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France had quite a few of its own items, but not nearly on the scale of Japan or the UK. Other countries also got a hold of the items as people shared and mailed things around. Some of these items may turn up in other Europe areas, but if it's generally considered to have originated in France, you can find it here. They were fairly good about them too, and made enough so that you will still encounter a few for sale. The quality was decent as well, so broken things are not common.
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Sonic Anti-Aging Cream 20th Anniversary How's this for a 20th anniversary item?
A jar of Sonic Anti-Aging cream! Clearly a limited edition item, this little jar of cream comes in a fancy paper certificate/box. It says "Baume Anti Age 20 Ans Et Pas Une Ride" It has the SonicTeam logo Sonic head, and 1991 - 2011 below it. Someone has written a note on the top flap, which is in French so you can't read it. The bottom word, however, is "forever". In all, it is a wonderful presentation for the cream, and CERTAINLY a very unusual item to collect. If you can manage to get this, it's sure to be a star in any collection. Photo discovered by SonicToast.
French Adventures Griffes de Robotnick Is this a comic or some type of mini-book? Whatever it is, it comes from France, and has an art style similar to that of the "Sonic the Comic" usually found in England, by Fleetway. The cover shows Sonic, Tails, Amy & Knuckles being chased by a giant, somewhat odd Robotnick. The title is "Sonic Adventures Dans Les Griffes De Robotnick". There seems to be a #1 in the corner. No doubt the whole thing is in French, but what is it about? If you can explain this book, write in for credit. Photo discovered by Calistine
Feve Knuckles Moto Bug Feve Burrobot Robotnik Feve Sonic
These are Feves. A Feve is a ceramic (kiln fired, glazed) object that's often baked into cakes. If the feve comes out of your cake slice, it acts like a prize. While the benefits of hiding ceramics within baked goods are dubious, the figures themselves are collectible. Different cartoons & popular
characters have all appared as feves, so why should Sonic be an exception? They are often hand painted, leading to odd looking paint jobs and variances between figures. (look at how Knuckles has a green body & legs) Each base is labeled and dated, and they're all quite early, with the Sonic being from 1991. Knuckles & Motobug there are probably later figures. Burrobot & Dr Robotnik are 1992. You can tell they're stock art inspired, but they do try to get the detail going. "Feve" may translate from French as "Bean". Photo & owned by OrangeUnicorn1984
Feve Tails Feve Flicky Bird Red Here are two more feves, Tails & a Flicky bird. Tails isn't the best either, with red legs, no socks, and just shoes. He's also rather fat...but it's the super big nose face and small ears that make him almost unrecognizable. If it weren't for his 2 tails he could just be some generic animal figure. The Flicky bird is better off...but early flickies are generally depicted as being blue (with red accent beside the eye) however this one appears to be reddish or brownish all-over. (Getting a figure entirely the wrong color hadn't happened up till this one) but, at least the proportions here are a bit better. Do you have a photo that's a bit less blurry?
Sally Acorn Feve Ceramic Now here's a very curious item!
It is a Feve. All known feves originate from France, as it is a cultural thing to bake them into cakes. Like the ones above, this is a ceramic 3D figurine. Notice though that the nose and eye paint have chipped. It clearly says "Sally Acorn" on it, with the Sega copyright, but the first thing you notice is that it looks nothing at all like her. Why is this? Because this is actually a figure of one of those "Little Animals" that you release from badniks or the container at the end of the level in early Sonic games. In Japan, they weren't considered very much, but they still had names. The names were something like "Ricky, Picky, Pecky, Pokey, & Cucky" (Note* "Cucky" was supposed to be "Clucky" (it was a chicken) but they left off the "L" in official works turning it into "Cucky")
Well those very same animals were re-named in other countries. One of them became "Sally Acorn" the squirrel. In the early "Sonic The Comics" in the UK some of these re-named animals also appear. Photo discovered by Ochiro
Then, along came Archie Comics, and took hold of this re-named background character, changed the design completely, hacked off the tail, and called it "Sally Acorn" as well, though she even stopped being a squirrel. Naturally this figure would cause a lot of confusion! The other question remains: were other figures done for the other little animals? If not, why only this one? It seems likely, but SonicGear will have to wait on photos.
Flunch Figure Card w/Scratch-off Flunch is a French fast food chain, and it produces Sonic mini figures that are sort of like meal toys or the recent Gacha figures that have been popping up. The bottom thing is 1 side of the Flunch card that shows the figure line...nice poses too! Look at Amy twirling, & Sonic in a slightly atypical pose. The other side has a scratch off thing to see if you win either of the prizes shown there (PS3 Generations or a Sonic spikes hat) A figure & a chance to win is a cool thing...but are Flunch restaurants only in France? Photo by KariXIII
At right is the actual Sonic Flunch PVC figure (about 2 in. high) that someone sold on Ebay. Photo discovered by SonicTheMainMan
Flunch Meal Toy Figures Here are all of the Flunch figures, as owned by a fan. This shot is actually closer than the official one, so you can see the details/poses better for the figures. They're well done for meal toys, though it seems some of them stand a bit off (tilting Sonic, Knuckles) & it's nice to see some fresher poses for everyone. Photo & owned by FunkyJeremi
Sonic X Hardback Book This is a hard-back childrens' book, all in French. It's 1 of 4 (see back cover) and was made by "Jungle! Kids" The back has been kept large enough so that anyone who reads French can understand what the plot would be. Thought to be recap of part of the X plot, much like how the USA paperbacks all were. Photos by KariXIII Sonic X Book Back Blurb
Legendary Pack Sonic Black Knight Game This is the Sonic & Black Knight "Legendary Pack". Sadly, it was only available in France. It comes with the wii game, and 2 plastic pieces that you click together to make the Caliburn sword from the game. The Wiimote fits into where the hilt would be. The set does not include the wiimote. Legendary Pack Caliburn Wii Accessory
Interestingly, the words "Legendary Pack" are in English. Why? Most France items are all written in French. The game name is "Chevalier Noir" (Literally Knight Black") so why write it in 2 parts? The Caliburn you get is nice & big too! Look at the detail, & size compared to the Wiimote. The game would likely be really fun to play with this, it's too bad it wasn't released everywhere. So cool to have a 'prop' from the game, this is likely to be sought-after. Photo & owned by Shadouge.
BN Trocs Fluo Pog Complete Set Pic
This is the complete set of BN Troc's Fluo Sonic Pog Set. This image is kept especially large so that you can see all the rare, modified & interesting old Sonic art they use for these pogs. The pogs were given away with "Biscuiterie Nantaise". They're copyright around 1992 or so, but that's thought to be earlier than when they were actually made. Look at all the different & rarely-seen Sonics. You've got hockey Sonic, Baseball Sonic & Wind Surf Sonic. The jumping hands-up one (middle, red background) is modified "football catchin' Sonic" to be without his ball. Forward leaning/pointing Robotnick & running forward slightly mutant Tails (bottom row) are also seldom seen. This is an interesting collection due to the unusual art! Image provided by Milk Cap Mania.
BN Troc's Fluo France Sonic Pog This is a close up of one of the above pogs from a set of 30 of them, made for/inside of France. They are by BN Troc's (whatever that means). The FLUO likely indicates that either they glow in the dark, or under black-light (florescent) This is another set of mysteriously notched pogs. Why are they notched? What's with the big notch on one side? They are numbered on the back.
Feve Display Crown & Feves Feve Display Stand
This is a device for displaying the Sonic feves that you see in the close ups at the top of this page. It's a stand -card type thing
with a paperboard "display crown" which is probably meant to go along the top of it to help advertise. You can see how the feves stick to black squares along the sides. The card says something in French. (If you know French, do write in, the text is available) Where would this be displayed though? Feves are meant to be baked into cakes for the Epiphany of 3 Kings (it's a religious holiday) and if you got the feve in your slice, it would bring you luck throughout the year. Look how poor Sonic's face looks from the side. It's all bent in. The flicky is completely orange while the art shows it as blue. The display crown art right next to the feves kind of reminds people that they didn't seem to be trying too hard with the paint jobs here. Photos discovered by MrCalistine
Back side photo of Feves Set 8
Here is what the backs of the feves look like. You can see Tails is really pretty 3d with his hand up like that. The most interesting one is Knuckles because they have him on a white pillar 'background' so there kind of is no real back-side to the figure.
Why? It's to avoid undercutting which he would create with the down spikes on the figure. It would never come out of the mold if he didn't have that. He's also the only character with such a form, so that's why he's unique like that. It's the same way with the 'sally acorn' tails having the white wedge under there. Photo discovered by Hedgy