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My personal Sonic the Hedgehog clothing collection. As long as I've been a Sonic fan, I have collected any clothing article I could find. These are mostly T-shirts, but with a few extra items thrown in. They don't always fit, but that is not a big issue in collecting.

This is the classics page!
These older items are from the 1990s. I don't think there's anything from early 2000s, as Sonic was not very popular item-wise at that time in America.

Classic Sonic The Hedgehog Clothing
New Sonic The Hedgehog Clothing
3D Blast Sonic the Hedgehog cardboard glasses
Three-Dee Glasses! To celebrate the release of Sonic The Hedgehog 3DBlast for the Genesis. These go with a poster found in another section. They are held down with an LCD game...
Very Rare Sonic the Hedgehog video game gloves
Video Game Gloves "Padded for super video game play!" I got these from a lot a looong time ago in the USA. Where the heck were these sold?

As you can see in the photo, they've been used some. Supposedly, there were also pairs in blue and red, but I've never seen any. They are fingerless except the thumb, and have a black leather palm. I aquired these from someone who was selling off their entire Sonic the Hedgehog item Collection.

Backlit Sonic the Hedgehog awesome Tshirt Sonic the Hedgehog graphic close up
By Signal Clothing Co
The star of the classic show...this is a really great looking T that you NEVER see. I managed to get this one at either a Kmart or a Target. The lighting combined with the classic Sonic is just top notch!
Dude with a tude frontal Sonic the Hedgehog art shirt The signifigantly dorkier "Dude with a 'Tude" shirt. A well done but unfortunatly angled Sonic the Hedgehog head. Notice how long this shirt is. It's like some kind of sleep-wear or 'nightie' for females. This was offered in a catalog at one point. I would not have this if it were not for Fox Mel. It was a part of his collection.
Moo Town Snacks 3D Blast Sonic the Hedgehog shirt contest Back in the day, Sonic would partner with just about anything...apparently. Even this 'hip' cow! This shirt was a prize for collecting "Cow Chips" off boxes of snacks. MooTown Snacks, to be exact.
No, I didn't take a bad photo. This shirt is actually 3D. Well. sort of. Ironic that the only non-three-dee thing on it is the Sonic. This came out for the release of Sonic 3D-Blast, obviously. Mmmmmmm...fake cheese.
Are You up 2 It Sonic the Hedgehog 2 promotional shirt Promotional shirt for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Genisis / Megadrive. I think this was an employee-thing, but it may have also been available in limited amounts for pre-orders of the game. The fabric of this shirt is very thin. It is also one of the few shirts that has a LEGIT non-Sega generic tag.
3D Blast Pre-Order bonus shirt So many promos, such a mediocre game. Sonic the Hedgehog 3D Blast strikes again. This was the official pre-order shirt that came from stores. Notice that the little Sega Saturn icon is next to the system that you pre-ordered it for.