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Even more cool commercials for you to watch!
These are in no particular order, but may be sorted later on, once all the ads are found and placed on pages.
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Sonic & Tails -Game Gear

This cute ad showcases Sonic & Tails for Game Gear. An animated Sonic, Eggman, and Tails race around fighting eachother on a table, while a Game Gear in the background demonstrates gameplay footage. An announcer describes the game.

The graphics for this are really cute!

Sonic & Puyo Puyo Game Gear

This ad seems like it may be attempting to appeal to female players. A woman with a colorful outfit talks about Sonic and Puyo Puyo for the Game Gear. The ad shows game play footage, and many different boxes for all the games.

This isn't very edgy, wacky or different, but it seems like a nice, solid ad that could convince people (of any variety) to look into a Game Gear for fun.

Sonic Adventure 1 - Dreamcast

This is 2 commercials in 1! These were popular all over for their 'wacky factor'. Each ad is made to look like Indeana Jones style of parody. They use the Sonic Adventure Plush Set as characters, in a live action setting.

Each ad has some wacky (and bad) fate befall the Sonic doll as the group visits a jungle. Game play footage is shown in between the plush action parts. The 2 ads have the same theme, so someone has cut them together in this clip.

Video status: DOWN
Seeking replacement

Sonic 2 - Genisis Megadrive
"Who is Tails?"

This ad uses part of the "Sonic Land" ad, but does not reveal who Tails is. Instead, it seems to ask the viewer a question, and then shows a picture of merchandise like a sweat shirt and a certificate of some kind.

Game play and animated Sonic Land footage are shown, with a bunch of text on the screen.

Here is a quick little ad for Sonic & Tails 2, in Japan. This was called Sonic Chaos in the USA. It introduces Fang Knack the weasel.

For this ad they showcase different colored Game Gears (that never released in the USA) and use stock art (scooting around the screen) as well as actual animated characters and game play footage. An announcer talks quickly over the whole thing, possibly giving you a bit of background. There is also a 'ping pong ball' effect going on with different portraits on them, for some reason.

Still, the ad is a fairly convincing one to try the game.

E-102 Gamma Sonic Adventure 1 Ad

This commercial is part of a series of ads for Sonic Adventure 1. The series contained ads with different perspectives from a variety of the characters. This one features only E-102 Gamma. He narrates the ad, and it shows footage of the stages he plays as well as a few of the cut scenes.

This is a really interesting and unique way to go about letting people know that the game has a multi-character system, and how different they can be.

This Dreamcast ad features a futuristic theif stealing a Dreamcast from a secure facility. After getting away with it in a box, the system somehow causes all kinds of trouble by taking over electronics and even crashing an airplane? It's odd to have the DC be responsible for disruption and disaster...but as the theif tries to escape, the police are in persuit. The 'plot' does not particularly end, because at the finish, it cuts to Sonic saying "We got it!" The ad is subtitled, so you can understand it.
This is the longer version of the ad above. Some of the scenes are extended by a few seconds, especially at the end. You see Sonic spinning downward, and if you look carefully you can spot Knuckles and Eggman too. He still says the same thing, but this time a football player gets to talk as well.
This is an ad for a curious little toy. It's those "Sonic Heads" remote control mini racers. You can see the toy on the Japan SonicGear pages, but it's good to see it in motion right here. It's very unusual for a toy to get a TV commercial. Usually only games or events get them. This ad has the toys tied into Sonic X, though they're just X branded...they had nothing really to do with the show. It was likely done to tie in and hype things together. Watch for the Sonic X pvc display figure looking collection right at the end of the ad. Were these the figures that came in those little clear blindbox cubes? It's not subtitled so you can't understand them, but they are quite enthusiastic. Commercial collected by TurboHog