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Spain Sonic the Hedgehog Merchandise Page 2
Spain exclusive Sonic items seem scarce in both classic and modern eras. It is also not a country that commonly sends in things from the fans so it takes until 2023 for this 2nd page of goods to appear. It isn't like the country didn't get Sonic things, just that most of what it got seems to be shared with Europe in general. Have something Sonic that you know is from Spain? Send it along for credit!
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Burger King Jr. Sonic Toys Promo Poster Exciting news from Burger King in Spain!
Their King Jr. is their version of the Kids Meal, and now for winter 2023, it's got 6 Sonic toys to collect while the promotion runs. They also have a TV ad with CG family/kids and CG Sonic characters appear in the ad. Hopefully that will be able to be added in the Sonic Videos section of the site.
This is the poster that will hang in the restaurant windows to advertise the Sonic toys.
Interestingly, it isn't FOR anything specific (EVERY other promotion at a fast food was always FOR something like Boom, Sonic 3, SA1, etc etc) This one is just promoting Sonic in general, it seems. They've got Super Shadow there somehow, and what looks like a classic Sonic face on a disk up there too.
But what are the toys?
It's somewhat unclear. You can see a hollow wheel, a face disk, a round flat thing, probably a cut-rubber keychain/bag-clip with Sonic face & 3 rings, a fidget spinner and a 3D cubic maze. It's also unclear what the maze has to do with Sonic/how it is branded. Hopefully someone in spain actually gets these toys and can send photos / say what they do, as it looks like a fun bunch.