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This is a collection of Sonic the Hedgehog items that have not yet been proven to come from any certain country. They are fairly sure to not be from the USA or Japan. They are likely to be European. (but, they can be from anywhere at all on Earth!) Do you know where something is from? Be sure to write in, and the item will be placed & credited accordingly.
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Alternate Sonic 3D Blast Flicky Island Logo
Alternate Sonic 3D Blast logo. All you can really tell is that it was from 1996. Sonic has come a long way!

This has been confirmed in the UK by DarkWingUK. This logo appears when put in any Japanese or European System. It only says "Sonic 3D Blast" when in an American system. (info by Complete Doom Fanatic) Which makes this screen not specificially from anywhere.

Pencil viewing photo
Tombo Sonic X Like Pencils in box
Pencils! Tombo is at it again, this time with Sonic X-ish designs. They're made in Japan, but sold elsewhere.
Gabbo Pengruin Decoration Item
Here's a curious little item.
This is a figure/statue/decoration shaped like the little penguin which came out of badnik robots in the early Sonic games. It looks to be a few inches high (going by the size of the bubble wrap) and could possibly be ceramic if the texture is closely inspected (with plastic base). But why? The base gives no indication of what it is, only saying "Gabbo" with a picture of Sonic near it. This was originally attempted to be auctioned off from Japan, but with "Gabbo" on it, it could really be from anywhere. It never sold because the starting bid was outrageous. Discovered by:
Neutral Chao Plush
Here's a neutral Chao plush. What's curious about it is, that it wasn't supposed to be from Japan, so it goes into the unknown area. It's cute, with appropriatly tipped hands and feet. The wings look like thay have a little fold in them though, and are made of an odd material. The head-ball seems attached to the top of the head, rather than on a clear plastic piece like some other chao plushes.

**This is likely to be a bootleg item. Origin still unknown. Photo discovered by Sky1234

Sonic the Hedgehog Flag Banners A strip of "Flag Banners". These are for birthdays or something. The USA did a whole series of Sonic the Hedgehog Birthday Paper goods, but these are plastic. They are likely to be either England or Germany.
Sega World Silver Modern Pin This rather modern Silver or Chrome pin is from a Sega World. It could be from any country that had one. The logo is the new classy Sonic Team version, possibly done in enamel, or just raised from the surface. This is a nice modernistic pin, if you can find it to collect.
Frog Something notched pogs photo 1 A bunch of random Pogs. These bear a striking resemblance to ones released in the USA. However, they are notched for some reason. Were you supposed to construct things with them? Also note that Tails is missing from this collection. They are by "Frog ***". No idea on the country.

It is likely that they say "Frog Mania", but it is not confirmed. Hopefully the origin will be discovered. Info by Sonichedgehogchr

Knuckles Pogs
Robotnick & Sally pogs
Sonic Adventure Metal lunch box A Sonic Adventure metal lunch box. This is a Mini-metal box that is about half the size of a normal box. This photo shows both sides. It was released at the time of Sonic Adventure 1 for the Dreamcast. Available in limited amounts in the USA...but where is it really from?
Sonic wishes Mario a happy 20th Shirt This 'shirt' brings you 2 questions. 1. Does it exist? and 2. Who has it? It's a nice gesture, and looks cute with Mario's hat. However, what's with the Engrish? "20th Happy Mario"? I mean, obviously it celebrates Mario's 20th anniversary of existing, but it would still be a fun shirt to own, if someone indeed did make it. You can see the same graphic with this Japan Sonic Page, but there's still no evidence of a real shirt. Looks to be from Japan but...
Sonic Coke Cola Jacket Sega Sleeve Well, this is quite a nice jacket. It's made to look like a high-school "Lettermans Jacket" (often issued in sports) with leather look sleeves and cloth body part. You can see that it has the usual stretch/stripe collar, bottom and sleeve cuffs. The top front has embroidered on "Coca Cola" logo. The sleeve features a nice big "SEGA" patch while the back has Sonic holding up a Coke. It's not know if this is a patch or an embroidery.
Seem familiar? It should, there are more things with this design on Germany Sonic. But is the coat German? It's not common at all. The photo taker/collector is unknown. Is this yours? Write in!
Sonic Coke Jacket Back Design
In a perfectly Sonic world, this page wouldn't be needed because everyone would know where their Sonic stuff was from. But, never fear because eventually all these items will be placed and collected. Maybe even replaced with others, because as long as there's importing, there's plenty to buy and then forget where you got it!
company only Sonic head shirt This shirt was supposedly only released for sale within a Sega division. (So, that means it was only available to buy if you were a part of the company when it was released) However, which Sega got this shirt? It's an ok long sleeve tee, with just a simple classic Sonic head on the front and the logo on the back. Sega shirt back photo
Mini Unleashed Skin Promo Euro Car
This boxy widgety little car is obviously European (see lic. plate) but where exactly did it drive around promoting Unleashed? The car is likely one of the small electric ones but it has had a 'skin' applied all over that promotes Sonic Unleashed. It's see-thru on the back window but solid looking on the sides. It is likely the passenger side has the werehog on it, if it keeps with the theme. The back has pictures of the game (on all systems) so you know what to buy. This would be interesting to see driving around town!
Possibly Chronicals Promo Shirt This shirt was suspected of being released to help promote Sonic Chronicals on the DS. But where? If it was the USA, someone would have gotten it. It's not likely to be a bootleg, as it uses consistant art from the Chronicals time period/style and has the Sega logo too. Do you recognize this shirt and what it's for? Write in for credit!
Photo discovered by: Kye
Green Spatter Classic Face Checker Tee Here's a rather odd design tee, but where is it from? It's the real deal, although Sonic's looking The green paint spatter theme of this shirt is splattered & dripped all around for background texture. However, it carries over into Sonic's lower face & in his ear. It's kind of an odd look, but you can see the official logo & copyright stamped in the collar up there. It uses a blocky striped font for his name & has a black/clear checkered border. This is an unusual shirt to collect, if you don't mid the odd coloring. Photo & owned by Kitsune Li
Sonic 1 Title Screen Mug This mug has an exact duplicate of the Sonic 1 title screen transferred onto it. It was possible to capture and 'print' screen shots back in the day. The mug is likely to celebrate the release of Sonic 1, but where is it from? The title screen itself makes for a decent design, with the nice big winged ring and (of course) good looking Sonic that is not just another stock art or other off-model piece, as was common at the time. Photographed & owned by:
Sonic X Ring Top Shampoo Gels Here are some interesting shampoos/shower gels!
Where are these from? Have you seen them? The bottles are unusual in that it looks like they might be able to hang from something. The company logo is not obvious on any of the products. Since the DragonballZ one is a shampoo/gel, it can be assumed that the two Sonic X themed ones are the same thing or quite similar. These could be available in Poland, but nothing has been proven. If you've seen these somewhere, or have the details, write in for credit! Photo by Megaman93, discovered by Glaysson.
Europe Sonic Chronicles RPG DS Stylus Set You could get this set of 3 styluses for the DS if you pre ordered Sonic Chronicles in Europe, somewhere. But which countries had this as a promo item? It's pretty cool, with Amy, Sonic & Eggman (rather than forcing you to have Shade, the new character, like the other set did) It was likely released to more than 1 country.

(Aside from giving away free styluses, it would be a wonderful addition if all styluses made could be combined into one pack and actually sold to the fans. Many people would want one with their favorite character.)

Discovered by SonicBoy19

Sonic & Knuckles Foil Smacker Pogs These cool pogs are actually slammers. The thicker plastic (or can be metal) pogs used to hit the others. You can see the grip on the back, where it says "Wackers Smacker!" The fronts have stock art, but a special holo/foil background (as is common for slammers) They're copyright 1995, but where are they from? Owned & Photographed by GhostieShadow Wackers Smacker Pog Back
Tails open mouth plush SA Tag doll Here's an odd little Tails plush, but where is it from? He has an open mouth, which makes him a little unusual. Also note the 2 white spots in his plastic eyes. The eye-whites are also super big. You can see he's got a tag, but the photo was always so small, you can't really tell what's on it. That watermark is from an ebay seller. Photo discovered by: Shade1602
Sonic 360 Themed 3 Hedgehog Mug This mug has a Sonic 360 theme, and features Silver, Sonic & Shadow, as well as the logo for the game on the back. It was found being sold on Sweden Ebay , but it's not known where it originally came from. The design on both sides and the quality over-all seems to indicate it's a real item. There's also a part of a copyright visible near the bottom, if you see the photo at full size. Have you seen this mug? Do you know where it was sold? Discovered by GhostieShadow
This mug was given away by Sega's Sonic Blog, so does that mean it's from the USA? They've been known to give away just anything as a prize though. Info provided by Sonicx89
Mystery 1991 latching Sonic box This metal box is a double mystery! Where is it from? And what is it for? It is a silvertone metal tin (coated with something the can oxidize/corrode, obviously) with a latch at the front and no handle. It is very plain. The front has a Sonic head and date (1991) stamped into Mystery tin with smaller tins inside
it, but no other mark. Inside, there can be found wrapped smaller tins. Clearly their sealed bags keep them from corroding. Each one is similarly embossed.
Notice that the one seems to be a different shape from the rest, with more rounded corners. But why would anyone need a metal box with more boxes inside? What are you supposed to do with it all? The suspected origin is Japan, but can you shed any light on this interesting item? Discovered by SonicToast & SonicWrecks
Sonic Black Knight inflatable sword promo Here is a promo sword, but where is it from?
At left is an inflatable plastic sword for Sonic & Black Knight. It has the logo on the hilt and was likely given out as some sort of prize...possibly at a convention? (inflatables are usually seen at events like that) What country gave these out? Write in if you know! Photo discovered by PiplupFan77
Classic Sonic spiral notebook Here's a rather normal looking notebook, probably from the 1990s at some point. But the glare from the photo is right on the maker -logo. There is a small Sonic head at the top corner of
the border, for a keen eye to spot. But where is this from? USA or UK seems likely. Photo discovered by SonicBoy19
Mystery Knuckles plush This Knuckles may not look the best, but it doesn't mean he's necisarily fake. The details seem ok, such as shoe-bolts, proper stripe placement, and ok fists. The face needs some help (toad-eyes too far apart ish) but he seems fairly proportional otherwise. Also notice the Sonic X cloth-tag (at right) usually bootlegs don't have this at all, but it's clearly the logo/visible. Where is this from? Is it the real thing? Photo discovered by FelixFox1991 Patch Collection Sonic S&K Sega Here are 3 patches, but where are they from? Each one is embroidered
and you can see the Sega logo, classic Sonic & the Sonic&Knuckles symbol. But they're all universal, so that's no hint on where these could be bought. Discovered by FuriousKnuckles2
History of Sonic Bonus Stickers This is a set of 3 History of Sonic stickers. They came free with the Sonic Generations Soundtrack (there was a blue & a white version of this) but which version did you have to buy? Was it a pre order, or simply a special copy of the disk? The stickers seem big too. They're likely a Japan thing...but it was rumored that other countries got them. Write in if you know how or where these were available!
Modern Embroidered Patch
Here is a nice, modern, embroidered patch. It has SA1 style thumbs-up Sonic, with the SA1 type banner/logo ribbon thing across the bottom. It has a green felt-type background, with all-stitched design. It's pretty big, so the detail is good, and even the small letters are read-able. Embroidered things tend to be durable. It can appear on Ebay every now and then, in 2012. However, where is it from? The sellers never say, but this has to be available at retail somewhere. It may be Japanese, so be sure to write in for credit if you have proof of where this is from. Discovered by SpiritBomber Bott
Sonic says No to racism spray sign Here's something unusual, it's a spray on/graffiti style sign (or is it an actual graffiti?) with Sonic. It says "Sonic Says NO to racism!" all in red paint. It's somewhat odd to see random characters campaigning against racism (which, naturally should be campaigned against) Someone appears to have defaced it (Blue pen) as well. What is this from? Where is it used? Discovered by ZeroTheHedgehog
ABY Style Pixel Cup & Tee
Here are 2 "ABY Style" items, a tee & a mug, both done in pixel style. The mug has pixel 'waiting Sonic' & standing Tails with the classic logo. The tee says "Game Over" with Sonic Dies" pixel sprite. The tee is packaged with hang-card at the top, so you couldn't try it on. It's marked as 'small mens'.
But where does ABY Style sell their items?
Sega Europe Cardboard Sonic Standee This is a large Sonic standee.
A standee is a cardboard (usually) item that's used to promote something inside retail stores. Standees are always cut outs of characters or vehicles. They're generally a fun eye-catcher for promotions. Sometimes, once a promotion ends in a store, a fan can get their hands on the standee.
In this case, someone's gotten a hold of modern Sonic. Isn't he a neat room decoration? This is probably about 4 feet tall. You can see a hazard though: they can be bent, and the large size increases the liklihood. Because he's all CG, it looks fairly 3D and nice, with a crisp white background.
The question here is where is it from, and where was he used? Down by the logo at the foot, the only branding is "Sega Europe", so it could be any country at all there. Have you seen him? Photo & owned by