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While McDonalds in the USA seemed to be toning down promotions, the rest of the world doesn't seem to be slowing down. Give-aways can turn out to be surprisingly collectible--especially where Sonic is concerned. Promotional items used in the actual restaurants appear here too, though they're harder to get.
Sonic Toys Europe Finland This set of toys has been released in the summer/fall of 2007, in Europe. The photo is from Finland McDonalds. These are half of the promotion. The "Girls Half" is Hello Kitty merchandise.
As you can see, they've gone back to toy-toys rather than LCD mini-games, as has been a trend lately. One looks like a frizbee, and the "Sonic Spinner" is supposed to rotate, but does not do very well, reports say. Info. and notification credit goes to Risutaru-chan. Photo credit to McDonalds.
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Sonic Spinner Instructions
These are the instructions that came with the toy. It has a paper with it too, but it looks just about like the above photo, so you know how many toys there are to get. As you can see, this toy lights up. Why? It has 2 red LEDs. Do the others light up also? Scan credit to Risutaru-chan.
Sonic Tails Knuckles Cloud Burger King Figures These figures are from a Burger King. Interestingly in this set, everyone's on a cloud for the purpose of rolling along surfaces. Tails' tails spin, and Knuckles has punching action as you roll him along. Does the Sonic do anything?
If this set looks familiar, it should. It's almost the same as the USA Sonic McDonalds set. The difference is the Tails. This time, he's on a flying saucer type device with rip-cord, and he won't actually 'fly' like the mini helicopter one which actually generated a bit of lift. (these tails are 3D, not helicopter blades-like) It still looks about as goofy though. Why was this done/changed? It was determined that it was possible (remotely possibly) to kill yourself with the string from the USA version. Yes, a garrotte! Or maybe you eat that triangle or something. Who knows.
Either way, ripcords tend to work better than pull strings so it could actually be an improvement. (the string toy usually knots in the interior after a few pulls and there's no way to get it working again)
Knuckles McDonalds toy
Here's a close-up of the Knuckles. His sculpt...leaves some to be desired. The cloud is like a 'cartoony fight' type cloud. This proves that the set was released both in the UK and the USA. Photo by OrangeUnicorn1984.
Sonic McDonalds Box Unknown Here's a Happy Meal McDonalds' box from...somewhere. It's likely to have been released in the UK, but if they got it, it's likely some other places did too. Did this come with a toy? If so, which set? The art here is obviously Sonic Adventure 1-centric, so you can get a good guess at the release. The box front with blue line-screen and Sega word is actually pretty stylish--a welcome change for this sort of thing. What is the side panel? "Decorate your Pens". Was the prize inside a pen? It doesn't matter with these punch-out tabs, you can make any pen a Sonic pen.
By poking along the dotted line, you can get those disks out of the box on their little tabs. The tab folds around the pen, and you have to tape it shut, forming a type of little round flag. Then, you can fill in the missing letters of the characters' names on the box. However, all of that is really obvious. (the directions at the bottom which you can't read in the photo, say the same) Photo by Rhia.
Burger King UK 1993 Sonic Meal Toys Just when you think you've seen all the meal toys, another set pops up! Here is a (quite old) set from Burger King in the UK. These appeared in 1993, so BK really was getting a jump on things here. First, you can see a 'spring open' container from the end of the level, complete with 3D Sonic on top. Inside, you can see the little walrus which you release in the games. The sculpt of the Sonic topper is actually really nice. He's proportional, well painted, and quite appropriate. It's too bad more meal toys can't say the same.
Next up is Tails. He suffers from a somewhat poor sculpt and 'oval eyes' which they did not really pay attention to the shape of. Likely due to age, his white parts have gone pinkish further detracting from the figure. Why is there a hole in him? For a rip-cord. The bit on the side likely held his tails which could be spun by pulling the cord in his front. The Eggman is not a ball, but rather a gyroscope type toy which wobbles when the cord is pulled. It's tacked up here, because he won't sit up otherwise. The 2nd Sonic of the set is a wheel launcher. Pull the cord to launch 'spinning Sonic' from his Marble-Zone like base starting area and he'll roll along the floor.
With a fair amount of interactivity and "Gizmo Factor" this is an interesting early set to collect. Photo by Rhia.
Tails Pull-Along TV Shaped Meal Toy These roll-along TVs (complete with moulded Genisis consoles on top!) were released in the USA...but they were also released elsewhere as meal toy prizes. The TVs could be linked together (see the peg and loop) to form a rolling 'train'. As they're pulled, the picture spins and appears to animate. There were several (Non-Sonic) TVs also in the series. TV Roller Meal Toy & Robo
Above photo discovered by Trogdorbad
South Africa Pencil Case & Keychain Here's something really exotic! This is a Sonic X pencil case from Africa. (South Africa, to be precise!) You don't really think of Africa being dotted with McDonalds' restaurants...but some of the countries do have them. This is a plastic and 3-color pencil case with bonus keychain. You can see SonicX is written in raised letters toward the middle. The keychain is of the yellow Chaos Emerald. Were there other cases with different emeralds? This is a cool collectible from an unexpected area! Photo by Sonikku
The Chaos Emerald contains a magnet. If you hold it over a marked spot on the pencil case, it will spring open. You can also open it by hand. Spain McDonalds also had this case available as a prize. Info by Metal Mandible.
Sonic Spin Top Happy Meal Toy
These two fighting tops came from McDonalds Happy Meals in France. You were likely supposed to spin them, and then see which top would knock over the other first. They were fairly creative with their 3D figures on the top, posing them in different ways, however their paint is not so good. Neither one's shoes have any detail, and Sonic's buckles are in the wrong place (directly under his ankles) These had to have come with launchers that would rev-up and release the tops. They're from 2006 and were used to promot Sonic X. Each one is 8cm high. Photos and info discovered by Sonikku. Happy Meal France Shadow Top
Alternate EU Mini Games Sonic Sports Check out these different games.
This set is like a mysterious "alternate set" to the USA LCDs, seen here. It's missing Billy Hatcher and Big the Cat, and everyone is playing a different sport than on the other set. Knuckles' game is about baseball, Tails' game is about football, Amy & Rouge game is about tennis and Shadow's game is about basketball.
McDonalds' Sonic Games Paper
Even the games shapes' are different, but they feature the same characters. Cream is still catching flowers, but her game is now a Tulip shape rather than a Daisy. These are thought to be Europe only. Info credit to Risutaru-Chan. Be sure to see the USA set, too!
Additional Info:
"The Tails one is exactly the same as the Knuckles one, except instead of Knux its Tails who is blocking the goal and instead of Eggman at the top of the screen, it is a Neutral Chao.
The Sonic one is probably the best - it's the Sonic 2 special stage. Use the buttons to navigate the halfpipe, dodging bombs and colecting rings. And for some reason, Sonic's on a snowboard of some kind to navigate it.

All of the games are not high-score based. There are three rounds in all of the games which you must clear, and every time a round is cleared the game gets faster. If you fail three times, you lose and must start over - all of the obstacles are randomly generated with each play, adding a small amount of variety. After all three rounds are cleared, you beat the game, and all of the LCD sprites flash at the same time with a victory chime (except for Sonic's one where he blasts, or flashes very quickly, into a giant ring with a victory sound). All of the games use exactly the same sound effects."
Info by MetalMandible

UK Sonic X theme Happy Meal Box This Happy Meal McDonalds' box is presumed to be from the UK (or, other countries could have used this same box as well) and was released to help promote Sonic X. It has the X stock characters on it, and if you look closely, you can spot the logo. Which toy might be found inside this is unknown. Box may be collapsed/flattened in the photo. Discovered by Sonic Boy 19.
French Sonic meal toy spin wheel Remember the collection of European meal toys at the top of this page? Here's an actual fan photo of one. This is the Sonic rolling wheel. When you use the winder on the side, it makes the plastic Sonic inside spin around quickly, causing the clear wheel to go spinning along the floor. With this detail, you can see the 'spikes' texture on the side of the wheel, and get an idea of how big it is. Photo & owned by Shadouge. This was confirmed to be from France (though photo above was it must have been all over Europe.)
Top of page McDonalds collection Info:
1.Sonic flying disc-While it is a flying disc the interesting part is that there is a sonic figure INSIDE the disc (can be seen through a hole ) and inside the disc, mirrors surround the Sonic figure. It creates a illusion so that the sonic figure appeares OUTSIDE the toy...So not only is it like a frizbee, but it's like one of those "Magic Eye Saucer illusions". It has been tested and it works. (but really, why encourage throwing mirrors around??)
2. Sonic Spinner. there are to lights on it which can be turned on using a switch. The light color is red. so you use the stick thing to spin it. But you have to push the sonic picture to a side first so it has 4 sides and can spin but it's not that good at spinning.
3. Speed globe. It is a laucher the sonic figure it it has BLACK eyes for some reason, his shoes are sclupted correctly but all painted ALL red. I have 2 of thoose and both their launchers are jammed. (Could be a problem for the line)
This McDonalds' Line appeared in Singapore in 2008.
All above info provided by: FelixFox1991
Red Rooster 3 Cups Selection Red Rooster Toys
Red Rooster is a fast food chain in Australia & New Zealand only.
Here are some fun Sonic themed things from Red Rooster! First, a selection of "3D Cups". But what's 3D about them? By nature, all cups are 3D or they'd be flat. You can get Sonic, Tails or Amy, each with a bendy straw & straw-cap. They're non-spill and re-use-able. Very handy!
Then, there are meal prizes. The "Expandable Flyer" is likely a Hoberman Ring, which is a specific type of interlocking plastic flying disk. See the notches around the edges? That could be evidence of how it works. Learn more about Hoberman Rings with the link to see how this one could be.
A soft-sides pencil case, a 'bouncey ball' (is it solid, like a 'super ball'?) & finally some "Memory Cards" which aren't for a computer, they're just flat picture cards which you turn over & arrange. These will be obtain-able in the end of June 2012 for about 8 weeks, or while supplies last.
Be sure to pick them up, because they seem actual quality for meal toy items! Photos discovered by: Sonic+ShadowFTW