Sonic the hedgehog Fan Places Card
If something is popular enough...
You are likely to find conventions, promotions, booths at trade shows, parties, or many other kinds of gatherings dedicated to it, and the fans. Sonic the Hedgehog is no exception, so he has a nice variety of Fan-Events which are interesting to see. This page will show you the coverage you need!

Costume Characters:
Chances are, you won't run across a Costume Character or Mascot-Suit unless you are attending a Fan-Event of some kind, so those are included on this page as well. Some of these are really cool!

Many places around the world had fan events and places. There were SegaWorlds in Australia and also England for quite some time. There are also conventions, gatherings and promotions, any of which may involve mascot suits or become a 'Sonic Place'. You can see Sonic World Wide events (any photo will be explained along with what country it was in) Both mascot suits, events and places will start off at Sonic World Wide Fan Places/Events
Japan, being the original home of Sonic, has tons of cool fan related events and places. The problem is, only the Japanese ever really reported on them. couldn't ever read what went along with the photos. These have been researched to a degree, to bring you the most information about them. Many of the photos are in the original state in which they were found. If they're tiny, blurry, the colors are wierd...that's the merit of the original photographer.
Fan Places or Events In Japan
These are Sega or Sonic related buildings, conventions, shows, shops or events that you could visit if you travel to Japan. (Or if you live there)
Costume Characters of Japan
These are not cosplays. These are those professional-type mascot things where someone dresses up in the big suit and wanders around conventions. Most of these photos were probably taken at fan events. There are some rarely seen suits in here! Watch for Rouge the Bat!
The USA did not have as many, or as well-organized fan events. However, the US ones tended to be more outrageous, or more sports related, when they did take place. They also tied Sonic into other holidays or events, such as ThanksGiving or Christmas.
Fan Places of the USA
Mostly conventions, shows or events which featured Sonic. There are no (known) Sonic-spacific stores or conventions in the USA.
Costume Characters of the USA
For now, these are more of the Classic suits attending events. The newer "Sonic Adventure" makeover of Sonic does not have (any?) many sightings in America.