The CG animated Sonic Prime debut on Netflix in 2023.
The show's theme is different dimensions, where in each one, all the characters and locations are very different. Sonic has to put back together mystical crystal shards to stop Eggman from taking everything over. Each dimension has the familiar cast of characters, but they have different costumes, settings and personalities. This is, of course, 'prime' for toys and merchandise because of all the variations. Naturally, there are several of Eggman too, and he is always up to making more gimmicks and robots along the way.
The items here should be considered WORLD items, so the individual entries should list where they should be able to be bought. It's likely USA will have the most, but it's sure not the only place. Because Prime is different enough than modern/classic and games contexts, its items will be cordoned off onto Prime Pages. This is a general merchandise page, if any one thing becomes too numerous here, it'll get splintered off onto a separate category.
Sonic Gear Main
Jakks Pacific Wave 1 Prime 5 Inch Figures Jakks Pacific has the license for Prime action figures. They did well with classic & modern, so it makes sense for them to produce these too to promote the show.
One of the first things to appear for Sonic Prime in Summer 2023 (when the second half of the show came on Netflix) is Jakks Pacific's line of 5 inch figures. These figures seem slightly larger and more detailed than their regular 5 inch line. They're also more expensive, at 14.99 each because most of them will have a gimmick.
(Here we go again with 5 inch size figures with elbow articulation included, while JP lies and says 'they can't' at that size for main line figures)
The first wave includes Prime Sonic (who has different gloves and shoes for the inter-dimension thing), Mr. Dr. Eggman, who has wacky toupee action gimmick, Tails Nine who's gimmick is 70 points of articulation due to his Doc Ock tails, & Thorn Rose with her Jungle Hammer. Oddly Sonic is the only one without an accessory or gimmick. (To make him equal, they could have given him a shard piece)
This is a factory magazine preview, the individual figures will have turn-arounds and be reviewed here later on the page.
No Where Pirates Multi Pack 3 inch 3 inch mini figures aren't far behind when Jakks Pacific is working on things
Their next set of figures shows the 3 inch line in a multi pack. (Good, it's too annoying when they're individually packed and always 1 or 2 characters is sold out, etc) They start with the No Where Pirates, but make an odd decision. With this pack, you get Sails Tails, no-where gloves/shoes Sonic, Batten Rouge, a cannon from Angel Voyage and the Blue Shard that was in that dimension. Tails & Rouge come with their sword accessory. Why not Dread Knux? It feels like a cop-out to not have the main character from that dimension.
Angel Voyage Pirate Ship Play Set For simultaneous release...A Play Set!
The first playset to appear in summer 2023 is the Angel Voyage pirate ship rolling toy. It is sized for the 3 inch figures and comes with Knuckles Dread figure, as seen here. The bottom of the ship has wheels so you can roll it along to play. It looks pretty detailed, with nets, sails, flags, railing and more. This will get an individual review, this is basically just a preview photo JP released. (Hopefully this over 30 dollar set is not the only way to get the Knuckles figure--as that would easily cause resentment)
New Yoke Prime Multi 3 Inch Figures Set The next set of 3 inch mini figures is the New Yoke City (Shouldn't it be New Yolk because the Eggmen named it?) This has Tails Nine, Rusty Rose, original / dimension glove/shoe Sonic, and a Prism Shard with its base. (It's the original red shard) As expected for the set, they'll have shoulder/hip/neck articulation but that's probably it.
Kudos to them actually paying attention to the character heights and then doing something about it. Rusty Rose was always the tallest character because she is mechanical, and they do have Tails Nine as being the shortest.
Prime Plush Sonic 13 Inch Jakks Pacific will also add a POSE-able plush doll to the lineup, but the release time isn't mentioned. They (logically) choose the initial shoe/glove set up for him when he first started going inter-dimensional. The doll comes in an open face Prime-branded cardboard seat box for display in the store.
The plush is...ok. They seem to have done a standardly all-right job with it. The glove/shoe details are great...but why are the eyes so small? He looks startled and strange. The legs are also unusually thick, which looks a little odd/bottom-heavy. There's also something going on with the ears
like they might be 2 separate parts somehow or are extra small? Nothing terrible, and the ears aren't a big deal, the issue seems mostly with the tiny eyes. This is a poseing plush, so it'll have coated components inside and may be able to stand up on its own. Price unknown/will be added once found
PMI Trading Philippenes Plush Backpacks PMI Trading Co certainly sells in the Philippenes, but where else might these plush backpacks appear?
PMI starts off by making most of the characters from Boscage Maze Dimension into 3D Character plush back packs. It's an ok idea but....
They turned out kind of wierd. The Sonic is clearly a previously used pattern that they added new gloves/shoes to to make it 'prime'. That's why it's different than all the others--including different fabric for the body. It has 'big body' but that often happens with 'backpack' anything.
Thorn Rose has her details like the different bangs, green skirt/boots, and head accessories, but what did they do to the eye/expression? She has a zombie-like stare because they're not in the right place. Feral Tails has the green accents & leafy hat...but look at those odd tiny tails. Knuckles seems to have 2D/flat flappy spikes, his leaf hat may be printed on, and you can't see the shoes. The 3 characters are made of a smooth probably nylon type material, while the Sonic is fuzzy fabric.

Opinion Zone:
Why did they bother with this? Unless everyone on Earth knew what Sonic Prime is, carrying one of these around will just look like you bought a sad bootleg of the character. It's not obvious what they're supposed to be/like they just put leaves and hats and smeared paint on the characters for the show--so it's not like it's the backpack people's fault these are wierd, though they could have been executed better, especially the character expressions/faces.

Prime Wave 2 of 5 Inch Figures More from SDCC 2023, here's Jakks Pacific's Wave 2 of their 5 inch size Prime figures. They call this one the "Boscage Maze Wave", but...only 2 of the figures are actual Boscage ones as Rusty Rose never went there, and there are no Shadow variants at all in the show. (His box will be labeled Boscage though)
Sonic has his Boscage gloves/shoes, and there's Gnarly Knuckles with his leaf hat, face paint, and jungle gloves/shoes. If the photo is good, they're still getting things right by having Rusty Rose be taller than even Knuckles. This is a decently thought-out wave, because fans tend to go for Shadow figures no-matter what, and Rusty Rose has such a big part that she needed a 5 inch figure right away.
Prime Backpack USA After the Philippenes (above) the USA (and possibly Europe) will get a Sonic Prime Backpack Plush as well.
This is supposed to appear in Fall 2023, but stores weren't mentioned (probably check Amazon) It's the usual "the character doll is now a ___" deal, where a large plush has a zipper installed in the back so you can fit a few small items in either the head or the body and straps sewn to it so you can 'wear' it around. Sometimes this results in odd big head/big body, but it didn't seem to in this case.
It's a usual Sonic, but he has on the special detailed gloves & shoes from the show. Interestingly, the leg and arm proportions are pretty good/they're long and nothing is stubby nor noodly. The issue comes with the face and head: the ears aren't positioned very well, the eye color parts are too small (so he looks startled) and the spikes are a bit odd. Also, he has "Center Smile" which this the first time a Sonic thing has had that? It's got to be close, as every single other thing really focuses on 1 side or the other. It doesn't look terrible, but it is unusual.
Paradox Prism Capsule Figure All Items Here is a look at the Sonic Prime Paradox Prism Capsule Figure...and what you get when you buy it. These MAY be a Walmart stores exclusive. They might either be with the cardgames by the register, or sometimes in with the action figures on the toy aisle, so be sure to check both.
The gimmick here is that there's a display box of paradox prisms and they're all the same, bound by that paper ring (bottom left) Once you buy it, you can remove the ring, which will let you snap apart the capsule to see which figure you got.
You get the figure in a bag, the base that helps it stand with a peg, and a piece of the prism shard (bottom middle) and a paper checklist that shows who else is available.
Paradox Prism blindbox paper As with many blindbox things, this paper is included so you can at least know which other characters you are trying for. There are 8, and you can get Dread Pirate Knuckles, Sonic, Sails Tails, Rusty Rose, Sonic again, Shadow with emerald, Thorn Rose or Jungle Tails.
Here's the Shadow figure close up when he's on his base and...
Well there's a good bit missing isn't there? What happened to his shoes? Where are the red stripes for his head spikes? The leg/arm? The prism shard is clear plastic with a colored sheet of paper/plastic sandwiched in there to give it the color you see. The sculpt for him is fine, and the paint that is there is also all right. The size is actually pretty good on the figure, especially at the 5 dollar price point for all that you get.

That said though...
This set has some problems, the first being where's the anti-theft? A flimsy paper sheet to keep the capsule shut? Everyone is just going to open them all in the store because blind boxing is stupid and 'a sheet of paper' isn't going to stop any child. It needed to be bound down a lot better or they'll all just end up stolen or raided for the pieces.

The crystal packaging is interesting, the rainbow airbrushing and odd shape attracts the eye in the aisle, however what do you do with these once you have 8 large things

that don't stack and are oddly shaped enough that they can't really serve as a box for something else? And that's 8 MINimum if you didn't get any dupes. It's interesting, and the least of the worries.

The figure not being painted much is probably the biggest issue (besides that blindboxing) because why include a character if you aren't going to paint it? Like at least do his shoes...the photo tries to hide that his head paint is missing. Yes it's blindbox 'cheap' things, but Shadow being red and black is kind of important.

Character lineup:
Doesn't make much sense. First run you want characters who had a big/pretty big part while saving a few for the 2nd set. So why put Jungle Tails or whatever that is? He has NO part at all and the character didn't even make sense in the show. Of course, toys are made way-way ahead of any show release, so no one would know he'd make fans as mad as he did but still. A guy with NO lines? When you have Rebel Rouge, Baton Rouge, ORIGINAL Tails, or even an Egg to include? (That's preserving Nine, Rebel Knuckles, and other Eggmans for the 2nd set on purpose)
Thorn Rose was a big deal, as was Rusty, Dread was also in it enough but even Sails Tails was a stretch because he rarely did anything or had anything to say. Shadow is an 'of course' because he is always in demand, and having 2 of Sonic is par for the course on any line of blindbox whatevers because he is the main character.

What saves it?
The value. The size of the thing, the size of the toy, and that there's a prism piece AND a base with it makes it actually decent for a 5 dollar thing.

Angel Voyage Ship Playset Box A better look at Agnel Voyage boat playset & a view of the box too.
This did not seem to actually start appearing in Target & Walmarts until very late summer/fall of 2023. And now, with the figure on it, you can tell how big it is (figure is about their 3 or so inch) which is pretty darn big/hope you've got space on the shelf if you want to collect it. This photo clarifies the show accurate bright colors, and the painted on sail details. The box shows that the cannons can shoot out the projectile as seen. This is a factory photo
Prime Sonic Regular Figure Turn Arounds This is regular/New Yoke Prime Sonic 5 inch figure. Once you open him from the bubble card, you can notice that the head is made of a different plastic than their regular figures, it's very hard, light weight and hollow. The top down photo shows his head is likely several pieces.
As these figures are slightly larger than their main line, with more articulation, they're usually more expensive too, at about 15 dollars instead of 10. The added articulation here is the elbow joints. Everything also has texture, including his head. The shoe 'fabric' does as well, and the gloves have lots of detail about them that is textured in. He has the usual slight issue with the belly dot paint not being quite thick enough so it looks slightly off-color, but it's not a huge deal.
The interesting part here is that the ankles and wrists are slightly on ball joints so you can tip the feet (as seen here) for more stable poses as well as just twisting them. The bottoms of the shoes do have peg holes, but nothing seems to have a base. This is certainly a worth-while figure if you like the show.