Sonic Video Entertainment 2
These videos are not commercials, or official TV shows, but they are cool to watch!
This page is for any type of professionally produced video that has a Sonic focus. Not very specific, but usually very interesting! Because they are professionally produced items, and not show-clips or fan-archived advertising, the clips here should be more stable than elsewhere on the video section. Still, if any of them breaks, repair will be attempted as none of them are directly hosted by SonicGear.
Here's an unusual video!
This video features a Sonic mascot suit at a fashion show. The mascot suit walks the runway in a rather loud shirt (yes they dressed up the suit) while music plays. The purpose for this isn't really clear, except maybe to bring some publicity to fashion design and Sega too.
Later, you can see some curious shapes walk along
as well (but why) & finally the fashion designer Su Pollard walks with the mascot suit while wearing the same large spotted shirt, much to everyone's apparent joy.
It is not explained where this took place or it's exact purpose. Video discovered by SonicRulz14 & published by ukresistance on has a show called "Pixels to Plastic" which focuses on action figures from video games. Each episode, they cover a different game's figures, and in their special 20th episode, they covered Sonic! Apparently, Sonic fans were requesting it left and right--so you can watch this episode right now.
SonicGear, as well as many Sonic Fans were happy to contribute photos and info for the episode, which you can watch right here, or you can see it at their site From Pixels to Plastic. It's great to see Sonic on a real internet tv show! The host, Pixel Dan, gives you a good look at the various lines, with some great comparison shots. It's about a half hour long (just like network TV shows) complete with several guest stars and funny fake ads (Look for SA1) covering things like the comic and some of the statues. Episode appears thanks to: Pixel Dan & Retroware TV
You remember the Sega Club Car and it's cool air-brush hood. Now, you can see how the hood was created by a professional Air Brush artist in Germany with this video. This video shows the process of laying in the colors to create the Sonic Silver and Shadow design on the hood.

It goes from the art they selected, through layout, stenciling, shading, detailing and more. It's interesting to see how this cool design was made.

Now here's something really special!

This is an UN-AIRED pilot for AoStH show. (weekday Sonic) as you can see, it is composed of some new scenes, and some re-used scenes, such as Robotnik with the button and the weight (it became the ending sequence) You may recognize other scenes as well.
The sound is low, and not all the voices are present. There also appears to be 1 stand-in voice as well. The sound effects track has not yet been added. A narrator explains some of the premise, and it looks very 'Bugs Bunny' like in its action. There is also a "Sonic Sez" segment at the end, which is curious. Still, it is fascinating to see and a rare look at something unreleased. Should you keep it in your video collection?

This should be on TV!

This is a great professionally produced video retrospective/history lesson on Sonic. It has Naka interviews, some neat old drawings and plenty of explanation. It's all quite professional and really entertaining. QUITE worth a watch and a save, they've really done their homework on this, and provide some really curious insights here. Video by GameTap

Part 2 GameTap

This video explores how Sega went vs. Nintendo at the start, and how Sonic got a bit of a makeover in the USA. It also has footage of some old ads and one of the initial mall tours. Plus, you can see a mascot suit (and who was in it!) It also has lots more interesting facts and retrospective pieces.

GameTap Part 3

This has the real heyday of Sonic, where Sega was on top with Sonic 2 and 3. It also has a focus on STUFF by mainly showing brand names of if you want to see what got made, SonicGear's the right place! You can see all the items they mentioned here, not just the brand/logos. It also has a fake room mock-up with Sonic2 bedspread and fake pillows. (Looks like GFX overlay)

GameTap Part 4

This one chronicals the downfall of the super selling era, and also the demise of the Dreamcast. However, it remains hopeful in tone and doesn't get to 'bashing everything' like a lot of topics can become. It's still a really interesting watch, but it doesn't reveal anything about the future.

All gametap videos discovered by Juuni.

Curious Fact Summary:
Michael Jackson's shoe buckles in BAD inspired Sonic's buckle. Sonic's shoe color was based on Santa Clause. His 'do it now!' attitude came from Bill Clinton (yes odd) and Knuckles' shoe colors were inspired by the Jamaican flag.
This is a professional music video by the group Right Said Fred. They're most well-known for their hit song "I'm Too Sexy". They had also been known for their sense of humor, as the ITS song was humourous as well as catchy.

This video is Wonder Man and contains several clips of Sonic 3, and the song even seems to be about Sonic himself! With lyrics like "Take a nap, he'll spin attack" and "He's just a flippin hedgehog" you can likely guess RightSaidFred is a fan of Sonic too!

The stop-motion show "Robot Chicken" makes fun of pop-culture icons as well as many other items, via skits carried out with action figures and customized props. Sonic, being so popular, naturally came under their comic sketch focus with a short video of how some cops try to stop Sonic. You can use this link to see the short bit:

However, it should be noted that the video player keeps running and may play more videos after that one, as well as commercials which contain swears. Don't watch it if someone might hear the swears. The video itself is also somewhat violent as well, even though it's something Sonic does encounter in the games naturally. Clip discovered by Berzerker.

Do you like the band Fall Out Boy?
If so, here's a fun video for you to watch. It's a tour update video, where you can hear song clips, see part of a performance, and watch them pose for photos with fans. The thing to note though, is they pose with a SONIC fan! Someone has on (quite clearly, it's faced toward the camera) a Sonic classic face hat/cap. You can look for it around Minute: 1:51 of this video. Use this link for the Fall Out Boy Video. Discovered by FueledByChaos
This isn't so much a video, as it is something to listen to. Someone wondered what would happen if you tried to run classic Sonic music through the vocaloid Hatsune Miku.
A Vocaloid is a program which sings in a human voice. It can re-sing your songs for you in it's own sound if you can figure out how to work it. Being called a 'vocaloid' you know that it specializes in lyrical songs so...
The Sonic songs don't always work so well. The program humms, la-las, whistles and makes various sounds trying to imitate the classic tunes. You can certainly recognize areas like Ice Cap & Knuckles Theme, but sometimes it sounds as if it were tormenting a specific series of guinea-pigs to create the sounds. It's still interesting to listen to, though. Discovered by Sonikkou-No-Uta
Summer of Sonic 2009 1 Hour Video Special
This video loads in a special large size youtube page, so you'll need to click this link: Summer of Sonic 2009 to see it. It's also about 57 minutes long, as it covers the whole day's events. Some of what you'll see: Bentley Jones sings "Escape From The City", Cosplay Contest (includes interview with winner!), Roareye Black interviews arty people at the Art Corner, and a history of SoS. You can see photos of the event on Fan Events, but seeing it all in action, plus getting to hear the music is even better. Video discovered by Sonikkou-No-Uta
This is The Eurogamer Show
In it, you can see footage of Yuji Naka, hear part of an interview of him, and see various commentary on the state of Sonic in 2009. Most of it is voiced over by a reporter for Eurogamer (which did not actually interview him for this specific show, it is cuts of another show.) There's also Werehog/Secret rings footage and a lot of Lets' Tap for the wii. It's more a YN/mixed games documentary, but it's interesting to see. Do watch the background for various posters seen around this site. Discovered by Taaron
This video is more silly / newsy than it is entertaining, but it's still interesting to see. When Sony came under a hacking attack to their network in 2011, the UK news channel 4 covered the story. However, their footage consists of Sonic 4 gameplay and PSN ads. To have fun at the end of the clip, the newscaster does a wacky Sonic rings collecting skit (to illustrate going outdoors rather than lamenting the downtime.) It's interesting to see that the general news story has so much Sonic content in it. Video discovered by SonicStadium & MarioBro27
This rather strange video is of the Sonic Boom event that took place at E3 2011. It was shot by Dtoid (Destructoid) from the audience of the event. Shooting from the background is always difficult, so the sound quality isn't always there, and you can't always tell what's going on. There is apparently an attempt at cosplay, some sort of singing, a mascot suit appears, and some kind of skit happens. Also someone is dressed in a trashcan.
Near the end, the crowd sings happy birthday to the mascot suit, while most of them are wearing the Sonic spikes cosplay hat give-away item from the booth. Video discovered by Suraku, shot by DTOID, event by Sega
This is a musical Sonic skit called "Needlemouse the Musical" , and it contains actual singing/not a song-overlay. Why is it here? It won the Sega 19th Anniversary Sonic fan videos contest. The prize was a trip to Japan to play Sonic 4, & this skit took first place. While the costumes are purposefully cheezy, the song itself is rather amusing, with a few running gags (Knuckles doesn't want to sing, etc). It should be noted that these skit makers/performers attended 2011 E3 and did this same skit on stage before the live audience. You can see the skit as part of the above video...though there isn't much sound. Video discovered by: SupeSonicBoom , uploaded by FierceDietyYS
This is a video of a UK TV Show: Game World from chanel Sky1. It's the first round of an 'eliminator' match of some kind. The set has a sort of wierd cyber-theme (look at the costumed people too) and there's a big Sonic statue to be seen among the crowd in a few shots.
Co-presenter Dave Perry explains the objective of this segment of the T.V program / competition (the most rings on the Sonic 2 special stage wins) but the catch is 1 person is Sonic while the other is Tails on the SAME run. It doesn't seem super fair, and is only 1 part of the halfpipe (they dont even go till the emerald) so its over rather quickly. Video discovered by:
This is the video introduction for the Spin Gear Ride at the Dubai Mall. Because the ride is Eggman's Invention, he does the whole intro for you! (It's in English) Sonic makes a breif appearance as well. It basically tells you how to ride the ride safely & hints that the ride may have some nefarious purpose. Video discovered by: Dinosaur Gigamix
Sonic History Series -
This video series is by a Youtube Channel called "Gaming Historian" &, if you can get past the slow opening/introduction, the host will tell you various regular & obscure facts about Sonic, his origin, why certain things are that way (Supposedly his shoes are red because of Santa Clause? They have a buckle because Michael Jackson also buckled his shoes?) It also gives you the names & faces behind the moves Sega was making at the start. One video will lead into the next because it is a series to explain Sonic somewhat.
Sonic Adventure 2 Show: Did You Know Gaming
This educational video warrants a 7 minute watch if there's facts you don't know about SA2. It covers the disease Maria had (only mentioned in a JP Strategy Guide), reveals they had plans for playable Amy, AND some really strong & really obvious similarities the game had to the somewhat obscure "Pepsi Man" game that came before it. (and more!) Video discovered by Taaron
Have you ever heard of a Sonic based quiz show for kids? Most people have not, even though it's pretty old by now...but that's because it's from Russia!
Because that alphabet is different, their stuff tends to not show up on search engine look-ups, and apparently not on Youtube much either--making it difficult to come across.'s a 14 minute long clip of the show! It's complete with wierd/wacky (and wrong) CG intro where Sonic rides a motorcycle, catches a helicopter and jumps out of a TV. Then, there's the show host who is dressed up like a robot & has a plastic blaster. (Also talks in a 'robo way') It's clearly a bit low-rent because there's hardly an audience on small bleachers. But, the entire thing is in Russian & so is the video's description so it's not too easy to tell exactly what's going on. Like, are the questions ALL games-based? What exactly is the objective? There are clearly Sega-based prizes to be won, though. Was this official at the time? Did it have a whole bunch of episodes/seasons? Why does it use Sonic? Do write in if you can clear up anything about this mysterious old TV show for credit! Show discovered by: