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Sonic X TV Show Media
Sonic X was a very prolific series with loads of episodes.
It aired not only in the USA, but also in Europe, Japan & Australia. DVDs were also sold in several countries as well. It appeared mostly past the time of VHS, so if you want it complete, you must buy DVDs. It was not limited to just DVDs though (As you'll see on this page) and Japan also had some episodes that were "video on demand", though those aren't collectible. Any DVD from any country can appear on this page, the region will be stated in the description.

Multiple releases (especially in the USA) cause confusion, with conflicting titles, no volume numbers on the box, "bargain bin" disks being thrown into the mix and more. Get the real scoop on what to collect with this page. (hopefully) The list & description of all episodes is on the Episode Wiki .

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Sonic X DVD Boxes USA Set 1 thru 10
Above, you can see all 10 of the main disks to the Sonic X TV show series, done by 4 Kids Entertainment. They are in order from top to bottom, left to right. This was how they were first released in the USA. These ARE CUT. The early cuts aren't that signifigant, things like Japanese text blotted out, or small changes. Later on in the series though, they were knocking out entire plot points and really glossing stuff over. If you want the whole story, you DONT want these disks. However, because they are items, they are collectible.
Look at the Project Shadow one, it came with a Sonic X Card Game card inside. (You can learn more about the game on Sonic Gear Collectible Cards) Each box has 1 CD, with either 80 or 100 minutes of content. A list of all of the episodes with mini-summaries is on the Wiki Page , so you can learn more about what's on the disks.
Sonic X Complete 5th Season Box Because the show ran for a long time, there's a lot to collect, and a lot changed regarding to TV during it's run. (Notice how the TCG didn't really catch on, so the card was only included in 1 disk, and not subsequent ones) The final season, the 5th, was collected onto 2 disks (13 episodes total) and released much later. It doesn't really look like the above ones, as it came that much later. This one has cuts too, important ones because it was the end of the series, where the stakes were really high.
"So Long, Sonic" is supposed to be the final disk in the 4Kids set of DVD episodes. It's another 2 disks, with 13 more episodes. Appropriatly, it has the whole cast on the cover, to get them together one more time.
Sonic X Saga Set DVDs
Here are the "Saga" DVDs. These DVDs were released later than all of the others, around the end of the series (or after it had finished airing) These disks attempted to make it easier to collect all of the episodes, but they didn't succede because you still need the 2 above, "So Long" & "Complete 5th" to collect everything. Notice how the design isn't even consistent with the covers, that "logo like" "SAGA" word only appears on the first one, the 2nd disk isn't even LABELED as a "Saga" although it is, and on the last one, they change the font at the bottom slogan "Fastest Thing Alive*".
Want even more confusion?
Look below, that cheap bargain bin "DVD Double Shot" is ALSO called "Chaos Emerald Chaos" so if you buy the wrong one, you'll spend all the money on two episodes instead of 13.
Everything here is also cut/censored, so do keep that in mind if you want to know the whole story. Watch out as well for absurdly expensive listings for some of these in various stores around the web. As they go out of print, they become rarer as collectibles. *Why do they use "The Fastest Thing Alive" slogan? That's Sat.Am Sonic show's song lyric and some-what of a show slogan. It has nothing to do with X.
Double Shot Disks Sonic X
These disks are called "DVD Double Shot". Their slogan is "Two Great Shows One Low Price", but really, they're not that great at all. First, with similar titles to DVDs with more episodes, they create confusion, especially for well-meaning parents or gift givers. Who wants 2 episodes on a disk, when they could have many more? The titles each include only 2 episodes. These Double Shots include Cracking Knuckles, Chaos Emerald Chaos, Pure Chaos & Heads Up, Tails! These are all, of course, cut & dubbed.
Game Boy Advance Video Cartridge X Was Sonic X limited to just DVDs? No!
This odd item is a "Game Boy Advance Video". It is a video cartridge instead of a game cartridge. This format didn't really catch on, because it could only hold about 2 episodes of any show, it was expensive, and the GBA screen was small. Sure, you could watch shows in a portable way, but with fancy phones on the way to market, the media just wasn't that good of an idea. This one is "A Super Sonic Hero" and it contains the first 2 episodes of Sonic X.
Sonic X Ring Vol 1 Sonic X Ring Vol 4 Where are these DVDs from? Do you recognize them? Do you know where there are photos of the other volumes? Do write in for credit! Sonic X Volume 16
These DVDs are not from the USA. It is suspected that these are the covers for the France release of Sonic X. You can see the little Jetix logo up in the top corner (They did England, too) The hallmark of this company is putting the volume number right on the cover in a glowing ring. Once all volumes are found, this set will become a tiled image. Were these edited?
Jetix England Volumes 1 thru 4 Sonic X This is England's release of Sonic X DVDs. You can see their ratings icons in the bottom right & Jetix logo at top left. The hallmark of this company is a bright colored background with squares of color & the volume number written right under the logo. How many episodes are on each disk? How many volumes were released?
4Kids Preview Sonic X Show Give-Away Disk This is a promotional disk.
It was a give-away item produced by 4Kids (the ones who brought Sonic X over, but censored it all up) to help advertise all the shows they got at the time that they were bringing to USA TV. This was given away in Toys R Us stores in 2003. Naturally, this includes Sonic X. Also featured are One Piece, Winx & TMNT, among others. It would show previews of the shows seen here to make people want to watch them. The disc included promos narrated by Mike Pollock advertising season three of Sonic X and a contest to win a $1,000 Toys R Us giftcard. (So it's pretty co-promotional, which is common in give-away items) Photo & owned by: Phil I