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Over the years, Sonic has had several TV shows. Interestingly, these varied wildly in both theme and tone...and sometimes the only common element was Sonic himself! With most of them not on the air any more, it's great to be able to collect DVDs so you can see them any time. With colorful covers and sometimes even bonuses (after all, most of the shows were aired before DVD was really popular) these are a great way to collect even more Sonic entertainment. This page contains only Show Box-Sets (collections) and 1-offs. For episodes and separates, use Sonic Episodes Store.
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This is the DVD Box Set for all of "SatAm Sonic"
This was the show that had a darker tone and introduced the Freedom Fighters who still appear today in Archie's Sonic comics. This show depicted a sort of dystopian future Mobius where Robotnick had taken over along with his pet Cluck (a robot) and nephew Snively (a human) In this show Robotnick is more menacing, and had a mechanical arm. SWAT Bots also appear here (and later in Sonic Chronicals Dark Brotherhood).
The plots revolve around the actions of the FFs as they try unsuccessfully to end Robotnicks' reign. Here, Sonic plays 2nd-fiddle to the leader of the Freedom Fighters, the popular Sally Acorn. While Tails appears occaisonally, Tails-fans will likely be rather dissapointed as he is treated like a very small child and goes "under-used". Knuckles never appears, despite one of the episodes taking place on a floating island. The focus here is more on the group dynamic created by the freedom fighters and their various relatives.
Product Information:
This set contains 4 disks in a laminated thin cardboard case. Inside, there are 2 plastic cases for the dvds. Everything is decorated with fan art from various Sonic fans. Apparently, a little-known contest was held to obtain the art for use on the boxes, disks and outer-cover.
There is about 9.5 hours of content, but there are bonuses which include: Ben Hurst interview, Jaleel White interview, Storyboard for Doomsday Project episode, printable script for Heads or Tails, Storyboard for an unproduced title sequence, DIC concept art and Deleted/Extended scenes.
In all, it's quite a decent set for it's price--especially with all the extras they included. This is the shows' ENTIRE run, so if you get this, there's no need to get anything else for this particular series. If you have any interest at all, or are even curious there's no reason to not get this set. This set is in the SonicGear personal collection.
This DVD Box Set has HALF of "Weekday Adventures of Sonic"
The Amazon description for this MAY BE WRONG so use caution to get what you want! Be sure to look at the box for what you are really getting. They placed the SatAm description on this set. This is the REAL description for what you'll get! This series was a lot more light-hearted than the SatAm, and also had many more episodes, though most of them did not need to be seen in any sort of 'order' as most were stand-alones. The series tended to focus on humor with Sonic as a fast, somewhat "Bugs-Bunny" like character as he fought a comical version of Robotnik and his side-kicks Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts (robots). He used tricks, disguises and of course, speed to ruin Robotniks' schemes which usually included polluting, catching Sonic, and trying to take over the world. Tails also features in every episode, with an active role, which will please Tails-fans. The backgrounds and characters were often quite abstract, with everything from speckled paint-smears for the sky to bean-people and mermaids.
Product Information:
This set contains 4 disks in a laminated thin cardboard case. Inside, there are 2 plastic cases for the dvds. Everything is decorated with art from the show and standard stock-arts. There are about 8 hours of content spread over the 4 disks, and there ARE bonuses, which include Interview with Milton Knight (artist) and a How to Draw Sonic tutorial.

Again, with 8 hours of content plus bonuses, this set is a good deal, if you are at all curious about this series. However, to complete it, you will also need the 2nd box set. This set is in the SonicGear personal collection.

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (weekday series) Set 2
Because this series had a lot more episodes than most of the others, it was split up onto two different box-sets. The Amazon description for this one is CORRECT, but be sure to inspect the box cover for the number "2" on the front to be sure you're getting the right thing. (The first set simply has no number at all)
This has the same format as the first one, cardboard outer with 2 thin-case plastic DVD boxes inside containing 4 DVDs. This one is about 300 minutes (it lists as 22 episodes) and it too comes with bonuses including the Un-Aired Pilot Episode and a How to Draw Robotnik tutorial. Getting un-aired footage is actually pretty cool, especially since it's an entire episode.

This is not yet in the SonicGear collection. Does it contain the multi-episode arc where Robotnick time-travelled?

The Fastest Thing In Time (single DVD)
Don't be fooled by the cover here! Amazon fails to describe this also, so be sure and read the Sonic Store description that follows:
Pay no attention to the cover. It IS the cover you will get if you buy, but the episodes are the 4-episode set from "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog -Weekday" This was the only set of episodes produced by the show that had a really connected plot. In it, Robotnik tried to get chaos emeralds by travelling through time. The episodes you will get are:
1.Black bot The Pirate
2. Hedgehog of the Round table
3.Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme
4. Prehistoric Sonic
These are some of the better-regarded episodes of this show. It is a rather inexpensive way to complete your AoStH collection. This is not yet in the SonicGear collection.
Sonic: The Movie (Sonic Anime Movie DVD)
This movie was released in Japan only, at first and only brought over into English much later. It's plot has absolutely nothing to do with any other Sonic show, game, or series. In this, Sonic has to try to rescue 'the presidents daughter' (Sara) from Eggman/Robotnik. Eggman claims that 'metaleggman' is trying to take over his 'empire' which is located in a ruined city by exploding a reactor. On his way to thwart the schemes, Sonic, Tails & Knuckles battle a giant robot and also (much to fan-delight) Metal Sonic. The style here is more realistic, and of course Anime.
This is about 60 minutes and comes with no bonuses.
This contains both voice tracks, and subtitles. You can listen to this in Japanese, or English if you want...however, the English voices also caused a contraversy because they were rather unanamously declared "low qualtiy". This particular version is not in the SonicGear collection.
One of these movies is the edited version and one is not. But which is which? The EDITED release of this movie is fairly appropriate for all ages, but do not buy it one if you require the uncut footage! What was erased from this? Sonic gives Eggman the finger at one point, and Knuckles says a swear. Swearing in English isn't considered as bad to Japan, as it is here. (AKA: they can get away with a tad more) The VHS version, it should be noted only has eng. voice tracks.
Sonic: The Movie (Sonic Anime Movie DVD)
This is the version of the movie released in 1999. The one above is the 2004 re-release. It's likely exactly the same as the one above, except for the cover and possible editing status. Neither of these is in the SonicGear collection, so a write-in will be necicary to clear up the edited/non-edited confusion. You'll notice this one is more expensive because it is no longer produced.

This contains both voice tracks, and subtitles. You can listen to this in Japanese, or English if you want...however, the English voices also caused a contraversy because they were rather unanamously declared "low qualtiy". This particular version is not in the SonicGear collection.

Most descriptions read:
"Think Fast Sonic! Dr Robotnik claims he's hanging around the beautiful Land of the Sky, because he's been booted from the land of Darkness! An incredibly evil Metal Robotnik came out of nowhere, drove him from the Twisted city of Robotropolis and then sabotaged the high-voltage power-producing Robot Generator. Dr Robotnik claims that if the Robot Generator isn't stoped by sunrise, it will blow all of Planet Freedom to smithereens! He needs some help - FAST! Can Sonic trust his worst enemy? Should he just rush headlong into an obvious trap and possibly save the universe? Or just smack that egg-shaped nightmare right across his flapping mustache? The President's absolutley adorable daughter Sara says that she'll mary Sonic if he saves the planet. So that settles it! But wait! Is she in love with Sonic or the never-before-seen Hyper Metal Sonic! You could turn blue just thinking about it or crack the entertainment barrier with ADV Films' Sonic the Hedgehog!!" Box back info provided by ToadTitan.
Sonic Underground Box Set 1
The third USA Sonic show, Sonic Underground marked a return to the dark, dystopian future, and the rule of Robotnik. This is the show with the absolute LEAST to do with anything Sonic-related. Instead of Knuckles, Tails or anyone from a game, Sonic is given an all new brother and sister (Sonia & Manic) though they both use Sonic's voice actor. (yes even the girl) Their mother, Queen Aleena dissapeared at the start of Robotnik's rule, leaving each of her three kids to a different family to hide them. Sonia was rich, Sonic was normal, and Manic was poor/a theif. Together they form a rock band (!) and use music to try and defeat Robotnik. Robotnik doesn't use robots...but instead Sleet and Dingo a wolf and a...shape shifting dingo. Every episode featured a short music video with the bands' song for the day.
Why actual Sega characters were almost completely avoided and replaced with something that was almost completely new, was never explained. The show was not very well recieved as the games by this point had many more characters that people wished to see in animated form.
Product Information:
This set contains 4 disks and about 480 minutes of show time. There ARE bonuses here, which include: Interviews with Robby London (exec. producer), (Original Songwriter) Michael Piccirillo and Robby London (on music, this time). It also has "Play All Music Videos", the storyboard to the opening, DIC concept art and a special CD extra with 8 of Sonic Underground's songs. There are 20 (1-20) episodes on the disks, with the final disk containing the bonus items. Do remember that you will need the 2nd box-set to complete your collection. This is not yet in the SonicGear collection.
Sonic Underground Box Set 2
This set contains the other half of the Sonic Underground episodes. It is still totally unrelated to any Show, Game, or Comic of Sonic, though Knuckles makes a very breif appearance. For the cover on this one, notice the small words "Volume 2" in the upper corner.
Product Information:
This contains another 4 disks, and a bonus CD with more songs from the band. There are more bonuses included, but they are unknown. Do you own this item? Write in for a more detailed description! The total time is another 480 minutes. This is not yet in the SonicGear collection.
Sonic Christmas Blast Episode DVD
This is an extremely curious and confusing release that requires explanation. The "Christmas Blast" episode itself aired about 2 times in total. It was a confusing mixture of "Weekday AoSTH" and "SatAm" shows, but not very well animated. Because the episode was so obscure it was in demand for a while--also due to the fact that Princess Sally appears in it. However, she has no lines, no plot function, and only appears for a matter of seconds. Oddly, she seemed thrown in at the last minute to appease fans of the SatAm show. The "how" and "why" of this one-off is never explained! The episode is regarded as an oddity for the most part...but may be interesting to own.
The plot for it is that Santa Claus is retiring, and Robotnik tries to replace him, but then does Christmas backward--ie, everyone must give HIM gifts instead. Sonic has to thwart this to return the holiday to it's normal status. You will notice that the run-time is 88 minutes. Why? Because you'll also recieve 3 random episodes of Sonic Underground with this!
Product Information:
This bizzarre disk of mash-ups is 88 minutes long and has 0 bonus items. Why they paired it with Undergound is unknown, as SatAm or AoSTH would have fit in better as Xmas blast was a combination of both of those shows. It's cheap price makes it an ok buy since it's just SO STRANGE.
Sonic X Season 1: New World Saga DVD
Keep in mind that Japan divided Sonic X into 3 parts, and USA divided it into 6, so you will need 6 box-sets to get all "3" of their seasons, and own all the episodes. If you don't want to go with the individual disks (seen at the Episodes Store) this is probably your less-expensive option.
Sonic X, the most popular of the Sonic shows also has a plot that's the most tied in with the games, so if you like the games, you're most likely to enjoy this show over the others. In it, through an accident of Chaos Control, most of the games' cast is transported to an alternate (and Earth-like) dimension. Sonic befriends Chris Thorndyke (a millionaires' son) and eventually his family. Eggman came along for the ride, and he doesn't discriminate WHAT planet he takes over, so he's perfectly content causing havoc in this dimension. The show is episodic (ie- must be watched in order) and the basic premise is the Sonic characters' struggle to return to their own dimension. Characters seen include Rouge, Shadow, Knuckles, Tails, Eggman, Chaotix, Chaos, AmyRose Big the Cat and more.
Product Information:
This box set should also have more stereo-effects than the earlier releases. There are 0 bonuses with this set, and it contains about 290 minutes on # episodes.
The box to this set is reportedly flimsy. While the individual episodes-disks all had plastic boxes, this one does not. Exactly which episodes are on this disk? Write in to clarify, because Amazon does not list the exact contents of the disk. If you don't own ANY early episode of Sonic X, this box set will work for you.
Sonic X Season 2: Chaos Emerald Chaos
This is the USA Second Season's boxed DVD set. Again, there aren't really bonuses included here, but there are some ads for the show, that ran during different shows. This set has 13 episodes which are: "That's What Friends Are For," "Skirmish In The Sky," "Depths Of Danger," "Adventures Of Knuckles And Hawk," "The Dam Scam," "Sonic's Scream Test," "Cruise Blues," "Fast Friends," "Little Chaos Lost," "Emerald Anniversary," "How To Catch A Hedgehog," "A Dastardly Deed," and "Countdown To Chaos." For a total time of 286 minutes.

For the most part, this season is light-hearted with several funny plots that don't really advance the over-all thematic story. Eggman and his helpers Bocoe, Decoe and Bokkun (robots) mostly unleash various large robots to try and complete his schemes which generally include taking over something (other than his island base), getting a chaos emerald or catching Sonic.

Sonic X Season ?: Shadow & Chaos Saga
Which season is this? Unlike earlier, this doesn't specify it's season, but it's clearly between 2 and 5. This contains (obviously) the appearance of Shadow and the water monster Chaos. It's 286 minutes and has an undetermined amount of episodes, like 13 of them unless there are bonuses. Do you own this? Write in to clarify with more details for credit.
Sonic X Season 5 DVD Set
With this set, the series took a more serious turn, and the quality of the translation fell into steep decline. This season is a cause for much discontent because of all the cutting done on this disk. If you want unedited footage, DO NOT buy this set. The edits were often non-sensical as well, and really tampered with the plot. Very little kids (inattentive to plot) will still enjoy it, but it is clear that things are missing from this set.
This set of episodes contains The Metarex (aliens) and Cosmo (an alien) It too should have 13 episodes, but still doesn't have any bonus items. Amazon may sometimes describe this wrong, listing "Japanese Audio" when none of the sets EVER had it.
Sonic X Season 6: So Long Sonic
The seriousness continues as the now more complex plot is aimed at a slightly older audience. While it never got truely violent (even Dragon Ball Z style) this is the most heavily edited pair of disks you can get. The editors even went so far as changing the plot ALL AROUND and re-using footage to make up their own totally separate story. If you get this, you'll not see the real story.
The problem was, the whole thing was only ever rated PG and not G, so the edits have come under a lot of fire, especially because it is anyone's discretion to buy the disk or not. Unedited versions were not produced in the USA. The recommendation if you do buy this, is to buy it, watch it, and then use the internet to find a summary of the real story so at least Sonic fans can know the truth. This is on 2 disks, and about 226 minutes.
Sonic X Disk Set RE-Releases:
Sonic X is old enough in 2016 that it's had a few re-releases by companies such as Eastern Star (And not just 4Kids) It's super important to read the *Reviews & *FAN-descriptions on the Amazon pages for these items. Sometimes the Amazon description MIS-lists what's in the boxes/on the disks. The ideal item will have "Uncut" and "Subs Available" because there were NUMEROUS cuts & on-purpose bad translations to censor the show when it was dubbed for the USA. From right to left: Eastern Star X Seasons 1 & 2, X Complete Season 3,
So far, the best way to own all of Sonic Underground.
These 2 DVD sets should be about 7 dollars each. They're also over 7 hours of content per disk because they collect the entire show between the two sets. These arrived in late 2018, by DHX media. There are also a few extras, like concept arts, story boards, interviews and a 'play all the music videos' (Though that feature has been around before)
This is the most content, the lowest price AND the most extras about UG that have yet been available. If you're going to own this series, these two sets are the way to do it.