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After the art fiasco that set the internet ablaze with flames for 'bad design' (true) in 2019 the "Sonic Movie" live action Hollywood production went back to the 'drawing board' and re-made the hideous hedgehog into something more akin to a friendly hairy bigfoot troll that happens to be blue.
People seemed to like this better, and so merchandise and events moved ahead. However it's #NotMySonic so, like bandana and sports tape loving Boom Sonic (And poor Stupid BoomKnuckles) the merchandise and events must all get corralled away onto a special page/set so as to keep it from contaminating other items. This is that page--but for events, places and mascots associated with the movie.
Zoo Palast Berlin Movie Building This is the "Zoo Palast" movie theater in Berlin Germany. It had quite a large Sonic Movie event complete with give-aways, decorations of the area, a special car to see, some kind of booths and more. Why this particular theater made such a big deal out of it is unknown, but it is interesting to see.
This photo shows its headliner billboard area with a large billboard of the movie poster on there. Probably different movies headlineing at the theater take turns appearing in this place on the large front wall. The Zoo Palast is highly likely to be a popular multiplex.

All Event Items Below Discovered by GamingChiliHedgehog except mascots

Zoo Palast Event Tent Movie Movie Line Up Ad Barriers
Here is what it looked like outside the theater with the movie event going on. There are tents with people dressed in blue movie promo shirts. They're at counters to be able to help people. (But help them to do what?) The red/blue things are those pedestrian metal bars mobile barriers that help to keep que lines in place for waiting people. In this case they have been decorated with
colorful fabric panels with logos and other movie-specific things. On the ground, you would find these vinyl stick-down arrows (like in the lobby) Although their text is in German, for some reason they write "Fast Lane" in English...but would anyone understand it because presumably everyone going there is German. Movie Floor Arrow
Movie Food Carrier Box Going to the movies usually involves getting some kind of costly food to eat while watching about a promotional food carrier box? This 2 sided cardboard stand thing holds a drink on one side and a box of popcorn on the other. But what about the middle handle part? If you read carefully, you can
tear it out just so, and it will become a door handle hanger that you can keep. Movie Food Carrier Box Display Popcorn
The carrier has a Jim Carrery portrait on it, running movie-Sonic, a ring / foggy scene and logos. It also has the human cast member names because they are the most important part of the movie. It also has "Racing into cinemas soon" and "gotta go fast" because it wants to draw on pop culture internet=funny popularity to help it succeede.
German Promo Items Set Goodie-bags or promo-give aways, or maybe even booth favors are popular at big openings and that Zoo Palast did indeed have a movie goodie bag that fans could get. It contains a logo rubber blue bracelet, a paddle ball set with line art movie-Sonic (to color) a white thick bracelet (maybe battery powered? What does it do?) with the movie & Paramount Pictures logo on there, a lenticular ruler with logo & running Sonic, a pamphlet and...Sonic & Mario Olympic Games stickers...for some reason. The stickers are likely a leftover from something else that promoted the Switch. Everything but the ruler is extremely spur-of-moment hash it in cheap style instant re-brand-ables
but that sort of thing is common to give aways so it is to be expected.
At right is a close up of the blue wrist band seen in the group above. With this you can see that one side is the the logo but the other side appears to have some words on it...they're probably German, but what does it say? Discovered by GamingChiliHedgehog
Movie Rubber Wrist Bracelet Close Up
Valpak Win Tickets Sonic Movie The company Valpak had some kind of promotion with ATOM where you could "dash for cash", or, in the instance of this particular promotional envelope thing, win free tickets to the movie. It instructs you to open it to see if you've won. But...since the pandemic appeared at about the time of the movie, could everyone actually have gotten to use their tickets if they did win.
Audi Movie Fleet Car Blue
Here is an Audi car that somone was able to look down upon as it advertises the Sonic Movie. The back door says "Audi Movie Fleet", letting you know it's an advertising type of vehicle that probably appears at big movie openings to promote its own brand and whatever is showing. It is a good bright blue color, and has the logo in white on the front door.
A car like this would likely be 'wrapped' in that vinyl stuff to change its look and color often so that it could promote many things. Discovered by GamingChiliHedgehog
AMC 30 Theater Sonic Movie Posters Normally these would be on fan events/places...
But because it's movie-specific these items go here. At left you can see an AMC 30 theater--so, a really large one that's fairly fancy and long-standing which has the movie branding all over it. It's got the huge poster below the logo, and the tiles that would ordinarily have other movie's posters instead feature Sonic & Eggman portraits. The other remarkable thing is WHEN the photo was taken, which is August 2020, meaning that the theater just basically left this stuff up for waaaay way longer than it ever usually would.
All this is, of course, due to the virus pandemic. Sonic was the last actual big production movie to get released before the virus rampaged.
With nothing else upcoming, the theater just filled up all of its empty ad-space with what it already had: the Sonic materials. This accidentally gives the movie much more exposure than it would usually have. It may have also contributed to the success because nobody wanted to release anything once they saw which way the "Winds of pandemic change" were blowing at the time. Remember: it was known about in December even--well before the release date. Advertisers, venue owners & more can't afford to 'play things down', 'deny', or ignore what could happen in the future. So they didn't, and Sonic Movie was it. (Trolls 2 was next--but it released to streaming and did super well during quarantine--also much better probably than it would have if everything had been normal at the time) Photo discovered by Taaron
Movie Mascot Hairy Dumb Thing Here's the Mascot Suit that was at some of the big premiers of the movie opening.
As you can see they....probably only retooled the head?
It looks like they added shag fur to just the head hoping to make it look like the hairy goblin in the movie. If you inspect it you can see that the lower face is connected to the brow ridge but look how well it is hidden! They're desperate still for him to have the natural looking mono-eye, even in the suit. They made the mouth big, but still set it to one side. The body could absolutely be modern Sonic but just given blue sleeves to make it fit.
What about the shoes?
Did he ever get his real shoes in the movie? The original scrapped one had PRODUCT PLACEMENT screaming loud ugly shoes but then they changed him to something else kind of meh but less screamingly bad. But it wasn't his real shoes? The mascot head looks a bit big for this to be the case for movie-style but...oh well. Photo discovered by Taaron
Movie Mascot at LA Theater Here's another look at the Movie Mascot suit.
This time, it is indoors at the LA Theater. Because the movie was right before when the virus appeared, theater events were still happening, so a mascot appearance is normal. Having the suit near the giant cardboard ad standee shows that it's...pretty movie-like. It has the giant mouth and is really shaggy like how they had him in the movie. (The ears seem somewhat Werehog-reminiscent)
When comparing mascots with the one from Jingle all The Way (seen on Mascots 2) you can really see the degree of effort for them has gone way up in both Japan and the US, to produce suits that look much more like what they're to represent. Photo by SurferBRG
German Movie Cardboard Stand Sonic Sort of a standee.
This is a German cardboard promotional item. A 'standee' is usually a life size (or big) cardboard cut out that is free-standing to advertise something. In this case, it seems likely to be a counter-top item maybe 24 inches high tops, or so. It has running movie-Sonic in a ring, but he's die-cut out so you can see through it and it looks more dynamic. It's got the movie logo at the bottom with "Ab 13, Februar, Hier Im Kino", so it's a bit of an announcement for when you can see it. Discovered by GamingChiliHedgehog
Movie 2 Mascot Photo Opp Actor With Sonic Movie 2 releasing in April 2022...
It is natural that photo opp type things start being released. Here goes the movie mascot suit again, this time with an actor. The background is astroturf pop-up wall so that star photos like this can always have a good background.
The movie mascot suit is the same one that was used to promote the first movie, it seems to have had no changes in between. (Not surprising, the movies are very closely spaced and if it was fine the first time, it still will be now)

I complain: The lighting on this one is the best of the mascot photos so far, it is not oversaturated nor backlit. It still looks like a very hairy towel though.

3 Movie Mascots Photo As the movie 2 release date approached, it was revealed that they added more shag carpet themed mascot suits to go along with it. Here, you can see a group shot of people who worked on the movie along with the above Sonic suit, now added with a Knuckles & Tails suit as well.
Like the Sonic one, these are made to be extra furry/shaggy/hairy to represent the texture in the movie. The Tails tails look like odd cones though because they removed the color/cross detail from the white tips. As is the usual with mascots too, the shoes are really tiny to make it possible to walk around in.
Movie 2 Train Tram Wrap For Sonic Movie 2, Australia had this street-tram completely wrapped in movie decor. It's certainly eye-catching as a giant moving billboard for the movie. Half is blue for the logo and 'good guys' side, the other is yellow/red for the tag line and 'bad guys' side with Eggman & Knuckles. Interestingly, they've placed the art so that it looks like Tails is facing off against Knuckles (rather than Sonic). The front of the tram also has a logo.
Trams like this (while uncommon in the US) are often wrapped with ads when you see them, so this isn't unusual. It's a good and convenient way to advertise.