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Sonic Miscellaneous Media
This page will contain the media for anything Sonic that wasn't a series with it's own page.
Stand alone items like the Japanese movie & strange "Christmas Blast" also appear. These could be VHS or DVD, due to various times of release and re-release. Any DVD from any country can appear on this page, the region will be stated in the description.
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Sonic Christmas Blast DVD Box This is the DVD box for "Sonic Christmas Blast".
After both SatAm Sonic & Adventures of Sonic (Weekday Sonic) were off the air, this strange "holiday special" was produced. It was animated in the style of AOSTH (wacky, with abstract backgrounds) & was clearly meant to take place in that universe. However, for some reason (That makes it famous) the producers (Seemingly at the last minute) added in Princess Sally from the SatAm Sonic series, though she only appeared in about 10 seconds of animation, and had no speaking part at all.
Seem strange?
It remains a mystery why they clearly shoe-horned in the character.
The episode itself is a little longer than a normal 'half hour' tv slot, and the plot is that Robotnick tries to take over Christmas, and make everyone else give him the gifts. (Both Santa Clause & Robotnick are fat guys in a flying it....makes sense?)
DIC Animated Christmas Specials This is a different DVD cover for a 2nd release of Christmas Blast. Why doesn't it list the official title on the box? That's Inspector Gadget there in the upper left, another of DIC's properties, and, as with Sonic both stock arts have been altered with a Santa hat to try and make the box look 'holiday'.
FUSE Magazine VHS Tape Sonic Adventure A misguided item!
Is this a magazine...or a tape? It's both. The ill-fated magazine FUSE appeared in 1999 or 2000 or so. It's gimmick was that every issue would come with a VHS tape bagged in there with it, so you'd get video content as well as a (not very thick) magazine. The whole thing was supposed to be about 6.99 or so, and appeared in video game retailers. (Remember, there used to be many retailers with brick/mortar stores. The internet also wasn't doing video very well at the time, with everything being mostly dial-up, so promising people video in that time would actually be a draw.
This is the first issue's tape "Sonic Adventure Live from Tokyo", which had some sort of crummy footage from a game show there. The rest is more low-low-budget 'tv' show style stuff & the tape itself is quite short. Most people were likely dissapointed at the lack of game play footage, close ups, or details revealed. The magaine/tape box bills itself as "The Video Game Magazine of the Future" for N64, Dreamcast & Play Station Gamers
It isn't a show completely about Sonic per-se, but it did feature him as the main selling point. The FUSE went for perhaps only 2 or 3 issues before being cancelled. Tapes were on the way out, big, clunky, expensive to enclose & slow to manufacture. It isn't any wonder that this idea folded, but it is interesting to look at. Photo & owned by RaeLogan.
Sonic Mega Mix 3-show CD Confuse the kids!
This "Sonic Mega Mix" DVD has episodes from Adventures of Sonic, Underground, & SatAm shows. Watch as new fans are baffled when each episode has nothing to do with the next, and a completely different style. Be amazed that the "Blue arms mistake" Sonic art is still being used at some point in 2014 when this was released. Wonder at which epsisodes they might have included because SatAm was at least fairly sequential. This is kind of a bizzare idea for a disk. Do you know what's on here?
Sonic the Fighters VHS Tape Cover This is a rare Japanese item. It is the cover to the "Sonic the Fighters" promotional video VHS tape. The tape may have been a non-wide-release. It was made to promote the arcade game, but could you really sell something like that? It's pretty long too, this is no 10-minute commercial. It has lots of footage for each character & shows a little of the 'plot' (like Eggman's pencil-painted rocket taking off, etc) The back shows the character sprites (remember, these are the odd blocky very-early-3D type) & the front has the Sonic/raised fist logo. The whole thing is in nothing but Japanese (of course) it wasn't meant for any release elsewhere. A copy of this is in the SonicGear collection. Photo by RaeLogan