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Japanese Sonic the Hedgehog pins, patches and buttons. There has been a great, and mostly quite cute, selection of little metal and enamel pins and embroidered patches for clothing. Sometimes the pins were produced individually, but mostly they came in collections or sets, sometimes boxed. The patches are highly collectible. There are special clear plastic "Patch Organizers" which have many pockets and can be placed on your wall for display.
Tails & Robotnik Circle patches Two round patches. Notice that the Eggman one says "Professor Robotnik" even though in Japan, he was never supposed to be called that. The Tails is so cute on the second one! Although, a bit cross-eyed.
Mysterious tags A set of 9 tags. What are these things? Japan keychains always include the actual chain part. Were they pendant-type things with pin backings? The size is not clear, but they look like an interesting variety of designs.
Cufflinks of bootleg? Sonic Adventure Cufflinks. (well they are sort of like blunt pins...) These MAY be bootleg items. It is unconfirmed if these are official Sega goods or not. If it is proven they are not, they'll move to the bootleg page o' shame and avoidance.
Hot-Air Balloon shaped Sonic the Hedgehog enamel pin Remember the Sonic the Hedgehog Hot Air Balloon? You can see it on the USA Sonic Places page. The pin even shows the rather...poorly placed hanging basket.
Welcome to the Next Level JP Gear Patch
JP Sega Gear patch. It says "Welcome to the next level" An excellent slogan...
Chao in the 21st Century Metal Enamel Pin This is a metal & enamel small pin. It is tack-pin style with the tack back, and round. It has 'eyes shut' chao sitting, with the words "Chao in the 21st Century" This was likely a give-away or a prize accessory of some kind. It's cute & cool because it features just a neutral chao. But what was the occaision for this pin? Photos by SonicTeam
SA Amy Rose SA Big the Cat SA E-102 Gamma Robot SA Eggman SA Knuckles SA Sonic SA Tails
Sonic Adventure Pins. These images are actually from a set of stickers, which were identical to the pin set seen below. Each character is shown in their new debut design.
Sonic Adventure 1 Box Set of Pins
Here is the box set of Pins, released only in Japan. Gaming Age, the website took a photo of the fresh set.
Sonic 3 Special Edition Pin set in box Sonic 3 Special Edition Pin set in a box. Comes with Knuckles in his first pose, Sonic in the "3" fingers pose and a Sonic 3 logo. The box is quite nice looking as well. Was this released along with the game? Or, as a commemorative item?
NOTE: This set was ALSO released in the USA with an additional pin, but only to convention attendees. You can see those pins on the USA Pins Patches page.
Segasonic Laughing patch Laughing Sonic in a diamond shape. Nice bright primary colors, but he has a big mouth.
So many Sonic the Hedgehog embroidered patches for you to see!
Sonic & Tails pink cloud patch Sonic and bashful looking tails on an unusual pink cloud like background. Usually Sonic stuff isn't pink, so this is an interesting one.
Segasonic & Amy Revolution patch
Sonic & Tails "S" letter patch Sonic & Look-out Tails in an "S" shaped patch. The looking Tails is a stock art, but it was modified and made worse for use in USA.
Segasonic Revolution-and this one has Amy Rose too!
Simple Circle Sonic Patch Game Revolution Sonic Patch Pink
Lets Play Segasonic Patch TV Sonic sort of jumping in a bright, primary color circle patch. Simple, fun and nice to collect!
A pink border patch with pointing Sonic telling you it's a "Game Revolution". The edge of this one looks like pink felt of some kind.
Our Special Game Sonic Segasonic our Special Game. Was this a promotional item? It has the same background as all the others...maybe this was the first one in the set or so?
"Let's Play!" Sonic with a big nose is popping out of a red TV-like machine.
Pink Star Sonic Patch
The simple running Sonic stock art, shown with a somewhat improbable pink star and pointy yellow font. Some of the patches have unusual choices of color. Patch Collection Holder showcase photo
Sega Sonic Club Patch
SegaSonic Club the hedgehog. This one makes slightly-less sense, but is completely embroidered with a somewhat shiny gold or brassy tone thread.
These have come in a set of some kind, that fit into a plastic 'patch collection' flat item. Or, they may have been "patch of the month club" type set up. It is not really known. These occaisionaly auction on ebay, so keep an eye out for them.
Annoying hang-gliding Sonic enamel pin
Hang-gliding Sonic from the infamous Sonic 2 Game Gear game level that no one liked. Apparently, Sonic doesn't like it either as he's frowning/frusterated on this pin. Also: he has no tail. Looking on the back, you can find "(C)SEGA TM". Detail info provided by: Hypersuperchao
Sneezing Sonic Pin Sonic is not always doing something particularly cool. This button-style pin proves that, by showing him sneezing! Tails looks over his shoulder, as Sonic shoots sneeze-wind-rays out of his mouth. The white words on the bottom say "Sega Enterprises LTD". I'm not sure why you'd want a pin that shows someone in the middle of a sneeze, but it sure is unique! (as the only known Sonic-Sneezing item ever made)
Squat Tails Pin Here, it is Tails who is the victim of an unflattering pose. He is super short and sort of fat, for this little enamel pin.
Prize Pins 2005 on Card Sonic Team & Unfilled Enamel Pins
These pins are likely rare. It's not known how they were usually to be aquired, but someone sent in a fan art to Sega in 2005, and later on, these pins arrived in the mail. You can see them on the card at left (among the busy art) The card looks like the one enclosed with the 10th Anniversary box. The little documentation paper is all in Japanese so the pins must have originated there, though they were clearly sent to the USA. The pins themselves are nice, with the filled-enamel one having modern Sonic with the Sonic Team logo and the un-filled one having part of odd-walking SA1 era Sonic done in the raised texture. Photographed and owned by:
Amy & Sonic Pink Patches Embroidered This patch pack comes with 2 embroidered patches. The background is hot pink, and they have the same design. It has Sonic standing with 1 hand on hip, while classic Amy (in Sonic CD clothes) stands with her hands clasped, off to one side. The border is dotted, & says "Segasonic". Notice that the back card is diffrent for this one, than for the ones above.
The words on this patch pair "Game Revolution" have been used before (see above) but the patches are all-new. This one has jumping Sonic & Tails, with the old "SegaSonic" branding. Curious they chose pink & light purple for the colors, though.
How to sew Sonic patch instruction card-back This is the back of a patch package, where you can read "Cosmo" as one of the manufacturers, and also see sewing directions. But who would sew a patch into the back of a shirt where no one would see it? Game Revolution Sonic Tails 2 Patches
Iron-On Segasonic Patches These patches are different. You couldn't sew them on, you had to iron them on instead. Notice how they are smooth graphics, not embroidered fabrics. It has "Sonic CD Style figure8" running Sonic with a word above him. What does it say? 20th Anniversary Pin Here's a glazed/acryllic look 20th Anniversary pin. It has the Sega & 20th logos, with Modern Sonic standing over a TV with classic Sonic. (matches the art & statue for the occaision) this was a prize at the 20th Anniversary event in
Joypolis in Japan, if you could answer 10 Sonic trivia questions it is likely rare. Photo & owned by: Lisa
There's no way that these are the only pins and patches! There are many more on the way, so be sure to check back later.