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Sonic Underground TV Show Media
Sonic Underground was the most contraversial of the Sonic shows, but it was also pretty long-running. It recycled backgrounds from the SatAm show, and despite much more official content to use, it tried to be as UNlike the games as possible, using game characters as LITTLE as possible, instead focusing on its own characters & music videos. It was collected onto many DVDs, and very few VHS tapes, since it appeared toward the end of the VHS era.
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Underground Titled Disks
Underground was first released on a series of 'several episodes' disks. These are confusing, because they don't have a visible volume number, nor do they list which episodes are on them, on the front. Most store descriptions also don't say what you get when you buy. These are LIKELY to be in order (left to right) in the image. (write in if wrong) Each one is between 76 and 90 minutes long, so you get a decent amount of content per disk.
The episodes DO have an order, but the continuity of the show isn't 100% (meaning you can watch some of it in any order and nothing will be confusing, it was part episodic / part continuity based.
Legend Has It & Band on the Run Box Here are the DVD boxes for "Legend Has it" & "Band on the Run"

aaaaaaand thats about it, no one knows what's on here.

Sonic Underground Vols 1 & 2 If you want the entire Sonic Underground series, these are the 2 box sets to get. They look very similar, but see that little "Vol 2" on the 2nd one (really they just switch Sonia & Manic positions and change the background....). Each one has 420 minutes of content, and 4 disks. Their listed release dates are usually also a mistake/opposite.
Sonic Underground photo Here are actual photos of the disk boxes (all above is factory art) & you can take a look at the backs, and how they differed. The left has episode summaries, while the right does not. The disks always take a bit of art from the box & print it on there with the logo. DVD Art Photo Underground
Sonic Underground DHX 2 Disk Set 2018 Sonic Underground Disk Menu
2018 brings your BEST YET opportunity to own Sonic Underground! With this 2-Box set, you can collect every episode of the series on the super long DVDs.
It seems like every other release was drawn out over so many disks, it was difficult to buy them all. DHX Media finally solves the problem by just compiling everything onto the two you see here onto 6 DVDs. The cover art is pretty standard, leaving Sonia off of everything to focus on fat UG Sonic (notice his inconsistent finger numbers). Also notice there's "Blue Arms Mistake" Sonic on the spine too (how does this keep getting past people!)
Note: There are NO subtitles (which is odd in this age)
The disks feature a "Music Videos" player (that skips to just the songs so you can hear them all in one go) & it also has an interview & some story board content as well, so there ARE bonuses. These are very reasonably priced, you can get both for about $7 or so dollars on Amazon in the SonicGear Store. If you want to collect this show, this is your best & cheapest opportunity to pick it up with extras. (Even if you don't care/don't like Underground, owning everything Sonic-animated is still an ok thing to do for posterity, and the low price makes it especially easy) Photos & owned by RaeLogan
Sonic Underground: Volume 1 and Sonic Underground Volume 2 Collector's Edition