These videos are not commercials, or official TV shows, but they are cool to watch!
This page is for any type of professionally produced video that has a Sonic focus. Not very specific, but usually very interesting! Because they are professionally produced items, and not show-clips or fan-archived advertising, the clips here should be more stable than elsewhere on the video section. Still, if any of them breaks, repair will be attempted as none of them are directly hosted by SonicGear.
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Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Chair In 2018, the "Sonic the Hedgehog Movie" is being worked on again. It is a project that was started once in earlier years (in America) and then failed & stopped. Another movie studio got a hold of it, and started the project up again in 2018. This time, it got further along, as evidenced by this picture of a chair.
It is a Hollywood tradition to have themed/labeled chairs made for important people
who are working on a movie. The chair type is "Director's Chair" (as in, movie director) but other people get them too. It usually has the movie's logo & the personalized name of whoever it belongs to. This one is no exception, and exposes the logo which is the classic font, but with the "C" changed to have Sonic spikes stamped out of it & the other letters lined to look slightly 3D.