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Spanish Sonic the Hedgehog Items. Spain was not prolific at their items are hard to find. They seem to have made more things a bit later on in the modern era, but true classic items still seem scarce. Have something Sonic that you know is from Spain? Send it along for credit!
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Psychadellic pogs! Spain-exclusive things were so hard to find, that this set of Sonic the Hedgehog pogs is one of 2 items currently known by the site. They are by Fluo and were known for the sort of psychadellic backgrounds that many other pog-sets lacked. This may, or may not be the complete set. Note that they are notched, for some reason.
Sonic the Hedgehog perfume Sonic cologne eau de toilette bottle Sonic bottle back
One of the more rare and exclusive Sonic the Hedgehog items! Difficult to find, and great to collect! Wow!
Sonic the Hedgehog perfume bottle & box!
This cool and unusual item is by Segura Perfumes and comes from Spain. It was released in 1992. As you can see, the head is really rather advanced for the time, as Sonic was still mostly in the "2D" era, and they really did quite nicely with the spikes. The head is soft rubber, and covers a traditional 'sprayer'. While the head is well done, the "Body Art" on the bottle is rather mutant! That is the fattest, goofiest redition of Sonic possibly ever. You can really tell that they weren't paying attention, because he only has 4 fingers while EVERY single image of him on the box shows 5. The background? A screen-cap of a Sonic 2 level.
What is the official Sonic the Hedgehog smell?
This is officially "Eau De Toilette", but it is billed as either a perfume or a cologne. What is the difference? Who knows, but probably boys or girls could wear it. Until someone invents the iSmell for the internet, you'll have to buy some to see what it is like. (darn! but Gear will bring you the file if someone ever DOES invent an ismell)
The smell is rather...expected if you have sniffed perfumes before. It is not food-like, flowery, candy-like, sweet, or bitter. It is not like a musk or a deoderant. It is not particularly fresh. If you rule out perfumes described by the above words, you're left with ones which may smell similar to this. Complicated? Yes. Try walking into a perfume store and smelling the air, it's kind of like that.
It isn't done yet!
Bollycao Picker Pogs Game In Spain there is a type of chocolate filled bun called "Bollycao".
The company apparently is doing/did a promotion with Sonic X, and Magic Box INT. released this pog-like game. These flat disks are sticky on one side, and have either plus or minus points. They are called 'pickers'. You're supposed to throw a tennis ball at them (odd) and they stick to the fuzz, so you can interperate the points. There may be more than just these 5 seen here. Credit to SonicFan01Scott Burns for finding these, and the description!
Bollycao Spain Sticky Picker Back
Sonic X & Tails Metal Pen Case This is a Sonic X themed metal pen or pencil case. It's oval shaped, and likely hinged at the back. You can see it has a clasp in the front, or some kind of latch. The front and back feature some nice Sonic X art of Sonic & Tails, and the logo is a big feature on both sides. You can see the copyright very small under the logo, in the top shot. This is a nice and sturdy case, if you can find it to collect it. Likely released in 2010. Photo discovered by Sonicx89
Sonic X soft pencil case with emerald zipper These 2 great items were likely found together. The left is a soft pencil/pen case with Sonic X theme & the right is a zip binder or note-book holder with Sonic & Shadow theme. Notice the clever zipper pull is a puffy chaos emerald! What a great touch for these items! The same company made both, as evidenced by the identical tags. Zip close Sonic Shadow Spain binder
These were probably both released some time in 2010. But where could they be bought at retail? The set obviously had a lot of thought put into it, and is nice to collect. Photos discovered by SonicX89
Sonic Generations Bonus Tee Shirt This is the pre-order (or possibly bonus pack) for Sonic Generations in Spain. Europe is supposed to get a pack of some sort (different from this) so it's unknown why Spain alone is doing it's own different bonus. The shirt has both eras of Sonic on it, with the logo. The white text at the bottom of the box says "T-Shirt Cartridge" --indicating they plan to have a plain one too. This is a fun bonus if you live in Spain and somehow can't get the European pack.
Spain Big Bubble Bath ContainerSegura This is a large container for bubble bath soap. It's by "Segura" and was made around 1991, so it's quite an early item. It is figural, with Sonic standing near a rock (fused to the back of the legs) so that it will stand up easily & also be shaped appropriatly to hold liquid. (Since it's essentially a jar) It seems to have a good grasp of how Sonic's spikes go, despite being so early. The plastic for this can become brittle over time, so watch out for broken ones. Photo discovered by MrCalistine 1992 Barcelona Olympic Pin Sonic In 1992 Spain hosted the Olympic games in Barcelona, & Sega was a sponsor.
So naturally at least 1 item was made, & likely released at/around the event. A flat metal pin with full color design, pointing Sonic & coated in glossy/thick enamel. It's a nice memorabelia item from the games. Photo discovered by Spongebob the Hedgehog
Segaprize Sonic & Tails Plushes Segaprize Europe Spain Set
These are Segaprize Europe plushes. They're very similar to the previous set with plastic eyes, that was distributed throughout various countries of Europe. This second set (in 2013) has embroidered eyes instead. So what's the "Spain" difference? (You can see the whole set of these guys on International) it appears to be a misplaced buckle on Sonic's shoe. Look at his foot,
the buckle is clearly on the wrong side. Were all of them this way? You can see the "Segaprize" logo on the 'tush tag' as well as the paper tag, with Sonic in his ring of stars. These still look good though, especially the Tails, who's face is cute. Their more distinct fingers look nice as well. Photo & owned by: ShadowFoxx757
Play by Play Sonic X Set 4 Dolls Play By Play Sonic X Plush Turns
Here is a set of plushes by "Play by Play", which makes plush for Spain. As you can see here, they did a set for Sonic X, released around the time of the show. They all have orange paper Sonic X tags, with the logo & some characters. Tails is also in this set, he's just not pictured here. The dolls look pretty good, they're fairly standard with decent proportions, no missing details, and an ok size. The Eggman appears to be a 'posed plush' with one hand possibly tacked to a hip. Knuckles has nice big/solid fists. The Sonic (above) has slightly inward-tilting eyes somehow, and the spikes are a little small, but he's ok too, if a bit onto the 'cutie' side (rather than his look in X). Left photo discovered by & right photo owned by Pichu97
Pull & Bear 3 Spain Sonic Tees Pull & Bear is an online store that serves Spain.
In 2019, it got 3 Sonic shirts you can order if you are there. The first uses a very new stock art for modern Sonic, where he's jumping & pointing. It's a bright blue, with his name in a tall font in yellow &orange for contrast. The next is a black shirt with white spatter effect & a classic blue
fist-forward stock art line art. His name is small in white font under his feet...but it's also spelled out with the logo on both of the shirt's long sleeves. The final tee is pretty standard: it's white, with a large full-color classic logo & 'getting ready to run' classic Sonic beside it. Photos discovered by
Perfume Box Interior Photo A bit more detail for the rare Sonic Perfume...
The interior of the box (not seen above) is also printed with Sonic logos & the forward-facing-face stock art that it's based on. Then, when the plastic Sonic head shaped cap is removed from the bottle, it reveals the ordinary sprayer top.
The box interior being printed shows that it went the extra mile for the perfume/it is a nice luxury-type touch to add and not all things do this. Seeing that the sprayer is ordinary is also mildly interesting. Photos & owned by: Super Japanime
Ganaras Spain Pin Sonic Tails Here is a likely enamel-coated pin that was only made for Spain.
It's shaped like the winged ring/title screen from Sonic 2, and has Sonic and Tails in there sort of like the game does have a few issues. Sonic's hand on the banner is either in an odd position or he has 1 hand with 5 fingers and the other with only 4. His mouth is also way too big/the line is too long. Tails looks somewhat doubtful, but is otherwise pretty normal looking. The pin itself is clearly yellowing with age, and the spaces in the ears have darkened/makes it a little confusing. The slogan on the ribbon is "Ganara's" which 'to ganar' is to win so...Winners? No, because of the apostrophe winner-is? What is grammatically correct in Spanish? I don't know, but the pin is uncommon.
Laughing Cow Sonic Promo Products Poster
The dairy products brand "The Laughing Cow" sells items in several countries including the USA and also (apparently) Spain. There, it's "La Vaca Que Rie" which is...the Cow that Laughs so pretty easy a translation.
This is another one of those "use the movie but it is NOT the movie" promotions. As you can see, they use movie logos and graphics, but then none of the stuff has anything to do with the movie. (So, it doesn't go onto the movie-specific pages of gear) Their products seem to include cracker sticks/cookie sticks with milk based frosting/dip (like Dunkaroos in the us) and some white square thing? Maybe a portable cheese?
Either way, this poster is here to tell you that you can enter to win cool Sonic themed prizes with their contest on specially marked packages. Unfortunately though, it doesn't tell you waht the items are and they're not all obvious. Clearly, there's a school bag, a mouse pad of Classic Sonic face die cut, and another of those "Mega Drive" all-in-1 systems that includes Sonic games.
But then, there's a long rectangle item and a lamp that's reaaaallly well known for being fake. Like, everywhere will try to sell you the modern standing Sonic "LED Lamp" with color change remote function. It is plexi-glass with engraved art and diecutting and when the light shines up through the base, it highlights only the lines part, then shines out of the edges of the glass for a cool effect. The technique is easy to bootleg though, so of course there's every copyrighted character made with varying degrees of skill (or it is) on many buying outlets that aren't policed.

In Spain? Know what all was included in the contest or what to do to enter or win? You can write in for credit to add info