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So many commercials to watch and collect!
Page 2 continues with Japanese Sonic the Hedgehog videos in no particular order. These are great because they take so little time to load, and are always entertaining. Sonic Gear is always on the lookout for the latest ads, so expect more as new games are made.
Remember: Sonic Gear brings you advertising with no ads inside them! (yes, yes, what is the internet coming to when they are putting ads INSIDE your ads?) These are as close to 'original footage' as you can get, for a great Sonic viewing experience!
NOTE: Videos may be unstable. If you find one which won't load, email AzureBlaze @ and it will be replaced with a clip which works. Naturally, there's tons of these things and they can't all be checked every week or day to be sure they work. Because videos are large, another site is hosting these, (youtube & google), so Sonic Gear is not in direct control of the videos, or their stability.
Shadow the Hedgehog Ad Music Video
Featuring M-Flo

This ad is based on part of a music video from the Japanese band M-Flo. They had a whole music video, which for some reason featured Shadow, and clips from the "Shadow the Hedgehog" game. New footage of Shadow was created for the video, it was not just all recycled clips. This commercial shows game footage, and parts of the music video, as well as announcing the release date.

If you want to see the whole video, we've got that too! It is on the Sonic Videos Page.

Sonic Drift- Game Gear

Here is another cool to watch but somewhat-innefective ad. This is mostly a mini-animated cartoon, with VERY little footage of the game. A cute scene plays out as Sonic dodges Amy's heart, and Eggman has a mishap while trying to cheat. The fun cars made famous by some of the official screen-savers / wallpapers appear, and a little snap of footage is shown. Granted, the Game Gear graphics were not all that super, and watching an actual race of the game is not ultra-fascinating...which probably necesitated relying on the animated short. Nonetheless, this is an enjoyable piece to see.

Sonic Spinball - Genisis / Megadrive

This ad manages to make Sonic Spinball look cool--a difficult feat! It combines 3D and 2D animation to illustrate the pinball concept. The game footage makes it look fast and exciting, really wasn't. This has random English spliced in, for some reason. Wouldn't that just confuse people in Japan, as if someone peppered Japanese words into an English ad? Oh well, you can get "Funky Action" with this commercial.

Be sure to watch at the end for some sort of merchandise ad with items and a back pack. It looks like Soccer Sonic as a pin or eraser of some kind, and a yellow pack.

Sonic Heroes - Multiplatform

Another Heroes ad, this time with streight gameplay footage and a few in-game cinemas so you can really see what it'll be like. This shows fast-action clips of all the teams doing their thing. It also tempts you with the eye of Metal Sonic, and some of Eggmans' fantastic flying machines. The small bit of dialoge is all in Japanese. The other Heroes ad is on Page 1.

Sonic "The Movie" Anime Ad

This may or may not be a fan-made advertisement for the Sonic Anime Movie. It doesn't really matter though, because it's a great showcase! With plenty of interesting clips from volumes 1 and 2 (they were combined onto 1 DVD for USA release, although they started off as 2 separate VHS for Japan) you can get a feel for the plot. The strange song "Look Alike" plays in the background. This one's got another "Metal Sonic Alert" for you Metal fans!

This is somewhat long, so it may have actually been a trailer or preview of some sort, rather than a TV spot or the like.

Video is currently: DOWN

Sonic 1 Genisis / Megadrive

Here's a real jewel! An old Japanese TV spot for Sonic 1. This features claymation, 2D animation and gameplay footage to introduce Sonic. (note that he is called Segasonic at this point) The animated parts are a bit nonsensical, he breaks down a cactus, hangs from a clock and fights an underwater robot, which are things he never really does in the games...

But LOOK AT THE AIRPLANE! That bears and absolutly -striking- resemblance to the Tornado which Tails doesn't build until YEARS after this was made...The Death Egg also appears for added intrigue...long before it would be introduced in any game. (Remember: continuity states that Sega CD & its plot happened BEFORE Sonic 2, even though it was released after it, in the USA and Europe) A classic all the way, with intreguing insight to the future!

Video is currently: DOWN

Sonic R Sega Saturn

This commercial is very strange and ineffective. It features "Segata Sanshiro" a sort of 'mascot' type human for the Saturn. He is a Judo person, who thinks playing Saturn is the best thing anyone can do. His name sounds like "Sega Saturn Shiro" , with "Shiro" being "you must play". It is his mission to beat up people who are not playing a Saturn.

Three base ball kids accidentally bump into the Segata character, and he proceeds to attempt to kill/beat them all up, although they recognize him. He then holds up a Sega Saturn system, and Sonic R footage plays with the "Super Sonic Racing" song in the background. The unfortunate kids are left in a heap beside the road.
What is this ad for? To make you fear buying Saturns? To make you not like mascots? To threaten customers? It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, even if you know his background.

Sonic 1 - Genisis / Megadrive

A cutsey claymation ad to introduce Sonic to Japan. This has a somewhat strange looking claymation Sonic dancing atop a 'fancy' car in what looks like a parade. There are laser light show bits, a blimp with big-screen, and confetti for effects. Clips of Sonic 1 play inbetween the claymation parts, and an announcer describes the game.

The claymation Sonic is the one you see used in later commercials, that hops around the Sega logo. When Sega decided to go with 'cool' more than 'cute' the claymation version of Sonic was dropped.

Sonic Rush - Nintendo DS

Here's a quick and simple little ad for Sonic Rush. An announcer speaks quickly over constantly changing game screens and gameplay footage. They are likely describing what sort of action you'll find in the game. It ends with the logo, date and price.

A fast, simple and informative ad.

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