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Even more Sonic fast food!
While McDonalds in the USA seemed to be toning down promotions, the rest of the world doesn't seem to be slowing down. Give-aways can turn out to be surprisingly collectible--especially where Sonic is concerned. Promotional items used in the actual restaurants appear here too, though they're harder to get.
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Mysterious blue widget
Sonicteam aquired a set of mealtoys from somewhere. You can see part of this odd gang over on International Fast Food 1, but these photos show the items more clearly...however, there's still no telling what that blue widget with Tails is. The purple one was thought to be some kind of chicken (Kluck? Scratch?) This set is still pretty mysterious. Why does Sonic look so super classic Japanese? Why does he come with that super micro Robotnick? What does the Egg-o-matic do? Write in if you're familiar with this set for credit! Photos by SonicTeam
Now isn't THIS interesting! As you remember, the Egg-o-matic & flames-base Sonic are from the Sonic 3 McDonalds promotion (seen on Fast Food USA 1) but in Japan, they clearly couldn't have that "Robotnick" toy because no one would know who it was supposed to be. So their set of toys actually got a re-sculpt, which is this Eggman you see here. It's really a cool thing to see, since the design is quite different and not some 'blend' of the two. It's probably also rare. This is a really cool collectible / alternate version toy! Photo discovered by: Calistine
Alternate Japan Only Eggman Toy
1993 Japan Eggman McDonalds toy Here is the little Eggman in his Egg o Matic toy outside of the package. You can get a bit of a better look at him here, and notice details on it like the ridges on the sides and the arrows. It looks nice, better than the Robotnick one everyone else got. Photo discovered by SonicFan09
McDonalds Illusion Sonic Disk In 2007, Romania also got the "Europe Toys" from the top of the page. The first, at left is an illusion disk. It looks like a frizbee or a UFO, but it actually has mirrors inside that reflect so that a 'hologram like' version of the mini Sonic figure inside is projected slightly above the hole in the middle. (It's a classic Sonic, for some reason) The second item is a Sonic themed 'light spinner' device. That center part with the Sonic graphic has 2 red LEDs Romanian Light Spinning Sonic Device
& is battery powered. When you push a button, it spins around really quickly and lights up, creating an itneresting 'ring of red light' type effect. With these fan photos, you can see the items from the top of the page up close.Photos & owned by Sonikku Tiger.
RM 5 McDonalds Meal Toy Games This selection of games was available in Malaysia, at the rate of 1 per week for 5 weeks, or apperntly until it sells out (as marked here). The "RM" is there to abbriviate the name for its money which is Malaysian Ringgitt. This is a cardboard promo piece (seen in McDonalds' locations) which are basically everywhere. The games will be familiar from Sonic Fast Food Pages, but the ad is not. It is interesting to see all the locations these got to. Photo discovered by: Sonicboy19, additional info provided by SilverOkaami
McDonalds Happy Meal Sonic X Europe Toys Here is an ad/photo of the selection of toys you could get with a Happy Meal during the Sonic X promotion. You can see the tops (visible up close on another page here of intl' fast food) with their launchers, 1 with Sonic, the other with Shadow. However, what are the other items? #1 looks like some kind of wheel on a stem, 4 and 5 are very similar though 5 looks very small. 6 clearly has a chaos emerald keychain, but what's the larger blue item? These were only released in various areas of Europe, likely most successful in France. Photo discovered by:
Light Up Slightly Clear Strange Sonic Toy Now here's something pretty odd & just full of questions.
First of all, what is this? It's a semi-transparent Sonic that looks like he's getting ready to roll...but as a toy what exactly does it do? You can clearly push it down (first panel) and it also lights up (why red?) Does it spring up? Why did they feel the need for Sonic to light up? What country & fast food restaurant was this a meal prize at?
Who felt the need to put the assembly screw-hole just where they did? The reverse-side is rather frightful looking with it right there. His shoe buckle/stripe is not painted, but it is textured into the plastic, if you look carefully. This is an unusual little item...