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While not quite as much as Japan, the USA had many ads for Sonic on TV over the years. As you'll see with the early ones, they were going for a more 'edgy/extreme' type of style with hyperactive characters and the "Sega Scream". Later on, they turned to funny / educational-about-the-game type of ads. On the whole though, American Sonic the Hedgehog TV Commercials tend to be more game-informative than the Japanese counterparts, although they didn't advertise quite the range of games that Japan did.
So it's time to sit back, relax and watch some cool and funny Sonic the Hedgehog ad videos! Just click them 1 by 1 to load and play. Sonic Gear is always keeping an eye out for new ads, so the watching fun is never done! These commercial videos are in no particular order.
Sonic 2 Genisis Megadrive

A kid listens to the ground which contains an announcers' voice (probably coming from a tunneling TV) that explains the new types of fun you can have in Sonic 2. Also the "Bugs Bunny" like tunnling TV startles grownups with the SEGA scream, and pops out of various holes. This also shows the box (and mentions) Sonic 2 for GameGear, even though it was totally unrelated, plot wise. The only game footage in the ad is from Genisis Sonic the Hedgehog 2, most likely because the Game Gear version was less impressive.
AD STATUS: Offline

Sonic Riders - Multi Platform

This is a wonderful, long commercial for Riders. This features plenty of the CG cut scenes, as well as game play footage. An announcer explains the different types of characters (speed/power/fly) and some of the challenges. You can get a good look at the new characters the Babalon Rogues as well as the game play elements. The animated parts are not shown, as they are found in a seperate ad.

It does not touch on the plot, or reveal the Rouges to be the somewhat-villains that they are. You see some stunts and nearly all the levels, though.

AD STATUS: Offline

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Another 'Earth Hedgehogs' ad for Battle. And again...nearly no sound. The announcer is urging the cute live hedgehogs to do more of Sonics' tricks, but they just kind of hang out near the game cube, for humorous effect. When they eventually wander off, game-play footage is shown, and you can hear a little of the music in the background.

Note: Gear is always looking for the best content to bring to you. If someone uploads a video of this TV spot with sound, this file will be replaced.

Sonic Heroes Gamecube

This funny ad has a live action intro with 'the city under attack'. A man rushes to a secret room get crime fighting super-heroes, but finds that they are all very old, sleepy and not capeable of fighting any crimes. Their wacky outfits and sleepy theme add humor.
"It's time for new heroes!" urges the ad, and then proceeds to show you some gameplay footage. An announcer quite briefly explains a bit of what you'll be doing when you play. It showcases all 4 teams, and explains the speed/power/fly elements just a little bit.

Free Sonic 2 Genisis System Ad

This is a rather obscure ad, and it's not all Sonic. It features that tunneling TV from the previous Sonic 2 ad, but now it is trying to sell you a Genisis system and alert you of a deal where you can get Sonic 2 for free through the mail. Presumably, you could order the free game if you bought a Genisis system within a certain time-range.
The TV proceeds to slam itself against some unwitting customers' door, and shows a bit of Sonic 2 footage, including the half-pipe. Not all that fascinating, but it is uncommon.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle - Dreamcast

This is a funny ad with an unfortunate problem. It is mostly without sound. You can nearly hear it if you turn your computer sound WAY up. (but don't forget to turn it back down, after!) A man urges a hedgehog to do the tricks of Sonic (but of course, it won't) and footage from the game follows. The Earth hedgehogs are cute, and the 'tryouts' are funny even if you can't hear them all that well.

Sonic Mania Day- Genisis & Game Gear

What is it about Sonic causing people to go very wrong? With this commercial, a kid tries to observe all the fast Sonic action on this "Sonic Mania Day" Which was apparently in November. Unfortunatly, he can move his eyes independently of eachother in watching, and it eventually looks like he's having some sort of seizure-like malfunction. It ends with him throwing up his own eyeballs, and having to put them back in.

Fascinating. NOT.

The ad just announces the day, but not which games are coming out on it, and only shows a slightly animated stock-art.

Sonic 2- Genisis / Megadrive

Wackyness and fun from the USA in this Info-Mercial immitating ad. This is another 'free announcement' for Sonic 2, and much more effective than another tunneling TV. This presents the box as a "do it all" home tool, that slices vegetables, cleans up spills, and even hides your bald spot! (if you squish it into celery, rub it on your spill, and glue it to your head). The ad shows clips of Sonic 2, and tells you about how you can get it for free if you buy a Genisis system that already comes with Sonic 1. This is an ad with many wonderful "Features"

Sonic 2 of Game Gear

This ad isn't only Sonic, but it does showcase a bit of Sonic 2 for Game Gear. This ad has "classic" Sega style, with a wacky theme.

A man is trying to play Sonic on an airplane by using a TV...that is plugged into his house! The cord isn't that long, so he's in for a dissapointment. The kid next to him shows how it's done: Just get a Game Gear Pack (Includes Sonic, a sports game, and carry-case)

Despite being wacky, it has enough footage and explanation to make it useful. Watch out for the stewardess, though...

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