Sonic Fan Objects Title
Fans of Sonic seem to be endless, and just as endless is the supply of Sonic-fan-items for you to see! What creative objects will everyone come up with this time?
Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see. No one's in some factory somewhere mass-producing things only hoping to grab money. Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?
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Arby's Pumpkin Hill Fan Twitter Photos Can a company be a fan?
It looks like that's possible... because it seems like fast food Arby's is!
Here, they fulfill specific fan item conditions with their tweeted-out photos
They have made 3D items including a Pumpkin Hill pumpkin, and a Master Emerald base. Then, the photos were added to their official Twitter with a Sonic-related message. All that combines to land these funny photos here on fan objects. First, Knuckles is ready to go to Pumpkin Hill Zone (near halloween, it was a shout-out to fans) then, Eggman steals the emerald-shaped nugget (notice his egg o matic has "BEEF" written on the side) & last, Knuckles regains the nugget item & is shown with onion-ring "rings.
What's unique about it. They're not doing a Sonic promotion of any sort, they didn't need to make the fun little decorations or shout out to the Sonic fans. They are just BEing fans...having fun and promoting at the same time.
Sonic Riders Shadow & Black Shot
Shadow DID appear in Sonic Riders, but as he wasn't a 'main character' Jazwares didn't get around to making a figure of him. This fan customized figure & board are here to correct that. Shadow is made from a Jazwares 3.75 line figure but has new hands (Riders Sonic's) & sculpting to change his shoes to the Riders style. He has sculpted glasses & a customized board to make it into his exclusive board the "Black Shot". The figure can still be posed & holes have been added under the feet so he can stand on the board & really ride it. Photos & customized by Dustin Lee Autry
Metal Sonic Amiibo Custom Figure Here is a customized Amiibo base...into Metal Sonic.
The Sonic Amiibo is usually a fixed-figure of Sonic on the 'amiibo base' which triggers the in-game actions. However, it can be removed, and another figure substituted. It doesn't change how it works, but it does give a new look. In this case, it's Jazwares' 3.75 line Metal Sonic figure. He's posed, then set in place with the clear support pillar so he becomes less an action figure & more a display type figure for use as an Amiibo. Photos & customized by Dustin Lee Autry
Arbys Sonic Forces Villain Head Cardboard Apparently Arbys the fast food restaurant is still a Sonic fan. Companies, apparently can be fans and thus produce fan objects. This time, they use cardboard packaging, creative cutting & some paper from the store to build this 3D head. It is the head of an enemy type character featured in a trailer for Sonic Forces in summer 2017. This character has a strangely colored (or possibly missing/replaced) eye on one side & an unusually shaped face. It is interesting to see, because this fan item appeared upon the official Arbys twitter only days after the character was revealed in the trailer. Seeing companies being fans & appealing to fans is very cool! Discovered by Taaron Infinite Fan Figure
Sonic the Cosplay Eggman Double Costume Sonic the Cosplay is at it again with another wacky 'double costume'. This Sonic-suited fan dresses up the literal Sonic suit into various characters for double the fun. This time, the suit is dressed as modern style Eggman complete with gloves, jacket, mustache, little glasses & work goggles. It looks like a Mario cosplay is getting in on the posing action as well, at (probably) a convention.
Photo owned by: Sonic the cosplay
An Infinite fan figure! The villain from Sonic Foces, calling themselves "Infinite", has quickly been made into a fan figure since an official one wasn't made upon the game's release. This is made from Jazwares 3.75 line figures Jet’s head, Shadow’s body, Silver’s hands and Sonic’s free rider shoes, along with new paint, sculpting for the wiggly spikes & tail. All of the articulation still works & the figure can stand on its own. All photos & customized by Dustin Lee Autry.
Notebook Fan Charm Sonic Here is a fan-made charm. Thanks to the bead-loop at the top it can be added to an item with a wire or a loop, in this case it's on a Sonic themed notebook. The charm is a little Sonic figure made of colored clay. Photo & made by Sonic Dollz Generations Round Cake A Sonic Generations cake!
This cake uses the Jazwares Generations display figures on ring base as a cake topper. It has been filled with green frosting to match it to the cake. The cake is a nice looking GHZ theme, complete with path of rings leading up to the top. Fondant is used to make the checkered ground. This fun cake with video game like path looks like a gift & cake in one! But who's is it?
Detail Added Tomy Metal Sonic Here is a fan-customized figure. It's Tomy's classic style Metal Sonic, but with some paint details added. While classic MS had shorter limbs, it was not shorter on detail. Some silver-tone marker makes a metallic paint job (that Tomy just had as gray) , plus colored in the jet boosts on how they should be.
On Modern Metal Sonic the dark grey parts on it's hand and upper leg were missing so it was colored it black and added the silver joint on the upper leg. These fan-added details & brighter silver color make the figure more accurate to the games & better looking over-all. Customized & photos by SonicHedgehog11
Amiibo Shadow Fan Figure Remodel Amiibo Shadow is back, and better than ever with this re-done fan figure. Now, the figure uses un-jointed arms & legs from a Funko figure because original Amiibos never had jointed limbs. To make it look even more authentic, here you can see it with a modded version of the game, so that Shadow will actually appear on screen too, when you use the figure. (Remember, the data these things give is always inside the base, so usually that base would produce Sonic) Modified & photos by Dustin LeeAutry Amiibo Shadow w/Game Mod
HUmar Suit PSO Sonic Customized Amiibo Here's an interesting customization to see...
If you remember all the way back to Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, after a while you could get some extra content for the game which you could use to dress up the characters in suits from Sonic Team's other game at the time, which was the ORPG PSO Phantasy Star Online. In this case, Sonic got the 'default' HUmar (A male melee class hunter) suit that you could have him wear in the game as a fun extra. It also promoted PSO* a bit too.
This person has customized their Sonic Amiibo so that it looks like it's wearing the suit just like in the original extra content of the game. (Other characters got other PSO costumes to wear too, like Shadow got the HUcast (an android hunter) armor plate & Rouge had HUnewearl (a hunter newman) outfit) But who has customized this Amiibo?
*PSO was actually one of SonicTeam's greatest contributions to anything ever.
Because the Dreamcast got stamped out, ST didn't get as much recognition as it should have. The game used a 1000 Beat system to keep time so that people from anywhere in the world ALL shared a universal clock/could time their meetings. They had a unique translation system developed for it that no one's accomplished make international play an understandable reality. It was also the first console based ORPG to really succeede for a long time. It really is an interesting thing, especially as you consider the time period, literal dial up modems, and the state of the technology like people using those "Free AOL Hours" disks to play. Interested in learning more?
Tiny Fan Plush Set 5 Characters Tiny construction...a big set!
Here are 5 characters, all as very small fan made plush dolls. You've got classic versions of everybody including Sonic, Super Sonic, Eggman, Tails & Knuckles. Despite the small size, there are fun details all around like hang-threads on top, Tails' curling bangs, the correct spikes-set-up for Sonic/Super Sonic and....real yellow buttons for Eggman's pants-buttons. Giving him real buttons is a cute effect. All made and photos by: Spazer40
Mushy Professional Cake Here is a professional Sonic cake.
This is NOT a 'fan item' because it was not made by a Sonic fan. It was hired-made by a professional bakery. That means bakers & cake decorators were given a picture of a 3DS & also of Sonic and paid to make a cake combining the theme. It was a fun idea, turning 3D into actual three dimensions having him popping out of the screen.
That said, it's too bad they dropped him on his face before the cake could be presented. The eye is bent where he hit something, and the whole bottom of the face area is distorted and caved in. Because cakes like this use Fondant, dropping them will generally bend, compress, or 'moosh' rather than crumble or tear because it is like clay.
This photo is by "Cake Outside The Box" but the photo suffers from an odd crop.
Mexico Parade Float Sonic
A parade in Mexico isn't like the Macy's one in the USA...
Which means people can make their own floats of whatever they think is cool and add them to a parade. In this case, it looks like someone really likes Sonic and has made a paper mache fan-float of him that's really pretty big! He's doing a thumbs up, and is clearly modern style. He's got all 5 fingers but....whoops, there goes the blue arms.
A fan made effort is still appriciated by the parade attendees though, as everyone's watching him go down the street and a person is taking a picture too. It's cool to see Sonic celebrated in lots of places, year after year.
Lady Omega Fan Cosplay
A fan cosplay costume is a fan item!
And in this case, here comes cosplayer "Lady Omega". This is an interesting choice with a cool costume. Most people just choose Sonic, Shadow or Tails, but here is someone dressed as the aggressive good-guy robot. However, since Omega doesn't really have human proportions, the fan suit has to be made to his theme instead, and it does succeede at this. There's claw hands, boxy shoulder pieces & all the right colors. A ninja mask shape & headgear helps create the look of the head, while red contact lenses work for the eyes.
An unusual choice...
But who is the actual cosplayer? Many have names, so it could just actually be 'Lady Omega', or maybe that's the name of this particular suit. You can write in if you have any details for credit. Discovered by: TheTumblex
Tomy Chao Fan Fix When Tomy got the Sonic license, they chose to make some chao figures (a good decision) usual Tomy-fashion...they weren't great with the details. About the only thing they did was make the same neutral chao 3 times & stamp on 3 different expression faces.
But, that's where a fan-fix can step in to help. Now, there are the yellow tips for the head top, feet/arms, and purple wings so they can look more like the game.
Fans stepping in to modify toys is lots of fun...but in this case it's unfortunate to have to, just to fill in details that should have been there from the beginning. Photo & modified by: SonicHedgehog11
IDW Tangle Fan Figure Here are the first Fan Figures of characters exclusive to the new IDW Sonic Comic in the USA. They are all made from Jazwares Figures. IDW Whisper Fan Figure
Dr Starline Fan Figure
Tangle the Lemure, Whisper the Wolf & Mimic Octopus are all characters exclusive to IDW...but that doesn't mean they can't be built by customizing Jazwares figures & combining parts & apoxie sculpt to make details. Tangle features a pipecleaner / chenille stem tail so it can actually be bent/posed and is soft. She is made from a Blaze figure, with added hair, and Free Riders Tails shoes. Whisper the Wolf has her mask that she can hold (plus another one she can wear & a wispon accessory). She is made from a Blaze, but with Amy legs and 1 hand from a modern Tails figure. The cloak is a rubber pad with wire clasp. The wispon is a phone tripod and wire, while the mask is craft foam and apoxie. Mimic Octopus has custom tentacles for his head, (it was an Espio head) sculpted feet, Wave the swallow legs & a re-purposed Equestria Girls dress to create his clothing. They're all still poseable, stand on their own, & totally hand painted. Figures customized & photos by: WakeAngel2001
Baby Sonic Chop Cake Well now here is something unfortunate.
Why would you do this? Why is this a good idea? Who WANTS to actually do this--and they picked like, probably either the worst or the best point to take a picture of what is going on here.
Of course, it is the fate of ALL good cakes to be sliced and served. However, much like slamming a cleaver into the adorable puppy that looks *just like* your dog...why does anyone want to slice into the the character /pet/ infant/whatever?
Strange motivation aside, character cakes like these are generally mostly inedible. The exterior is fondant, an edible but not directly 'tasty' substance. The interior is often wood scaffold upon which cake is mounted, along side rice-crispies-treats cereal to make light-weight shapes...that are generally never eaten. A wooden board is usually frosted for the base. So, unless you are a termite? Cake-criticism aside, the item itself does look movie-like and accurate. That he is being stabbed in the face while holding out his sunflower like the poster is an unfortunate thing to have happen.