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France had several of its own items, but not nearly on the scale of Japan or the UK. They were fairly good about them too, and made enough so that you will still encounter a few for sale. The quality was decent as well, so broken things are not common.
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Sonic pushes block glass tumbler Sonic Classic & Logo Mustard Glass
These are part of a set of Mustard-Glasses from France They were one of the few to actually do Sonic Glassware. The glasses originally contained mustard--which might contribute a bit to their hard-to-get status. No one uses mustard all that fast to warrant buying it a whole bunch of times in a row to collect the set. The rarest one is a Sonic & Amy one. How many others are there? The quality is reportedly quite good, with thick, tumbler-style glass used.
Auchan France Pogs with Metal Sonic A pog collection. When Pogs were hot, apparently they were hot EVERYwhere. (they started in Hawaii) These are by Auchan. It is unknown if this is the whole set of them, or just a partial. Since pogs were mainly used from "Clip Art" or common graphics, there will be overlap in designs found on other pogs that you can see elsewhere on the site. But look, it's Metal Sonic! He may be a France-Pog exclusive.
Sonic Trading Cards from Cheese In France there is a company called "The Laughing Cow". They make dairy products (obviously) and decided to include Sonic trading cards right in their cheese! This is a collection of all of the avialable cards. It's too bad the photo is blurry. If you know what the cards do, be sure to send it in.
Nearly done!
All Metal Sega Sonic Pin Here is a French pin. It's all made of metal and does not appear to use any enamel at all. The in-lines are defined by low areas in the metal. Classic finger-waving Sonic stands on top of the Sega logo, and the whole thing has a diecut effect. This is a nice brass-tone pin for your collection. Photo by Scavenger4food
Sega Club Sonic Enamel Pin This pin promotes SegaClub in France. They've used enamel in the low spots on this pin, but maybe with only 3 colors, so Sonic's nose, middle, and arms look like they've turned up white along with his eyes and gloves. Photo by Scavenger4food
Mega Force Sonic Pin Rectangle
What is Mega Force? Whatever it is, it's something French. This rectangle metal pin is here to promote it, with yet another classic finger wavin' Sonic. Curiously, like the one above most of his details are all in white, even his nose which makes it look slightly strange. Photo by Scavenger4food
Euro Challenge Stars Pin This is a Euro Challenge Pin. It was probably available in other areas than just France, but this one happens to be from there. This looks like it has 3 colors of enamel, dark blue, lighter blue and white. The pin is pretty creative though, with Sonic coming in from one side, and the stars that actually flow off of the pin and into a diecut edge. Was the pin a prize? What is the Euro Challenge? The year looks like either 92 or 97, but it's a bit hard to tell. This is a stylish and creative pin, that's not very common. Photo by Scavenger4food
France Sonic Twin Bed Sheet Set Here is a sheet and blanket set from France. It's made for a double bed (its shown on a queen) The main art for the blanket (it is just a thin blanket, not a plush comforter type) is from the Game Gear game, with Sonic crossing the bridge and Tails following along. It says "Sega Enterprises Ltd 1991. Lisensed by European Licensing Group B.V." The art is just ok, but the colors seem slightly off. They've added his name to the top corner, and the bottom has the Sega logo. The edge is surrounded with large stock arts in various poses, as well as little scattered Sonic heads. The corner (bottom) has an unusual one, where he is shown sneezing, which is rather odd. The sheet just has a scattering of heads. Photo by Scavanger4food
Vert Baudet Freebie Silvertone Sticker This silver tone ink sticker is a freebie from the Vert Baudet clothing company. It says "Un Super Autocollant Cadeau , Offered By Vert Baudet" and features the Japanese art from around Sonic 1. (It translates to 'a super sticker gift') This was given out by the clothing company in stores, just for fun. So it was a gift to help increase popularity and good will, you didn't have to do anything to get it, which is both nice and interesting. Photographed and owned by Scavenger4food
Sonic 1991 chipped paint PVC figure Here's a little figure that may be France's first Sonic item. It's a PVC from 1991. At only about 8 cm high, it's not very large. It's also a bit beat up in the photo, with residues, dirt and actual chips in the paint (see elbow, glove) It's an all-right figure for something so early, with textured tread on the shoes. It looks like it will stand up, despite the cross-legged pose. Being so small and so old, this is not a common figure at all.
Photo discovered by Sonikku.
French Feve Old Sonic
This is a Feve. There are likely others, and Germany had a Sally one. This is quite old, and has Sonic with 1 flat row of spikes for his head, and only one on his body. The base is labeled with his name, and it is ceramic. Photographed & owned by
DJ Sonic Snowboard bottom graphic
Da Kine Sonic snowboard detail
This Sonic Snowboard is an interesting item!
But it's biggest question is 'is it a real item, or a fake?' Even the owner doesn't know if it's for real or not. It doesn't have any 'hallmarks of a bootleg' or cruddy art. DJ Sonic was always a common theme, through-out his releases. It says SegaSonic on the top (under the feet straps) and also above the graphic on the bottom. The art is a little odd, but it's not phony looking or terrible. It seems well made. This was bought in 1998. However it DOES have a
Sega copyright 1991 on it (seen in red, just below 'hedgehog') DaKine seems to be the maker, and it was both bought and sold in France. Original owner unknown. Certainly, it is an uncommon piece. Photographed & owned by SonicX89
Sonic X Magnet Album This is a French Sonic X themed magnet collection album. The album itself is a sturdy looking spiral bound notebook, with Sonic X scene cover featuring many of the characters. The pages inside are plastic with spaces for each square magnet, in the 140 magnet set! (wow! so many!) The magnets come in packs, much like trading cards Magnet Sonic X collection album & pack
and thus likely had to be swapped to complete the whole set. These sold out quickly, which is unfortunate as they seem like a really fun thing to collect. The book is great
looking as well, much like a card-album. How much were they? These look interesting to collect. These appear to be made by JouCeo , Photographed & owned by Kari XIII
Micro World Sonic Olympic Games promo bag This is a decorative/fancy bag from Microworld, which apparently sells games in France. You likely could get this bag when you bought Sonic & Mario at the Olympic Winter Games for the DS or the Wii out of the store. The bag itself is nice, with the French logo, and Sonic & Mario doing tricks on skiis & snowboard. Photographed and owned by Kari XIII
Gosh Walygator Prize Tails & Shadow dolls These plushes are both by GOSH, which, as you know is UK based. However, they are appearing at amusement parks in France. These two were won at Walygator, 1 year apart. They are likely still available there in 2010. The Shadow here is 2.5 ft high (Big!) , and over time, they changed the stuffing. The Tails (older) is full of polyester and is hard, while the Shadow is softer. They're not a 100% France type item like the other things here, but it's worth noting because they're so available as prizes. Photographed & owned by Azuria the Hedgehog
As seen here, this figure had 2 uses/releases. One as a blind-box, the other as a bonus item.
Above, you can see it in MIP. The box has Mario on it, & it was apparently part of a vending machine style blind box set that also had characters like RayMan & Mario as well as Sonic. When you open it, you see the paper card with figure plastic wrapped to it. Notice that the
figure itself has unusually small feet, and the bottom half of his eyes are yellow. It was likely later chosen to be a pack in/bonus item for a platinum selling game. The pink oval in the middle just announces that the title is a Platinum one, which means it sold a certain number of copies. It is labeled Métropole Collections/M6 Interactions’ ‘Designed by Neamedia’ & made in France. Photo discovered by: NintendoFanGuy, MIB & loose photo & info added by Eshap