Sonic Japan Stickers Title Card
They're cool, collectible, & you can use them to decorate all kinds of stuff Sonic-style.
There are so many different styles of Sonic stickers to collect that it needs at least 1 whole page to see them all. Stickers are a nice collectible as well, being from the 'stationary' type category, that isn't that expensive. This page will have both modern and classic stickers of all types.
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3 Different Classic Sonic Stickers Big Here are 3 different classic Sonic stickers. They're all pretty large (notice ruler there next to them) The first is simplest, finger-waving un-shaded Sonic. Next is a shaded arms-crossed pointing finger Sonic (die cut) & last is the same art...but if you
look closely, it's got a different style to it. Look at the shape of his eyes, the pose of the crossed-hand and his shoes/leg angle. Isn't that interesting to see 2 of the 'same' pose that kind of also isn't? Photo discovered by: @JapanAnimePosters on I
His Name is Sonic Round Stickers These are round stickers. They are fairly large, likely at least an inch across, so they're all right for decorating things like notebooks, boxes or binders. They're just basic round stickers with finger-waving Sonic in a gold ring behind the title-screen style 'Sonic' banner. The text around the gold ring (it's hard to read, and part of it is always covered by the art) says "His Name is Sonic" in English, although these stickers were a Japan only release item. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
TGS Generations Sticker Sheet This is an exclusive sticker sheet from the TGS! (Tokyo Game Show) it was only handed out at the Sonic Generations booth there. The sheet is pretty large too, with plenty of stickers in both rectangle & diecut shapes. It should be about 8.5 x 11. Each character is labeled in Japanese, and you get a nice mix of classic & modern Sonic & Tails. The sheet will likely become a rare item as it is an event exclusive.
Speed Style Stickers 4 Sheets Here are 4 sheets of great Sonic stickers!
They're from the 'segasonic' era, around Sonic CD to just up to S&K. They're all from the same 'set' though, themed with the silver-gray font at the top & the slogan "It's All Speed & Style" which is written above it. While the sheets don't really take full advantage of sticker layout (They're kind of big & sparse) the stickers you do get, are pretty cool. The first has the first art of Super Sonic on it, 2 views for Metal Sonic & the second gives you the rare yet really nice "running angle Knuckles" which is seldom seen. (Too bad, it's good art) Most of the art is fully shaded, and several of the sheets include actual screen shots from the games--you can easily see the burning forest area there at the bottom right from S&K. Other things to spot are the Tornado with Tails in it, Eggman, some logos, a little bit of early CG for Sonic faces & the S&K symbol.
Each sheet provides some cool sticker variety, so these would be great to collect. Where did they come from? Segaworld, or were they a prize or for sale in a stationary shop? discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Holo Silver Foil Sonic Badnik Animal Stickers This is a special little sheet of stickers!
It is printed on holofoil material that has various geometric sparkling shapes in it. This makes it cool to see, but difficult to photograph. The graphics' ink lays on top of the foil (and is sometimes a little transparent, which may let the sparkles through just a bit) There is one big main sticker with the title-screen type graphic (though Segasonic is on the banner) and 4 smaller stickers below it. There's a blue flicky bird, roller the badnick, Picky the pig little animal & chopper the fish badnik. Only Sonic 1 enemies & animals indicate that this sticker set came well before Sonic 2, so it's quite an early item. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Sonic stickers with game on back Sonic Glitter Foil Stickers by Sanrio Stickers with Maze on the back
Here are some classic fun glittery stickers! These sticker sets are by Sanrio, and likely came out around the time of Sonic 1. They feature enemies like Ball Hog, Crab Meat, Roller and Chop Chop as well as Eggman, animals and of course plenty of Sonic. Each sticker set seems to share the same speckled foil backing (seen most clearly on right-side set). On the back of each card is an extra for you, with games, mazes, character profiles & more. It appears each set cost 100 yen at the time of release. (Note that the Sonic with Bike image is from the early Japan Sonic ScreenSaver set of professional artwork.
Sonic & Friends puffy sticker set This is a really cool set of stickers. They're just generally Sonic themed (neither SA nor X specific) but use some of the art from Sonic Adventure 2, as well as some of the newer art produced for Sonic X. They're all sorts of different shapes, and they're puffy, too! Puffy stickers are usually plastic-surface, & cost more than normal. The background/cling for these is clear (thats why it appears red, its on a red surface) so they'd even display well unused. The top just says "Sonic the Hedgehog". With a great variety of sizes, shapes and characters, you really can't go wrong with this great sticker set! Photo discovered by GhostieShadow
Joypolis Sticker Selection Here are some interesting Sonic stickers found at Joypolis. They are individually bagged, and each one is fairly large. The 2 biggest are the All Stars Racers triangle w/Sonic car & Sonic with Tails. The other smaller stickers feature Sonic, Shadow, Tails & a smaller version of both big stickers. The inset (bottom right) shows a close-up of the label which is in Japanese & English to tell you what these are. It would be cool to shop here & be able to stock up on stickers! Photo by Hardclear
A cool Sonic & Knuckles sticker!
This is a large (notice ruler at the bottom) oval sticker of the Sonic & Knuckles logo (this thing is an absolutely brilliant piece of graphic design, so cool, instantly recognizable, standing the test of time). It has the game title at the top & spells out "Welcome to the next Level" at the bottom in an almost-cursive type font. The copyright is small at the bottom as well. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Amy Square Give-Away Item
Lots of Sonic Faces Small Stickers Sheet So many faces! This fun sticker sheet has rows & rows of the same Sonic face over & there are plenty to decorate with, without running out. The Segasonic logo takes up 3 stickers-worth of space at the bottom in its yellow oval. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
This square item is either a temporary-tattoo or a sticker. It's also likely a prize, or booth-give-away. The bottom corner says "Not for Sale" but you can't read any of the rest of the text...except to know that her name on the front is written backwards. Depending on what this really is, it may move. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Strange Slogan Circle Sticker 6 Set
Here are 2 different (unrelated) sticker sheets, but the thing they have in common is strange slogans.
The first sheet has 6 round stickers. They have "No room to manoeuvre", "Control Chaos", "See you on the f lip side!", "Try telling your brain it isn't real" (on both white and blue backgrounds" and "Chaos Theory". The Sonic graphic is very small on all but one sticker. What were these for?

The large sticker has a gray gradient background with "Segasonic the Hedgehog" written rightside up/upside-down around a ringed planet sort of shape that has Sonic's face in the center. The slogan here is small, in a blue & a black sort of oval shape down in the corner. It says "Space in yo Face" and "Check your head". does have a Sonic head there in the middle, you could check on that one, and it is vaguely space there's that? It's still kind of odd to just write that randomly on a sticker though. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram

Here are 2 sheets of shaped fun stickers.
These were likely sold separately, but released at the same time. They're both on clear plastic, & have the same branded card at the top. The left sheet has die-cut character shapes stickers with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Eggman and even Super  Sonic! It also has 'screen cap' square stickers from Sonic & Knuckles like the S&T victory pose & Knuckles in the burning forest area. There's an early 'cg' Sonic face, S&K sticker, and a single Sonic head.
The second sheet has simpler shapes & gives you a few angles of Metal Sonic, Super Sonic, 6 screen shot stickers (with Tails dieing in one of them) & some Sonic faces in shapes. Both are great sheets of fun stickers with colorful variety. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram