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Welcome to the wacky, fun and entertaining section of Japanese Sonic the Hedgehog commercials!
These videos of ads are known for their absurd content and wacky gags. But don't think that's all there is! These also have plenty of awesome to go around! They're entertaining to watch and collect, even if you don't understand them. They had an abundance of ads, sometimes even more than 1 for each game. The ad videos are in no particular order.
There's really great ads, with unexpected characters like Amy Rose and even Metal Sonic! They had good production on some of these, so you'll see claymation, 2D and 3D animation, as well as live-action and game-play footage. Some ads are compiled onto games like Sonic Jam, because Sega liked them so well. Others were more rare (and odd) but regardless, you can watch them all here! Click each one to play. Sonic Gear is always looking out for new ads, but those will go on Page 2.
NOTE: Videos may be unstable. If you find one which won't load, email AzureBlaze @ msn.com and it will be replaced with a clip which works. Naturally, there's tons of these things and they can't all be checked every week or day to be sure they work. Because videos are large, another site is hosting these, (youtube & google), so Sonic Gear is not in direct control of the videos, or their stability.
Sonic Advance 3

This seems to be a simple illustration of...something. With ducks, dog, eggs and finally Sonic & Tails. After showing the simple captioned screens, there is a bit of game play footage. It's short, but rather curious.

Sonic Pinball Party GBA

This is a cute and short ad for Pinball Party. A happy tune plays while a kid plays Pinball Party against a mascot costume character of Sonic. When the mascot loses (via the link cable) it turns into a "ball" and is rolled away, much like the pinball.

Sonic Heroes- Multi-Platform
This is a charming and imaginative ad for Sonic Heroes. A little kid is imagining Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are playing with him while doodling in his note book. The whimsical drawings then 'come to life' with a bit of imagination. This is a sweet and friendly ad, sure to charm the fans!
Sonic Adventure 1 for Dreamcast
This is more of an explanatory ad to announce the plot. It makes sense, because Sonic Adventure 1, was the first to have a more complex and deep story line. This commercial shows off the plot and revolutionary (at the time) visuals for this great game. There were USA and EU versions of the ad, but they were cut for time. This is still a nice one to collect, even if you can't understand the explanation.
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Genisis/Megadrive
"Sonic Land"
A pretty cool animated & game-footage combo ad for Sonic 2. The animation looks like stuff you'll find in games like Sonic Adventure and Sonic Heroes...an idea ahead of its 2D Side-Scrolling graphics. This is interesting to see 'where they wanted to go' with it, and then know they actually got to go there!

As you'll notice, they hadn't got his "quills from behind" quite spot-on yet, but the Tails is cute and the scenes are really quite nice. The footage is a good mix, and gives you an accurate (enough) look to make you want this game. Claymation Sonic returns to hop around at the end.

Sonic CD Sega CD / Mega CD
The ill-fated Sega-CD system was home to what is heralded as one of the best (if not THE Best) produced 2D console Sonic game to date. With an animated intro, time travel (for triple the stages!), and revolutionary 3D special stages, Sonic CD was hot.
And so is this commercial!
Featuring the dangerous fan favorite, Metal Sonic! See it in awesome animated form as it challenges a semi-3D animated Sonic in space, and in the backdrops from the in-game animated intro. Look at the glow for the eyes and that great engine-fire!
This also uses a highly-regarded official Sonic Song "Toot-Toot Sonic Warrior", which has a rather silly name, but sounds quite cool. This video is a must-watch!
Sonic 3 Genisis / Megadrive
In this somewhat live-action ad, a teen has an adventure after buying Sonic 3. A magical mini-Sonic pops off the cover art, and grants the human super speed. He races out of control up and down some streets and a roller-coaster while footage of the game plays. He eventually trips on a curb, and the game falls to a grownup, who then gets a wild ride.

The wild ride would seem to deter customers, if it were real...but it makes for something interesting to watch. The footage gives a nice sample of what you're in for in the game.

Sonic Advance Gameboy Advance
This ad may not be useful at all, but it is somewhat entertaining. The majority of the ad features a mascot costume character of Sonic running through the streets of Japan causing "miracles" of dubious importance. A coin appears, a man gets to look up a womans' skirt, and a kid (and an ant) are saved from being run over.
While the ad is wacky and strange, it does a poor job making you actually want the game! There is so little actual footage, that this could cast suspicion upon the content of Sonic Advance...which was actually a nice solid platformer for the GBA. If you want wacky though, this one's for you!
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