Even More Sonic Japanese Stickers!
They're cool, collectible, & you can use them to decorate all kinds of stuff Sonic-style.
There are so many different styles of Sonic stickers to collect that you need more than 1 page to see them all. Stickers are a nice collectible as well, being from the 'stationary' type category, that isn't that expensive. This page will have both modern and classic stickers of all types.
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Dr Eggman I Like Your Style Sticker A sticker for Eggman fans?
Sure! This large rectangle sticker is shaped like a traditional 'bumper sticker'. It has running/leaping Eggman in color on the right & a big slogan in the middle. "Dr. Eggman I Like Your Style" At the bottom in a black rectangle
is the "Segasonic the hedgehog" logo. IS Eggman stylish? This sticker was made in the early 1990s, which makes the slogan a little wierd because the character wasn't exactly super established at that point. Still, something complimenting Eggman is really super for his fans.
Multiple Sonic Sheet Stickers Here's a sheet of stickers with just one design.
This type may not look fancy, but it's nice because you don't have to worry about using the 'favorite' sticker to decorate something, and there are plenty to use. It's all the same 'finger waving' pose of Sonic, printed right side up and up side down to fit the maximum number onto the printable space. These are early 1990s stickers. The paper may have yellowing due to age.
Sonic Adventure 2 Sticker Sheets Sonic Adventure 2 fun sticker sheets!
These are 10th Anniversary celebration sticker sheets. (The anniversary logo itself is even a sticker) It has the game's logo, a large combined Sonic/Shadow sticker & other smaller stickers for other characters. You get Rouge, Amy, Eggman, Tails, Knuckles, a neutral Chao, a Hero Chao & a Dark Chao. What's interesting are the poses though...less-common ones are chosen for pretty much everyone here except Sonic & Shadow. It's a nice sheet of Stickers with good variety! discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram