Japan should have plenty of Sonic the Hedgehog related food products. I mean, they produced just about Sonic-everything-ever. The question for this page is: Who are the people NOT taking pictures of it?
Japan Food 1 * Sonic Gear Main *
These are Sega Joypolis Sonic Biscuits. They're too thick to be a cookie, so they were probably aiming for cake-like. However, if you read the magazine blurb here, you'll see that they missed. When something uses the phrase "Never Ending Bean Cakes", you can tell you're headed down the wrong track. It doesn't say how many heads you could get for the 5 bucks. However, the reviewer finds them quite bland. These were an early Dreamcaste-era released food. Wonder what they were trying to taste like, but missed? Scan by Taaron
Bland Biscuits
Love Live Rin Ramen This isn't 100% a "Sonic Food" but rather a co-promotional food with a show called "Love! Live!" The character here is "Rin" so the ramen instant-pack is called "Rin Chan Ramen". For this promotion the character is always holding a Sonic doll. In this case, the special printed paper tops are the only thing Sonic particularly about the food.
It is interesting to see though, that they have 2 different designs (maybe different flavors) though the image/art is just a wider vs tighter shot of the art. Other promotions with this can be seen here on Gear! (Doll, standee, statue, bath)
Joypolis Chocolate Crunch Tin Single Here's a better look at the Sonic Tokyo Joypolis Chocolate Crunch. This time...in a tin?
Tokyo's Joypolis is apparently still selling Chocolate Crunch, even after it's been out for several years. (Must be a success!) The old container (On Gear Food 1) was reported to be cardboard with a plastic lid, but looked like this. This one, however, is supposed to be a thin metal tin with a metal lid. Same food, new container? Probably.
The crunch itself is said to be cereal-like puffs, with a "Nesquick" type flavor. Nestle's chocolate powder that goes in milk to drink has a certain 'cocoa-style' smell, and so did Nesquick cereal. This stuff is supposed to be similar, but of better quality. That makes sense because Japan usually selects only for really good quality chocolate while places like America choose the worst.
JP Gear Cookies Chocolates Tins For a while, Tokyo Joypolis had "JP GEAR" as a brand/label to promote items there. These are 2 foods with that branding as the main thing, and Sonic second. The red jar is labeled "Chocolates", and the green metal tin has "Cookies". The cookies look like shortbreads of some kind, likely in Sega or Sonic related shapes. That's all the bigger the photo is, so they're kind of anybody's guess, as well as reading any of the small text. You can see they are sealed with freshness stickers. The age of these is unclear.
Sonic Curry Box
Now for a taste of something different...
A box of Sonic curry? Well, it finally does exist I guess. The package is set up to look like/use the colors of the old Mega Drive era game boxes so that it will look nostalgic. It has (of course) classic Sonic, and uses the promo phrase "The Most Famous Hedgehog in the World". That phrase helps a little to date the box because it was used for a finite amount of time/ a promotion.
It is labeled "Pre Packaged Curry", however, curry can mean a ton of different things so it doesn't narrow it down much. Is it a spice/herb blend, a mix for your rice, a seasoning for meat or vegetables, plus there are many different blends that can compose a curry (EX. yellow / red / hot /etc) Where was it sold? What was it's flavor? Was it blue? You can write in with info to add.
Curry is Blue Meme Photo Well, it looks like the curry is indeed blue as one might suspect.
But was it actually good? The photo shows is just kind of...on rice so it's probably a seasoning blend of some kind with a heaping helping of blue dye number #whatever to overpower whatever color the original flavors had. (Brown/yellow/etc)
Interestingly, someone sniffed out a photo of it and then turned it into this meme. Is the meme ironic because the food isn't appealing? It's just blue rice? Or is the food appealing because it is an unusual color of blue? Either way, at leas this shows what it actually looks like when you make it. But now, you can still write in with what it tasted like. Meme/Photo by TheGaySkeletor at Tumblr