Japanese Sonic the Hedgehog pins, patches and buttons. There has been a great, and mostly quite cute, selection of little metal and enamel pins and embroidered patches for clothing. Sometimes the pins were produced individually, but mostly they came in collections or sets, sometimes boxed. The patches are highly collectible. There are special clear plastic "Patch Organizers" which have many pockets and can be placed on your wall for display.
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DJ Popcultcha Sonic Buttons Pins The 2020 "DJ Popcultcha" Sonic slogan branding (or whatever this is) continues with a pair of pin buttons. The first uses only yellow, blue & white to show Sonic at the turn tables / dj booth, and the second only has the offset/angled label both right side up and upside down on a white or blue background. Discovered by Princess PandaLover