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When you're not playing Sonic games, you can be playing with other Sonic stuff...or collecting it. This is a page for random Sonic toys. Anything from yo-yos to figures to non-electronic games will appear here. Japan didn't seem to have just 1 manufactuerer making certain things so anything that counts as a type of toy can appear on this page. There will be both classic & modern items here.
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Mini Classic Amy Figure If this mini classic Amy figure looks familiar, you are right. This design was also used in a keychain and a pencil topper. However, this time she appears simply as a mini figure. It doesn't do anything. Amy has her Sonic CD clothes, but puffy instead of spiky bangs. She's all mini-sized with short legs and arms and round feet. The front-smile makes this a cute little figure to collect. But, if this Amy exists as just a small figure, it means that at least there should also be a Sonic in this style. Photo discovered by BlueBlur9
Name Base Chao Neutral Figure This little neutral chao should be familiar as well. It is seen as a keychain on Keychains 1. This one is just a figure on a base, as it lacks the metal screw at the top for the loop. It is likely made of hard plastic. But why make it, where could it be bought or won & what's it for? Photo discovered by RoCP
Shortie No Legs Japan Sonic Figure What is this shortie figure? It looks like a little plastic Sonic...but they've eliminated his arms and legs, simply attaching his feet and gloves to his squashed body, and leaving his head about the same. This results in an odd round little item. What could it be for? Was this a egg-prize machine item? Photo discovered by: Techno1252
Mighty & Ray Puzzle Can Sonic Bank This is a puzzle-can. It is a coin bank that is purposely shaped like a soda can, complete with fake pull-tab on the top. The coins go in the slot in the top, & there's likely a cap on the bottom to unscrew to get them out. The exterior of the can is a sliding puzzle. Using the single open space (seen at bottom) you re-arrange the sliding squares until it forms the proper picture.
There are American puzzle cans too, but this one is rather special. It may be 1 of the only actual merchandise to feature Mighty the Armadillo & Ray the Flying Squirrel. (Archie comics got a hold of them leter) Ray only appeared in the Sonic trackball arcade game (which was scarce to begin with) He appeared there for the first time, along with Mighty. Mighty appeared again in Knuckles Chaotix but remained somewhat obscure ever after. This can is a great piece to collect! Photo discovered by Berzerker.
Bearbrick Themed Figures Here are some odd little figures. Are they official? Pending further information, these may move. These are called Be@rbrick figures and resemble lego-men but with teddy bear heads. This set is being billed as a "Sonic Set" of them. But since they're all identical, you can't tell if the center one should be Tails or Super Sonic, both of whom are yellowish, though you'd think Tails would be more orange. And really...a more Sonic-ey blue. For such small things they're pretty well articulated. Were they made for customizing?
Their description reads: "Each plastic figure features nine parts (widely referred to as tools in the toy industry): head, torso, hips, arms, hands, and legs; These nine tools allow eight points of articulation: swivel head, swivel waist, ball joint arms, swivel wrists, and ball joint legs" Info & photo discovered by JordanJ
Series 23 Bearbricks Figures Sonic theme Bearbrick Figure by Medicom Bearbrick Card Back photo Remember the Be@arbricks at the top of this page? This one is certainly official. Be@arbrick is by Medicom.
Sonic Bearbrick BlindBox Packaging
Bearbricks are blind-boxed (as seen here) so you could get any of the ones shown at left.
The Sonic one is decent looking enough, for something styled onto an oddly shaped 'bear'. Notice the clear portion of the ears to support his triangle shaped ones. He comes with the card seen above, which notes this as a
20th Anniversary item. Is the word "Hero" written in the "Oreo" cookie font? (and if so, why) The site for BearBrick is: http://www.bearbrick.com/
Price: Series 23- Set of 12 random figures: $90 - $110
Individual figure: $8 - $15
So they're pretty expensive. You can also look in hobby stores online & off, as well as Ebay if you're after just 1 of the figures. (highly likely, in the case of sought-after Sonic here) The figures are about 2.8 inches tall. Info & photos from Static-the-Hedgehog
Sanrio Hello Kitty Sonic Character Dress Up Figures The Sanrio crossover continues!
Branching out from just plush, here comes vinyl figures of the Sanrio characters Hello Kitty & her friends dressed up in cute little Sonic character outfits. You can see My Melody the rabbit as Amy Rose (in her classic dress!) Chococat as Tails, Hello Kitty as Sonic & Badtz Maru the penguin as Knuckles. Each figure comes in a little paperboard rectangle box with art of the others on the outside. It's a very cute idea, and the vinyl medium lets each item have really nice detail (where plush can be a little difficult) These aren't very big...but how big are they? Photo discovered by Taaron
Cubic Action Figures, with Shadow too! Tinibiz-Joy Cubic Ad Page Cubic Figure MIB Tails & Knuckles Here's what they'd look like MIB as well as loose. The figure is on a relativly small card with the Sonic X logo large at the top. The 'character pile' from the poster at left appears on the right side of the card behind the figure. It's a neat presentation for a cute idea figure...its too bad these are so uncommon. Photo discovered by Sonic Boy 19.
Cubic figures. These are sort of like those Lego-men things, but with a Sonic theme. There's even Shadow the hedgehog on this set. It was released at the time of Sonic X. The loop at the top suggests UFO catcher, but it isn't known where they were available. Once, there was an import store link near the top left of this page that may still have these in stock.
The figures look well articulated despite being so tiny, with elbow, shoulder, neck, hip and leg joints on each one. Shadow's patch of white is rather large, ONLY in the above factory photo. Notice that they fixed it on the carded figures! This is a very interesting and small set of figures. These are Tinibiz Joy figures.
Above is apparently some kind of advertising page for them. This confirms they were some sort of Sonic X tie in (complete with cast crowding into the corner) but says nothing of what they're called or where they were available. For such a sought-after set, not much info is available. They remain rare in 2012, with someone attempting to sell a set for over 150 dollars. Above, you can see each of the figures on their cards with loops. They're not to scale, as Tails looks slightly larger than everyone else. Ad discovered by Sonic Boy 19, 4 carded figures discovered by SonicFan1234Review
Sonic Jogger Wind Up Toy Figure This is a wind-up toy Sonic figure. The specific type of wind up though, is "Jogger Figure". When you wind him up, the feet & arms move and he goes foreward slowly. It's sort of a big-body design, with no legs to accomodate how the works go inside to make it move. This is from 1993, & has a value around $50 in 2012. They made a Tails Jogger too, but he seems to not have any arms at all. The back cards for these figures are likely identical. Photo discovered by Calistine, MrCalistine
Toy Island Import Bendy 4 Pak Does this bendy 4 -pak look familiar? It should. It's the same as the one you can see on the USA Bendy Sonic Figures page. It features the same 4 figures (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy) as the first release of that pack. It's still made by Toy Island, & comes with 3 of their plastic chaos emeralds. However, the whole box is written in Japanese (as is appropriate) & has been re-designed to go along with Sonic X. Remember, these bendies were originally for SA. It's interesting to see that ToyIsland got their item not only imported, but loacalized too. Photo discovered by Calistine
Toy Island Single Card Amy Rose Bendy Figure
Not only did they localize the bendy 4 Pack by Toy Island...they also localized the single card bendies too, for whatever reason. Here's Amy in her Sonic X themed bubble card, but they've added yellow 'caution stripe' border, for some reason. The back has photos for the other single carded figures. It's a nice
addition to see that each one came with 2 chaos emeralds. (The USA single cards didn't have any) Photos discovered by ZeroTheHedgehog
Sonic Adventure 1 Booth Gift Yoyo
This is a Sonic yoyo!
It is semi-transparent blue with clear edge. The oddly posed SA1 era Sonic fits the circular design, while a simplified logo sits on top of the art. You can see the copyright info at the bottom and the pale string off to the side. This was actually some sort of booth gift / promo item from one of the Japan gameing shows where Sonic 1 appeared. This means it was free...but in very limited supply. It's likely uncommon now. Photo by Sonicteam.
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