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Germany did not make many exclusive classic items, but they are interesting to see. Most of the items on this page are classic only. Page 2 will have a mix of more modern things as well as classics.
A Pin or Button with several ads combined into one! Sonic likes Coca Cola, MGM and Cannon Cameras! This is supposed to have a matching cap to go with it. This HAD to be a give-away of some kind, but it is unknown for what. Coca cola MGM Cannon Camera Sonic Round Advertising item
Could this be the matching German hat?
It is highly likely, as here's a semi-stock art Sonic, altered to be holding a bottle of Coca Cola (instead of the cup). If you notice, you can see his other hand is also open on this one as well, further linking the images.
The art on the red baseball style cap is embroidered on, and the detail seems just fine. You can see the white stitching on the cola bottle. Thought to be given to Sega Europe employees. The interior says "Enjoy Coca-Cola Clothes"
Coca-Cola Sonic Hat Cap
Official Sega Europe Jacket Sonic holds Coke Close Up Design CocaCola Sega Jacket Front
This is a cool jacket. It's a lot like the Sonic 2 theme jacket, with the same white sleeves and red front. However, it has only a "Sega" embroidered patch, and none of the round ones found on the other jacket. This time, the design on the back is a large combo of embroidery and fabric. It has modified stock Sonic holding a bottle of Coke. As you can see, it goes along with the above hat and pin.
Sega Europe staff was given these to wear at events all over Europe. The home-base for this is supposed to be in Germany (hence the placement of this here) but it could be seen being worn all over Europe and also in UK bus tours. This jacket is rare, as you had to be a Sega staff member to get it. Info & photos by The Gaga Mann
There is a set of 'kiddy story tapes' which will appear here when photos are found/donated. They are sort of a 'books on tape' but for little kids. What are the stories like?
Enamel Metal pins in a box A set of 5 enameled metal pins, said to have originated in Germany around the time of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 for the Genisis / Megadrive. They came in the metal case, as shown. The first pin was reproduced frequently by other countries, after appearing here. The Eggman in his vehicle design is also an embroidered clothing patch in Japan.
Marketing art piece for plastic store sign Marketing Art Piece. This was done for a plastic sign (that lights up) for Sonic 3 that video game stores could hang in the window. It's actually the print out, complete with crop marks that was to be used to create the store display items.
Video World Game Store Sign Germany This is a sign for "Video World" the video game retail store. It is in a town called Bockum-Hövel. The sign was done in the early 1990s, but it's still there now because...people want Sonic!

It is great to see that video game retailers (not major chain-stores) think so highly of Sonic that they use him on their signs to draw in customers. Photo by Tikal.

Detailed Sonic Game Gear German Bed Sheet Set
Just look at this!
When Germany did a bed-sheets set, they did it right! Here you can see the unusual Game Gear Game based comforter/blanket, with hang-gliding Sonic and running Tails. The picture is the main element, and it's bordered by various spinning Sonics, his name, and stock-art heads. In the lower corner, the sheets have this same pattern all over. At the top is the one pillow case (As this is a single-bed set, and not twin or queen, it only gets 1 pillow). The pillow case is also quite nice, with the title screen finger-waving Sonic done in cool shaded style and vibrant color. The background has the winged rin, and repeated "Sonic" names.
This is a real rare bed-set, but it makes a really good presentation with nice attention to detail on all the pieces.
King of the Ring Sonic CD in German This CD of Sonic music is unique, in that the song itself is translated and then actually done in German. The song is, of course, "They Call Me Sonic". The yellow box says that it includes this. (of course, the box is written in German too) It was released by "CNR Music". It likely contains both versions of the song, which has some unique properties.
First, its a song with lyrics written about Sonic that wasn't used in any game or TV show, which is quite a merit. Next, (and the reason it's not super popular) is it was done in the "Alvin and the chipmunks" style squeeky/screechy funny voice as if Sonic were a mouse singing it: "They call me Sonic...I'm the king of the ring!" etc. Photo & info by Alessandero
Converse Shoe Sneakers Prize Sonic Rush Here's a cool pair of shoes! These are Converse Sneakers / Chucks, but just look at the side, they've got the Sonic Rush logo on them! This isn't a fan item either, these are from a real magazine contest in Germany. If you sent in a post-card with your shoe-size on it, you could win one of 3 pairs that look just like this. , sent in postcards and won! A pair like this also appeared at the Summer of Sonic convention on a display. Owned and photographed by:
Flannel Tails Small Cloth Garden Here's a curious little item. This is described as being made of flannel, but it appears to be some sort of wash-cloth. (The texture looks this way too) It's rather whimsical in its way, with Tails standing in a no-wheels wheelbarrow of flowers (maybe its a planter?) while a tomato garden is in the background. (Tomatos are somewhat vining-plants clearly seen going up their wooden stakes...and one of them is ripe!)
But you'll notice something missing...Tails' tails! Is this a fake? A mis-print? What exactly is going on here? It was sold only at one store in Germany 2009, and this was the last one left. It's cute, reminiscent of the old days of Japan where they would just create nonsense scenes for Sonic & Tails and then print them on items. Photographed and owned by ShiShiKo
Real or not? Until proof is found here it has to stay.
Panini Sticker Sonic Packs
German Official Sega Sticker Album Sticker Book Interior & Stickers
This is a Panini Sticker Book. Panini is a fairly famous maker of stickers in Europe. This book called the "Official Sega Sticker Album" is from Germany, and was made in 1994. It mixes both German and english text for some reason (wouldn't this confuse people?) and promises a Mega Poster and Glitter Stickers. There were 180 stickers total and you had to buy packs, much like trading cards. With the open pages, you can see a simple scene. You are supposed to place the stickers (they seem like cards) onto the rectangles to help complete it. Below it are the stickers which really resemble the USA Topps Cards, but do not seem to mix stock art with their nice crisp screen shots. There's even Super Sonic! Clearly, they have a foil as well, which is likely what the 'glitter sticker' is. The backs of some can be put together to form the larger picture of Sonic too. This is a really interesting set to collect! Photos by Scavenger4food
Where is my Sega Sonic Stickers Here are 3 round Sonic stickers. They have a rather 80s look, with the colored backgrounds. The art used is more the style of the UK comic art, especially with the first and 3rd sticker. They actually did use arts though, and not just re-used stockart. The text says "Where is my Sega" in German. It looks like 'wb' but is actually a fancy "W" with an 'o' near it because Wo = Where
Thumbs Up German Guy Sticker The sticker set actually contained 4 stickers. It's just that the 4th one (seen here) doesn't have anything to do with Sonic. Who is this thumbs-up German guy? Who would bother to put him on a sticker? Why isn't he wearing something Sega or Sonic to help promote it? The 1980s look continues with the hot pink crackle at the bottom for 'Sega' so it clearly belongs with the other 3...but it remains mysterious. Photos by Scavenger4food