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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog TV Show Media
Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog was a very long series.
It can also be called "Weekday Sonic", as both it, and "Sat Am Sonic" ran at the same time. This show did not particularly have an episode order, except with a "mini set" at the end of the series. This was a light-hearted slapstick style show with abstract backgrounds (sometimes abstract people...ex. a bean was a person) and "Bugs Bunny" like antics from Sonic & Tails. The focus was Sonic & Tails vs. Robotnick and his bots Scratch, Grounder & Coconuts. Various background characters could re-occur.
Because this show was one of the first, it has VHS as well as DVDs available to collect. As you'll notice, the cover art for them is not carefully made, however.
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The Best of AOSTH
Here is a rather mysterious "The Best Of" Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. But who decided what's actually 'the best' of this series? How long is the DVD, and which episodes does it have? This appears to be a "Cookie Jar" produced disk.
Amazon descriptions for items here are GENERALLY WRONG. They will list just about anything from "Directed by Sonic" to specifying Sat Am's bonus features on a clearly non-SatAm disk. Do not trust disk info on that site for the disks shown here!
Adventures of Sonic Volume 1 Collectors The first of the shoddy workmanship.
This is Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Volume 1, Collector's Edition. Complete with fancy gold stripe at the top and "2 disk set over 6 hours of content". However, they pay so little attention to what they're designing, they use the WRONG ROBOTNICK on the cover. That's SatAm's quite clearly there. This one will be described with bonus features, but they are wrong. (It may have bonuses, just not ones listed in most stores)

Seen in Dollar General in 2020/Summer

AOSTH Volume 2 Cookie Jar DVD
Not content with just having the wrong Robotnick when it was time for Volume 2, now they add Sonic racing that robot thing from SatAm, AND the wizard that was also exclusive to that show to loom over "over 6 hours" of content phrase. Both of these are by Cookie Jar Video. When SHOUT factory got the license, they had to stop releasing disks. At least the gold stripe matches, so you know which volume to go after. This one is less common. Info & photo discovered by Dogvader.

Seen in Dollar General in 2020/Summer

Adventures Titled Videos 8 Because there were so many episodes, and the order didn't really matter, they cold be collected up into "Themed Groups" and released as titled disks, as seen here. You can see Robotnick Family Values, The Fastest Thing in Time, Sonic the Hero, Tall Tails, Let's Race, Robots Attack, Sonic Who, Robotnick Strikes Back.

For instance, "Tall Tails" had Tails-centric or starring stories, Robotnick Family Values had episodes with Jr, or Mama Robotnick. Others are more obtuse, like "Sonic Who?" because

he was always dressing up in a myriad of disguises like Bugs Bunny to fool robots. You can also spot wrong covers here too, The Fastest Thing in Time has a robot that never appeared in the show (It was in SatAm) & Robotnick Strikes Bak has the wrong one again. The "Time" disk has the "mini-series" of episodes that must be watched in order, as it was the season finale 4-parter. Each of these should be about 88 minutes of content. It is unknown if you will get any duplicate episodes if collecting them all.
Grounder Genius AOSTH VHS Here is a DVD of the AoStH "Grounder the Genius" and one other episode. Grounder, known for being the 'dumbest robot' becomes a genius for part of the episode, while hijinx ensue. Look at the sticker, it says "2 Super Sonic Episodes" which means possibly 44 minutes of content. Expectations were lower in the era of the VHS. Photo by RaeLogan
Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Where is #1?
At least they got the Robotnick right here, but all they're doing is moving the characters around or flipping the graphics. These are SHOUT-Factory DVDs. Discovered by Dogvader.