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Sonic & Knuckles Genisis

A funny commercial with a bit of plot. Santa's elves tell you about how great Sonic & Knuckles is, while game play footage shows. They show the idea to Santa Clause, who doesn't believe that anyone will like it. (!) So they give Sega the idea, and get super rich, leading them to a tropical area rather than the North Pole. Funny, and game-informative is a great combo for this ad.

Sonic 1 - Genisis

Here's a funny one for Sonic 1, where the H.A.G. society tries to stamp out Sonic!

A stuffy grownup with poofy hair makes a speech against Sonic, claiming he is too fast, and his attitude is all wrong. Why can't he be slow and nice, like Mario?

Well, an animated stock art poster will have none of it, so it scares her and runs off.

All the while, a TV is showing footage from Sonic 1, illustrating how fast he is, and how the 16 bit graphics look really cool.

Sonic Adventure 1 - Dreamcast

A fully CG ad, which answers the question "Why is Sonic not a good DJ?". In this ad, many famous characters from early Dreamcast games are having a party, while Sonic DJs the music and Tails dances on a box.

When Sonic starts thinking of game play footage from SA1, it gives you clips of the game. How many famous characters can you spot dancing?

Movie Trailer Type Shadow the Hedgehog

This advertisement for Shadows' game comes across more like a movie trailer, than a video game ad. It has bits of game play mixed in with mostly scenes from the CG cuts and plot pieces. This nice mix and description . It explains a bit of the plot, and the 'you decide his fate' feature.

This makes the game look really slick, and would tempt people to buy. A nice piece, if you collect Shadow--even if you didn't like his game all that well.

This may be an internet only spot, or something sponsored online.

Funny Game Tap Ad -Service

Game Tap is a service you can subscribe to on your PC to play older games. You get their whole library if you sign up. Seems like it would be good for people who didn't keep their old systems...but why bother when you can just get Sonic Gems or another compilation.

This is on here because it has Sonic 2 footage, *Ad mysteriously replaced with the same one as below (MS Latte) where's the original? and Gametap is also known for fronting Sonic's games a lot in their ads and on their site.

Hand Held Sonic 3D Blast- Tiger Attack
It is unusual to see an actual TV ad for a handheld game that is NOT for GameGear or a Gameboy. There just isn't that much profit in the old-skool LCDs. (Well, the whole point of them is to be cheap so...) but here's an ad for the handheld version of 3D blast, Sonics' isometric journey into mediocrity.

This ad is in the 'wacky Sega style' where a kid is bored at a wedding while relatives make a fuss. He has a 'Tiger Attack' to pull out the had-held system by Tiger Electronics to have some fun. It's kind of a surreal ad with strange effects and not much game-play footage.

This is a co-commercial for Sonic and Honey Nut Cheerios the cereal. The cereal is oat based with a 'honey flavored' coating and no colors. The mascot is a bee that is always trying to tempt people to eat it. In this ad, the bee tries to run along with an animated Sonic through part of a Sonic 2 level, but various misfortunes befall him along the way. Sonic doesn't speak (as it is 1994) which is just fine. It also announces you can get game tips on the box-back, as well as a chance to win Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine or Toejam & Earl game if you enter. Sonic comes out of the TV at the end, to stand next to the breakfast. This is an entertaining and interesting old co-commercial. Discovered by SupeSonicBoom, added by SonikkuForever.
This ad is by Gametap.
It's subscription based, and lets you play various classic games online so you don't need to buy or rent them (just subscribe) It uses a mix of stop motion, videos of actual Sonic 2 levels and a talking artwork of Eggman to accomplish its funny goal.

What do you do while waiting on Sonic to get past all your traps? Why...send SilverMetal Sonic out for a latte, of course! But, they won't have long to wait!

Discovered by Berzerker, produced by Gametap.

Here's a 'all games' collection style Dreamcast ad. The ad is mostly for the system itself, telling you to use your superior skills (against a guy named Steve??) As a sort of showcase for the different games you can play on it, many different characters appear and interact in funny ways. Sonic runs through the crowd, starteling people, and a basketball player tells Tails to shut up (!) It's a pretty decent ad, as it showcases graphics and that the Dreamcast would have a good game variety. Video discovered by Berzerker
Sonic even has a cameo in this Crazy Taxi commercial. The scenario is multiple Dreamcast game characters waiting around in the DMV while another taxi driver...drives badly outside. Inside, all the characters are displeased, having to wait in line. You can see Sonic near one of the doors, and Tails appears to be behind (but he's on top of) the counter trying to direct people. Video discovered by Berzerker
This is one of those 'crazy style' old-school Sega type ads. It's for the Franco American Sonic shapes pasta (seen on Sonic Foods USA!) In it, a kid is playing a Sonic game and ignoring his mom who wants to serve him the Sonic pasta. So she gets mad instead, and hurls the can. Instead of killing him (by hitting him with it) he grabs it and plugs it into (!) an odd adapter on top of the Genesis which causes the pasta shapes to appear on his TV, which then pop out so he can eat it. It's all very 'extreme' and in your face, which was the style of the time. Interesting/funny to see! Discovered by: SonicRulz14
Tiger Electronics actually created a TV spot for their first hand held Sonic game. (Sonic 1) This can be seen on USA LCDs. This ad features an animated mini-Sonic who interacts with a kid who is playing the game. He runs really fast down the street, and does other gimmicky stunts due to the game. The start asks the odd question 'what do you get when you cross a tiger & a hedgehog?' referring to their own brand name. It shows some of the game-play footage as well, while telling you a little about what you can do in the game. Discovered by SonicRulz14
This is a Toys R Us commercial from 1992. It was used for a store's grand opening in Greensburg PA, however, it can clearly be customized to announce one anywhere, via video editing.
The commercial features lots of mascot suits from lines that were popular at the time, including Sonic. Interestingly, he twirls like a tornado rather than doing a Sonic spin. You can also see Bitsy Bears, barbie and for some reason Chester Cheetah, though he's a food mascot and not a toy. Geoffry Giraffe mascot suit announces the whole thing in 1990s executive style. This is an interesting old ad where a store helped popularize Sonic. Discovered by: Berzerker, uploaded by 83Floydfan
This nintendo commercial bashes Sega/Sonic (in an off-hand way) but it does so by USING the original Sega-style tactics! Wacky/boring teacher/school setting, portraying the 'other guy' as being dumb/slow, using fast-talking/hyperactiveness to get the point across, and doing direct company comparison while trying not to infringe copyrights. You'll notice the 'class doofus' has on a Sonic shirt, but it's been re-labeled "SONK" to avoid the aforementioned copyrights. This was clearly made during the time Sega wasn't giving out one of the Sonic cartridged with the Genisis, while SNES had Mario AllStars on the table. Ad discovered by: Sonictoast
This is an ad for Progressive Insurance. They're known for letting customers pick the amount/type of insurance, & having clean white ads. The spokesperson here is "Flo" who appears in a lot of their somewhat lighthearted ads.
The ad shows Sonic running around through their rows & aisles of policies until Flo stops him to tell him that they can customize plans
compare rates & etc. easily at the counter. (Notice the invincibility music playing in the background) The insurance sellers then wonder what everything looks like to Sonic, which turns everything sort of cartoony/wierd...for some reason. Wouldn't the question rather be "What would everything look like IN a Sonic GAME?"
Despite the oddity, the ad is very well put together, with instantly recognizable musical choice, good graphics, and it maintains the company's look. It's also great to see Sonic on mainstream/random TV again as well. Ad Discovered by: TSRings
This is an ad for Roblox, the online community hang-out type place, with customize-able avatars. They're basically super square simple people who you can add/draw different ''skins'' for, to give them various themes & looks. Then, you take the character out into the environment to chat & do things or go exploring. As you'll notice in the ad...
it says 'you can make your own' stuff if you don't like the defaults. Naturally, that means Sonic fans can create Sonic themed outfits for the square people. At the end of the video, where it cycles through many costumes quickly, you'll spot some Sonic things in there too. Video discovered by FuriousKnuckles2