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When you're not playing Sonic games, you can be playing with other Sonic stuff...or collecting it. This is a page for random Sonic toys. Anything from yo-yos to figures to non-electronic games will appear here. Japan didn't seem to have just 1 manufactuerer making certain things so anything that counts as a type of toy can appear on this page. There will be both classic & modern items here.
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MIB Flash Sound Yoyos Tails Sonic MIP Light Sound Yoyos Sonic Tails
Here are 4 "Sound Flash" yoyos!
These are an even more rare sight because they are all still mint in the package. These would likely flash tiny red lights inside & make some kind of sound while they were spinning on their string. Each package is the same with waving Tails & jumping Sonic along with the Segasonic banner & 2 illustrations of lighting up yoyos. The package is very busy with dots & lines to indicate action. Each yoyo is quite different. The first is green with a yellow twirl shape & Sonic with Tails standing. The next has the star-ring with banner & Sonic & Tails inside like at the game title screen. The next yoyo is reddish with a star ring and has only Tails on it as a portrait. (Though it is the 'big nose' stock art of him) The last yoyo has spinning Sonic with a 'speed lines' sort of border in red & yellow. This is a nice selection of yoyos from the early 1990s. Photos discovered by @japan
Nendoroid Sonic Action Figure This is the Sonic figure that GoodSmile Co. 's Nendoroid line is planning to make. Nendoroid figures are usually 'chibi' (short, stubby) versions of characters. However, since Sonic never started out with human proportions, he's sort of hard to make 'chibi' --as you can see here. It just looks like a cross between classic & modern styled Sonics, or a shorter version of modern Sonic.
These figures are known for their quality materials & good sculpting. (so expect something really nice with no paint flaws etc) They are, however, expensive so expect prices around $30 for just 1 figure. But, they usually also include loads of accessories or extra parts for the figure, such as different expression faces, different pose hands, or various little in-context items that you can switch around for cool display. This was seen at Wonder Festival in Japan.
Alt Face Nendoroid Sonic This photo is a demonstration that the figure will have alternate faces. It is likely that the bottom part of his head will be replaceable to achieve this. The photo also shows that the checkpoint post will likely be move-able. You should be able to buy from
www.HLJ.com (hobby link Japan)
Sonic Merchandise has it for Europe too
Nendoroid Sonic Magazine Write Up
The magazine scan at right shows he is well sculpted on the back too, all spikes look on-model. It also shows him with a 'thumbs up' hand which is different from the finger pointing/waving (display at right) and the 2 fists (above) Also, look closely at the photo directly to the right, his eyes are in a different position than all previous shots.
This is so far being slated for release April 2012, which means pre-orders MAY start late Nov. or Dec. 2011...so keep an eye out for this figure.
Finger Waving Nendoroid Sonic
The text here seems enthusiastic about the figure. Magazine scan located by Bluexblur
Nendoroid Official Sonic Photos Nendoroid Sonic Poses & Accessories Here are the final shots, which appeared for the pre-order of the figure. You can see how the star post/gate moves, and that he comes with an Emerald & stand, & ring & stand.
Large Image Gallery at Japan Figure Blog and Ameblo (blogs dsc by Taaron &HM)
Official Accessory List
-Clear plastic hinged articulated Stand
-Three mouth-plates (smiling, frowning, SA1-grin)
-Two eyes (looking forward and to the left)
-Monitor/item jar with alternate plates
-One ring
-Green Chaos Emerald
-Alternate arms/hands
-Alternate leg (bent knee)
-Checkpoint star posts w/removable barrier
Alternate Item Jar Cards This shows the various different plastic chips/cards you can put in the item container. It includes barrier shield, 1 up Sonic face, 20 rings icon, fast shoe & invincibility. The bottom photo shows the articulated/hinged stand which plugs into the back of the figure, so you can pose him jumping/running/
anything without him falling over. The emerald is quite well-sized/scaled as well.
Nendoroid Sonic Actions The attention to detail & inclusion of super quality accessories is not to be missed! You can order/pre order with these links:
1999 Co (importer) about 36.00+ship
AmiAmi (importer) about 33+ship
HobbyLink Japan 38.00 (offers different shipping methods)
Shipping methods vary with speed/price/track-ability.
Yo-Yos of Clear Sonic the Hedgehog Plastic Sonic the Hedgehog Yo-Yos. Clear plastic with possible spinny-designs inside. You can tell what all the designs are, except for the one in the lower right corner.
Toy Island Japanese Packaging X Figure Here is a MIB Toy Island first 5 (or really 6-ish) inch figure line Sonic. As you can see, these were the "not very good faces" ones. He's in the 2nd package (Sonic X theme instead of Sonic Adventure 1) which gives an idea of the release time-frame. The words on the box are all in Japanese (see tiny at the top & bottom) so you can't read it. He only comes with 2 emeralds, and not any of the tiny metal rings. Did only TI Sonic release there, or did they do the other characters from the set too?
Since toys in Japan tend to be a little costly (import fees only add to it) it's probably a good bet this guy didn't sell well. The X art on the box only serves to highlight just how NOT like Sonic the goofy, cross-eyed/big-eye hunched figure inside the box is. Still, this packaging is interesting to see. Photo discovered by PatMac
Segasonic & Tails theme Puzzle Can If the USA had some puzzle-cans...Japan surely will as well.
Here is a "Segasonic" branded soda-can-shape puzzle. You slide the tiles around on the surface of the can attempting to put the picture together properly. The pictures here are finger waving Sonic & arms crossed Tails. Because it still has the Segasonic branding, this likely came out right around Sonic 2. This puzzle is uncommon and fetched a fairly high price in Japan when it went to a Japanese auction. Being life-size to a soda can, it's a neat collecible puzzle. discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram.
Sonic & Tails Puzzle Sliding Soda Can Another Puzzle Can...or more than 1?
Is this 3 entirely different sliding puzzles, or is the photo showing different sides of just 1 or two? Regardless, they all work the same way, sliding tiles around the surface of the soda can shape to assemble the picture properly on all sides of the cylender. These are all based on the same model of a soda can, with textured pull-tab top & curved base. The difference is only in the design printed on it. They are life sized. Due to the open square being visible at the left/bottom of the left can, and right top of the right can
it is likely that this is 3 different puzzles, or at the least two. The first has Japanese arms crossed cheerful Tails art. The center has the Sonic/Tails title screen style art, with Segasonic for the banner/ribbon. The right side one has the same cheerful Tails art but adds brown ground, green grass, and hands on hips cheerful Sonic. There also seems to be probably a palm tree in the background. These are not common.
Figma Figure Accessory Set 5 Consoles Here's something a little unusual...
It's a "Figma Figures Accessory Kit" with 5 different Sega consoles that your Figma action figures could collect. It comes with 3 different 'controller holding' hands & 2 wrist pieces that you can use to make your figures hold the items...as long as they are white, I guess. The consoles you get in the pack are the Megadrive, the Genesis, the Game Gear, the Saturn and the Dreamcast. So where's the Sonic content? Look very carefully & you'll see he's who represents the Genesis. The little cartridge case even has a very tiny cartridge!
They chose a popular game from each one (and maybe something that had a Figma figure or crossover influenced it too, because Space Channel 5 & Ulala wasn't the most popular game for the Dremcast, nor was it it's best seller, but Ulala DOES have a Figma figure) These are all highly detailed & quite nice looking. They would fit realistically into any scene or diorama with figures. It's good to see Sonic getting attention even in tiny accessory packs. Photo discovered by Taaron
McDonalds Japan Package Knuckles Spinner Yes, the McDonalds Happy Meal Promotions for Sonic 3 were in Japan as well...and this is the proof.
The proof that the toys looked just as not-so-hot over there as they did here. The 'Knuckles spins in a cloud' toy is actually the exact same one, it seems like. He's just as badly sculpted and rather silly looking. The package, of course, has only Japanese letters on it
What's interesting is that the art is clearly of the toy, not of the actual 'character art' for Knuckles because it's just as bad looking with a huge lower face and odd bulby-head. Also, they've sort of got him up in the sky? With other clouds? The inital 'meaning' (if there could be so-called one) of the cloud thing was like the Tazmanian Devil type thing where he whirls along the ground kicking up dust...so having him like Goku on a Kintoun cloud up there makes it actually work less well. An odd pick. Photos by
Bearbrick Sonic Series 23 Medicom Be@rbrick is back in 2023 with another Sonic bear figure. You can see the old one to the left, it was on Series 23 and the new one on the right is from Series 46.
The serieses always have several figures, usually unrelated to each other. Like 46 has a Street Fighter character, a Ukraine flag bear and others that have nothing to do with Sonic.
Medicom Bearbrick Sonic Modern
It rather strongly resembles a slightly sculpted Lego minifig (probably on purpose) but it puts itself in the 'art vinyl' category, as it's larger. However, the company uses some artificial scarcity tactics to keep the prices high: they're always limited to a certain number of figures/sets each and then they don't re-release them.
However...they DO improve them! Look at how they helped the face on the newer one, it's much less 'teddy bear' and more Sonic-resembling. The other differences are that they fixed the ears a bit, added the line detail for the glove cuffs and socks, and maybe the belly dot shape is a bit different? The face is defenetly improved. You can see the original entry back on Gear Japan Toys 1
Nendoroid Knuckles Figure With the success (and subsequent re-release) of Nendoroid Sonic, the Nendoroid company has decided to add Knuckles to their high quality figure line up. However, he doesn't seem to come with nearly as many accessories as Sonic did. Though, you can change the face, and he has at least 1 extra hand.
As is usual, the figure comes with a clear square base and pose-stand arm thing so you can have him in unbalanced or floating positions without the figure falling down. It is modern Knuckles, however the Nendoroid 'semi chibi' style gives him a bit of 'big body' and comes across as a bit of a combination between modern and classic styles even though it probably isn't meant to be that way.
As expected for them, the articulation is really good, with hip, knee, ankles can turn, elbows (despite figure's small size) shoulders, and his head can turn (to the degree his spikes allow) You can also spot 3 different lower-face parts, a smiling, a skeptical/frown, and aggrivated. He seems to also have 3 different eyes positions with left, right and center. He has a thumbs up hand and an emerald holding hand. (Emerald is yellow) What else might he come with? More photos will be added if found.
Of course, in the Year of Shadow, Nendoroid would be called upon to make a figure for him. And, with their great workmanship, it'll succede as well. He does run into the same issue as Modern Sonic & Modern Knuckles though, which is the 'chibi type' almost-proportions make him look like a blend of classic and modern which isn't quite right and "cute little" isn't really suiting for his tough guy role.
These are the early factory photos for him, but they hint that he might not have as many accessories as the other characters. Only 2 mouths are shown (aggrivated and neutral frown) and only 2 eyes (side look and straight ahead) as well as 1 accessory hand with the red emerald.
When he's released, it will be revealed what he really has. But, no-matter the accessory amount, what's presented here looks great quality all around. The emerald is semi-transparent, the gold for his rings looks excellent and all the paint apps will be perfect. (Is he slightly taller than the Sonic?) Price will be updated, but likely to be a Japan only item that needs importing if you're anywhere else.