what's happened here. Here, swim suits are used to set a character theme, notice how the belly dot is sort of built in (bikini) & the Knuckles top has a white strip too. They have added Knuckles spiked mittens, sculpted (with spray and gel) spiked red wig, Sonic ears & blue wig and character gloves. Notice that the undersides of their noses are also painted black. But, who are these cosplayers?
Harry Potter Obama Amiibo Fake Fan Custom A fan item with a sense of humor!
Can you really be a fan of a fake? Maybe, if you make this silly Amiibo fan custom. If you go into the "Avoiding Bootlegs" pages of SonicGear, you'll eventually uncover a schoolbag that's certainly absurd. It features uneven colorful lettering, wrong-color Sonic (of course) and is labeled (for some reason) "Harry Potter Obama" instead of 'Sonic'. Why? Probably because when it was made people were saying those words a lot / it was popular.
That pack made the rounds of the internet because it was so wierd, and so, it has apparently gained a fan who has wrongly colored the amiibo on purpose, then, for added 'authenticity' used similarly randomly colored markers to spell out horizontally & vertically "Harry P0tter OBAMA" just like the infamous fake. But who customized this?
Little Animal Pony Figure Customs Flicky Here are some fun customized toys. The little animals that come out of the badnik robots are gathered here...but can you guess what they were customized from?
My Little Pony Friendship Magic ponies often came with tiny animals. This fan has customized them with some paint and added sculpting to create some nice likenesses of Flicky (bird) Pecky (penguin) the bunny, squirrel & seal (or is it a walrus-was there a debate?) What's really nice about the mini figures from the ponies is that they're quite in scale with the Jazwares Sonic 5 inch line & they are already mostly shaped/proportioned correctly. Photo & customized by Elisto
Archie Fiona Fox Custom Figure Archie Sonic comic's villian Fiona Fox gets a custom figure. This is made from a Jazwares 3.25 line Tails figure. With all new paint, 1 tail, & Amy's boots & hands a new combined figure was created. Then, details like the thicker and added hair & bow were added with sculpey clay & painted. The belts are t-shirt fabric with paint for the details. She still fits on the usual base for posing. Figure customized and photos by Dustin Lee Autry
Amiibo Replacement Shadow Posed Figure
Here's a creative use for a Shadow spare figure.
In this case, the Jazwares 3.75 line Shadow is literally 'standing in' to replace the Sonic amiibo figure. With the help of a clear stand, (middle) Shadow has exactly the same pose as the comic book cover picture. To turn action figure into amiibo figure, the joints were posed, then glued into position. Next, the figure is glued down to the base so it can be picked up/set down & used.
This really goes to show how great these JW figures are. With careful work, you can set them like the action-filled drawn poses and have it look good. Photos & customized by Dustin Lee Autry
Sonic Ice Cream Bar Cosplay Is this the best Sonic cosplay to have ever been played?
Possibly! But it IS the silliest! A clever fan has made a funny 'mask/head' of the notoriously wacky/poorly put together/confusing Sonic themed ice cream bar ice cream pops that are only (usually) sold out of ice cream trucks. You can see the various....attempts these bars have over on USA Foods. The 'gumball eyes' are almost always mis-placed, so here the wacky mask does exactly the same thing. What's that on his back? Why, the popsicle stick, as a carry-around accessory! This clever costume makes fun of the ice cream that every Sonic fan can instantly recognize and turns it into a mask. But who wore this costume? (They should be credited)
How about a
These dominoes themselves aren't Sonic themed, but they ARE arranged into many wonderful Sonic patterns by a domino expert. Thousands of colored dominoes fall creating portraits, chaos emeralds, cool trails, and more. The Domino King earns his title with this 50,000+ domino display. The art chosen here all looks great with Sonic Tails Knuckles Amy Shadow & even Eggman.
It turns out the Domino King doesn't actually play the games but he does understand fans and so builds this set up while not activly a fan. Set up & video by Domino King
T.Cat Fan Plush Many Characters Very many plush characters!
An industrious fan creates plush dolls of characters both popular and obscure out of household materials. Each plush is given attention to detail so it can be like the comic books. Amy wears her classic or Sonic the Comic style dress, there's Julie Su from Archie complete with her sculpted/complex boots & hair wraps, Athair (he was reddish brown) with his beads, Mighty, Uncle Chuck complete with 3D mustache & big eyebrows, Tails (but in the style of SatAm since he's brown) Espio & Vector. A lot of work has gone into making a lot of plushes! All made & photos by T.Cat