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Sonic the Hedgehog TV Show Videos!
Thinking about collecting Sonic TV shows? With intros and videos from each different series, this page is here for fun, and to give you a chance to see what you can get. This page has everything, from the classics to the latest--so pull up a computer-chair and watch the Sonic fun!
Sonic TV Shows
Sonic the Hedgehog TV Shows came in 4 varieties. Sonic by DIC on Saturday mornings was first, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog by DIC was second, and Sonic Underground was third, produced several years later. The latest (and greatest) Sonic show is Sonic X, still airing (although in re-runs) on TVs around the world. Remember: compilation DVDs of much of these are for sale now! (especially Sonic X) so if you want to buy them, go for it. Want to try full episodes? Use , as it has episodes of everything except Sonic X.
NOTE: Videos may be unstable. If you find one which won't load, email AzureBlaze @ and it will be replaced with a clip which works. Naturally, there's tons of these things and they can't all be checked every week or day to be sure they work. Because videos are large, another site is hosting these, (youtube & google), so Sonic Gear is not in direct control of the videos, or their stability.
This is the intro to the SatAm version of Sonic. You can read more about the show, its characters and plot on the Sonic the Hedgehog TV Shows page.

The intro kind of sums up what's going on in the world, and gives you a feel for the animation style that will be used. This was the second Sonic TV show. It was grittier and darker than most other versions, and remained so through-out. It was produced after ABC rejected "Adventures of Sonic" for its Saturday morning line-up.

Many fans will find this nostalgic!
This aired in 1993-1994, on ABC networks in the USA, so it is fairly old. It has NOT YET been released officially on DVD, to the dissapointment of many fans and completists. However, you can find "Fan Editions" for sale on Ebay occaisionally, but it's "Buyer Beware" on the quality, as you don't know quite what you're getting. These can't be considered "Bootleg" because they are NOT substituting/squeezing out an official product. It is all that is currently available.
SpyHog Episode

This is a FULL episode of the show. This one is titled SpyHog, and is about 22 minutes long. (Someone seems to have removed the ads) It includes the intro, title card and whole episode. Robotnick thinks someone is spying on him and sets a trap. Instead of catching the real spy, he gets Antoine instead, and the cast must try and rescue him from Snivelys' "torture".

Keep an eye on this one, and be sure to watch it right away, even though it may load for a while. Youtube seems unstable with regards to very long items such as this, so it may vanish. If it does, SonicGear will replace it with a clip of an episode, so that no one is dissapointed.

Here is the opener to Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog AoStH which ran on weekdays in the USA, which resulted in the other show sometimes being refered to as SatAm Sonic, for when it played.

(Isn't the screen to the left...lovely. Gah, so unflattering, but Sonic Gear is not in charge of what is shown to intro the video...go ahead and click, it is not all that scary)

This has a more "Bugs Bunny" or Looney Tunes tone, with Sonic as a trickster, trying to stop Dr. Robotnick and his bumbling side-kicks, the robots Scratch and Grounder. It was light-hearted with stand-alone (sometimes nonsense) plots and lots of fast action. This show also supported Tails much more, he was featured in every episode. You can Read about the Plot on the shows page. This is also the only opener without lyrics. As you can see, this one is German (Irre Igel), but it is identical to the USA version except that it does not say "The Hedgehog" at the end. This was the first Sonic TV Show.

Episode Piece: Robotnick Junior
This video is the first 10 minutes of this episode. This should be a fairly stable clip, as it is not too long and Youtube should allow it to stay in place.

Based on the title, you can tell it'll involve another of the Dr's wacky creations. This time he builds a robot 'son' to help him capture Sonic. Naturally, this backfires and he gets a strange and rebellious kid who ends up helping Sonic instead.

This gives you a sense of the "Wile E. Coyote Loony Tunes" atmosphere and allows for a good look at the styling and voices. The other parts are available on youtube.

Want to try Sonic X?
Here is a 9 minute clip of the first episode in Japanese, with their intro song/opener. It is subtitled so you can tell what's going on. Remember: you can Buy This Show and have it on English DVD, with little extras, and official boxes. See the current collection of DVDs on the Shows Page!

The DVDs in America do not contain a double track (Eng/JP) and are the censored version...something which does not really please anyone, as the show was not that violent, and contained hardly any objectionable content. Hopefully an Unedited version will arise, but until then, you can Read What Really Happened on the Shows Page.

Sonic Underground was considered widely to be the worst Sonic show produced. It had nothing to do with the video games or previous shows, except in name--which resulted in alienating fans of ANYthing pre-existing.
It featured Sonic and 2 invented siblings, all voiced by the same man (although one was a girl!) who were in a magical band that fought Dr. Robotnick with music. Every episode featured a full song/music video in the middle of the plot. In this show, your favorite (non-Sonic) characters DO NOT appear (Knuckles is in about 2 episodes, others do not appear at all) and Sonic does not do any of his signature moves (Spinning, fighting robots, getting rings, etc) so this is pretty "left-field" but it does exist so...

Many people found this show inexcusable, because it blatantly leaves out characters from the games which had existed for a long time, and were well-loved, in exchange for sub-par oddballs and nonsense music.

The opener to this pretty much explains the plot in the song, and shows you all the characters who re-occur. Scratch and Grounder (or Snivly and Swatbots or Boccoe & Deccoe) are replaced by Dingo and Sleet, two canine people, who are just as bungling. You can Read About Sonic Underground on the Shows Page.
Here is a music video from Sonic Underground. Something like this would occur in every episode where the cast would make "Magic Instruments" appear from necklaces they wore, and then proceed to sing some kind of song while "Music Video" TV effects would play such as the boxes, wipes, multiples, zooms, frames etc.

No, they really are all about this bad. Some Sonic Underground has been released to video, and fan videos have been made as well. The official videos of Underground are quite obscure, so they are hard to find.

This song is "Take A Chance"

While technically not a TV Show, the Sonic Anime was Japans' first Animated full-length effort. Almost like a movie, this was originally released in 2 parts, on 2 VHS cassettes in Japan. MUCH later it was released as a VHS and DVD in the USA. It features Sonic, Tails Knuckles, Eggman and the only animated appearence of Metal Sonic. (outside of a game or ad) This takes place in an alternate universe (again) from the games and other shows. Read The Plot on the Shows Page, to see what its all about. You can still buy this DVD today. You can see the Japanese commercial for it on the Ads Page.

This clip has the sub-par English Dub voices, which were not well-recieved. If you get the DVD, it will give you both tracks, and an option to sub-title. Nice!

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