Japan should have plenty of Sonic the Hedgehog related food products. I mean, they produced just about Sonic-everything-ever. The question for this page is: Who are the people NOT taking pictures of it?
Sonikku Akua Grape Fruit Cola. Oy! Sonic Gear Main * Sonic Food 2 *
The famous Sonikku Akua. (Sonic Aqua, for the regular pronunciation of it) This is a type of cola produced by Asahi.

Unfortunatly, it is grape-fruit flavored. Yes, the famously bitter, annoying, super-citrus-overload fruit that NO ONE wants...they make a cola that tastes just like it.

Someone in the USA tried it, and published a review at some point, which (predictably) stated that it's rather awful. Was it some sort of limited promo? If it was sold and expected to last at retail...it isn't much a wonder that there are not many cans of it about.
Still, it remains the most 'famous' Sonic food from Japan.

Lets try it!
Let's Try it! Sour whoops!
Sonic Aqua & Power Vita Water Drink Cans Drink Can Back Photos Whoops! Its Sour.
SegaFreak provides us with a better shot of the infamous can, and adds another! The second is "Power Vita-...something water!" Sonic is shown in front of a soccer ball, so they were going for a sports drink of some sort? It seems odd to see a canned water, as usually its in a plastic bottle, but at least this looks neat. Wonder what the flavor was...
Red Sonic Food Box
This is obvioulsy a more recent item, with the Sonic Adventure 1 type Sonic in dots all over the box.
With such curious packaging (A box which looks like a bag) what sort of food might this be? The writing works out to be Ningyo Yaki (Fried Dolls) Though they are not actually dolls. It is a sponge cake baked into an intricate mould. Traditional designs included masks, birds and temples, but they were always quite detailed. Likely, the cakes in here are actually Sonic shaped! (Which makes them even MORE curious to see!) Info provided by
It seems Joypolis is back in action, with this offering of neatly packaged chocolate sponge cake. The cake is pre-cut into cubes and shown with a little pick like object on top, presumably for getting it out. It is supposed to be good chilled. The old running Sonic stock art has been updated and used on the box. Plushes are shown with the item, to give an idea of the size. Photo discovered by: fueledbychaos
Joypolis Chocolate Cake Sonic Sweet Chocolate Cake Squares
Sonic Lollipops Gourmet Apparently these are some type of gourmet lolly pop. No idea where they're from (aside from 'Japan') but they have a Segasonic sticker on them. There appears to be 4 candies per package, 2 red and 2 purple. The pack itself is quite fancy, suggesting gourmet, complete with pink ribbon, and even a jingle bell to tie the bottom around the stick. Quite fancy for candy!
Brown Cookie Tin Classic Sonic Here is a wonderful tin of Sonic cookies.
The box is metal, colored in cocoa-brown and off-white--possibly suggesting the flavor of what's inside. The box has a very nice design to it, and is well laid out, complete with fake 'bolts' in the corners. The Sonic image is original to it (or quite rare) with Sonic resting his chin on the backs of his hands. It's done in a chalk or charcoal like style, giving the box an artsy look.
But what is inside? Were the cookies shaped like Sonic things? It remains to be seen as this is the only photo of this curious food.
Sonic sweet chocolate crunch box Another modern Sonic food: Sweet Chocolate Crunch. These are crunchy chocolate balls with regular chocolate, white chocolate and strawberry flavor. They're individually wrapped for freshness and come in this very SA1 style box. The box also has a new little rhyme type of poem on it. (see below)
A quick ball of lightning and Sonic's the name
Helping the needy, that's Sonic's game
Speed is his glory, it's what he does best
Sonic's the fastest north, south, east, and west!
These come from Joypolis in Japan, but there's no word if you can get them ouside of that. Photos by Sega, but discovered by: . Poem/Rhyme also transcribed by fueledbychaos.
Joypolis Sonic Coffee Bean 3 Flavors A whole coffee bean (often candy coated in some way) can be considered a snack if you really love caffiene and the flavor of coffee. Here are 3 boxes, each with a different flavor/themed coffee bean. They appear to be called "Joypolis Original" with then a sub title like "Special Blend". The word Omake Tsukui seems to appear on each one too. A die cut corner of the box reveals what the beans look like inside. This is an interesting food! Discovered by SonicBoy19
Dolphin Box Castella Cake This is a box...of cake! There is likely a loaf of rectangle cake inside this box, the same shape as the box. It's clearly an early piece, with the "Segasonic" logo, but the only other word is "Castella". What is that? A special type of Portuguese cake that Japan became fond of. Read about Castella. The picture is no help, it shows Sonic being helped by a dolphin, while a sunfish (molamola) watches. The side panel has a little Eggman on it, so it's pretty much completely irrelevent to the cake-ey contents. Cake info by Taaron. Do you know where this was sold? Write in for credit!
Fresh Cookie Sonic themed Box This is a box of "Fresh Cookies" , but what kind are they really? Fresh only assures you they're not stale. This is an early item (note the Segasonic label) and it uses a piece of art done by the same artist as the popular screen-saver. It shows Tails flying Sonic over a Casino Night like area, with ads for Saturn, Pico & Sega in the background. Where was this sold? What were the cookies like? Write in if you have details. Photo by SonicTeam
Island Sonic Box Castella Cake Were there 2 boxes for 2 different Castella Cakes...or is this just the 'other side' of the box you see above? It has the same format (handle on top, rectangle) and a similar ocean theme. However this one has Sonic & Tails on a tiny island that they barely fit onto, with 1 palm tree. There's a catamaran & (oddly, tropically) the little walrus animal that came out of the robots has a life preserver ring. It is curious to use ocean themes for boxes of cake. Photo by SonicTeam
3 Sonic Jams Jelly Flavor Jars
Joypolis Sonic 20th Anniversary Candy This is a package of candy from Joypolis Japan, to celebrate the 20th Anniversary. It has the 20th art, logo, & a starry background. There would be 6 candies inside the package. Did anyone ever eat one? What's the flavor? Photo & owned by: Lisa
Literal...Sonic Jams! These are likely 'somewhat official' Sonic Team got a hold of them, for this photo. However, their description wasn't that clear on flavors, official status or why/where these things exist. It's certainly a cute 'parody-ish' item. They mention that all 3 flavors turned black despite the seal, due to age. Photo by SonicTeam
Joypolis Blue Sonic Tin Here are 2 food items, exclusive to Tokyo Joypolis. At left is a blue tin with 2 different modern Sonic arts. The lid is edged with stars & has a Sonic portrait. It has "Sonic" and "Joypolis" written in a blocky font. What is inside these tins? Write in if you know...
At right are tube shaped cardboard containers of "Sonic Chocolate Crunch". It has a neo-classic standing arms-crossed Sonic, & red stripe background. (look how big the black pupil is, this neo-classic art makes him look slightly off) But what exactly is the crunch in 'chocolate crunch'? Photo by: Hardclear
Joypolis Sonic Chocolate Crunch
Sonic Chocolate Cake Cube Box Joypolis Ramune At far left is another box of Sonic chocolate cake cubes. It's likely the same thing as "Sweet Chocolate Cake" above, but in a newer more modern packaging. You can see it there in the clear plastic demo dome.
The flat packages are "Ramune" & it has CG Sonic & Tails on the front of the soft plastic package / packet. However, isn't Ramune usually a soda in a distinctive glass bottle with marble locked into it?
(The marble in the bottle makes drinking the beverage difficult on purpose) Is the packet a flavor crystal to make drinks that taste like the soda? What's actually in these packages? Photo by: Hardclear
Joypolis Yellow Bits Joypolis...yellow bits.
What is the food in this package? You can see a photo of it there in the circle shape, but it just looks like yellowish bits / pieces of Cap 'n Crunch cereal...but that's not it. The top is simply labeled "Joypolis". The package here is very creative/attractive. One has Sonic & Amy, with her less common 'heart sign' pose, while Sonic is going off the edge of the package. On the other Knuckles is grudgingly (while frowning) giving a thumbs up off the edge, while Tails is pointing at the product. The cut-out edges are a fun idea to make this stand out. Photo by: Hardclear
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