Japanese Sonic the Hedgehog pins, patches and buttons. There has been a great, and mostly quite cute, selection of little metal and enamel pins and embroidered patches for clothing. Sometimes the pins were produced individually, but mostly they came in collections or sets, sometimes boxed. The patches are highly collectible. There are special clear plastic "Patch Organizers" which have many pockets and can be placed on your wall for display.
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DJ Popcultcha Sonic Buttons Pins The 2020 "DJ Popcultcha" Sonic slogan branding (or whatever this is) continues with a pair of pin buttons. The first uses only yellow, blue & white to show Sonic at the turn tables / dj booth, and the second only has the offset/angled label both right side up and upside down on a white or blue background. Discovered by Princess PandaLover
Wa Sonic Can Badge Set 5 This is called the Wa Sonic Can Badge Set. There are 5 larger pins, each with a different art for Sonic (Both classic & modern) and a scene of something that Japan is famous for. A Can Badge is a metal pin that's usually the size of a soda can top. (Is that why they are called can badges? Or is it because they are aluminum like a can?)
The scenes include modern Sonic with a famous wave and Mt. Fuji (probably) him with cherry tree blossoms laying down, and when he leaps over a traditionally
decorator type roof of a building. They use classic Sonic getting ready to run with a river/bridge scene in a wooden low water-barrel (it is old-fashion) & looking-out stock art where he is near those red arches / gates. This DOES give a new stock art, which is the laying down modern one, that hasn't been used before. Hopefully it can add variety by appearing on more merchandise.
The ad for them here has a red square that for certain has words in it but they are kanji type. The subtitle under the logo is words too but you can't read it. These will have a 2021 release.
Joypolis Can Badge Sonic Tokyo As soon as the above 2021 'can badges' appeared, then this older one that is also a 'can badge' is sent in next. It is a Tokyo Joypolis arcade exclusive item, so it could be uncommon. It seems likely that it was a prize available there. It has a round red border with 2 tan stars and the label.
The Sonic art is a bit unusual. It seems like modern crossed with classic due to how the spikes are/look of the head, but then the eyes are blank and green. Odly, they chose to delete his pupils and the eye-highlight, just leaving 2 blank green ovals. It looks a bit odd, maybe it was a style/fad look they had going on for a while there. It is unknown when this was made.
Kyushu Sega Airport Day Pin
In 2023, the Kyushu Saga Airport of Japan had a special day where they renamed it to the Kyushu Sega Airport and promoted themselves as well as Sonic. So, kind of a 2 businesses cross-promote because part of the name was similar.
Of course, there was an event about it where a mascot suit appeared and so did some swag: of which this button is a part. There is also a sticker that is identical to it. It has leaping forward modern Sonic and the airport's mascot which is a cartoony plane named Muppy. It's interesting to see a kind of small collaboration like this/the item will likely be uncommon.