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Sonic the Hedgehog Clothing & T Shirts Store 2: Even More
Sonic clothes are both great, and abundant.
However, they have mostly been the domain of retail chains like Sears and JC Penny. Giant retail doesn't really do online ordering of super specific things (read Sonic / character shirts) very well. However, more selections now appear if you can't get to a mall (to avoid shipping costs) or your local store just doesn't have the selection you want, you can now use the SonicGear Store!
When clicking the links, the retailers should all present you with sizes to choose from. All shirts seen here are also available to be viewed on the regular pages of Sonic clothing.
Here's the Sonic Checkered Flag tee. It has a somewhat abstracted checkered square behind a CG art of Sonic jumping/punch forward. The CG makes for a new look that's not just stock-art, & the shading helps him look like he's springing out of the design.
This shirt is called "blue fade modern" , & it's in men's sizes. All black with just blue for the modern Sonic it's pretty different looking and stylish with leaping Sonic fading in from the bottom.
This shirt is called "Bring It" , which is the only text on there. A bright aqua, it makes Sonic &Shadow stand out with the slogan. It should be in the boys/teens area at WalMart for about 8 dollars or so. If it's more here at left, ignore the link and go to Walmart to get it.
The slogan on this kids size tee is a little odd. It says "It's not that I'm's that you're too slow". Well, really it IS that Sonic IS very fast / faster than everybody so the slogan is somewhat pointless that way.
This is an all-over print shirt, it's made out of lycra or some stretchy, smooth light fabric. It's the one that has Shadow all over the back of it with similarly brightly colored background. (Great for if you like Sonic & Shadow) Originally available at Sears in summer 2013, it can be seen (front/back) on SonicGear's regular archive page.
This red tee seems to be a first! A SOLO Metal Sonic shirt! AND it has a cool graphic for him with interesting background. Sizing is undetermined at this time. (Kids? Teens?) However, no matter the size, it's a must have for Metal fans at only 9.99! Exciting stuff.
This is a mens' sizes tee, all black with another neon/rainbow color line outline for Sonic. This time, instead of Sonic X art, it's classic Sonic. There is NOT a glowing version of this. If you want the glowing one, you need the modern design variant that's marked for glowing.
This shirt is a teen size, but with a different cut. It's sleeveless and titled "Checker Muscle Tee". It has a simple modern Sonic face with worn black/white checker background. It may have been a JC Penny item in summer 2013.
Why is this so inexpensive at around 8 dollars for a tee & shorts set? Because it's for little kids. The biggest size for this "Sonic Blast" polyester tee & shorts is for 10 year olds. The shorts don't appear to have any Sonic branding on them though, making it rather plain.
Another set for tiny kids, maxing out at about 10 year old sizes. This one has light blue plain shorts with a tee. Sonic, Shadow & Knuckles portraits are labeled "Speedsters" on this black shirt. It's inexpensive, but not much good unless you know a little kid Sonic fan.
Here's an unusual tee. It's unusually colored (described as 'fuscia' but it seems more on the hot-purple side than it does hot pink/fuscia. The 2nd unusual aspect is the neo-classic yawning Sonic. Yawning Tails art has been seen before, but this could be the first shirt with that art. This is in adult sizes too! The slogan here is "I'm Just Recharging". Great, if you like loud colors.
This boys/teens shirt appears to be an uncommon color for Sonic shirts: purple. The slogan is "Get Outta My Way" with modern Sonic running through/out of the design. There MAY be a special ink/plastic effect on the words. Shirt is new in 2013, but not much is known about it.
This white shirt is called "Street Running". It has an all CG design with Sonic running forward down a hill street, probably Generations "truck chase" scene which was meant to emulate the Sonic Adventure one. It's a teens tee, & likely also at Sears in 2014. Miss it in stores? Get it here. It should be about 8.99
This right-side tee is called "Pixel Punk", but it's just a really large pixel graphic of regular running (from the side) Sonic 1 version. The shirt is slightly mottled gray & has the classic logo at the bottom right. It's a men's size, so it should be around 18.00, but will fit anyone.
This shirt is called "Too Slow" & it doesn't really make sense. Why show Sonic, Tails & Knuckles (all classic) & then put the 'too slow' label on there? This is a kids size tee, but it is labeled "Big Boys". Look at the Sonic. He's probably a re-draw of one of the very early Japanese arts of him.
This shirt is called "Sketched Hero". It features a wacky 'lined notepaper' theme, with Sonic looking like a crayon coloring, 'pencil outlines' of modern Eggman, Tails, Knuckles and....Metal Sonic! It also has rings & sound effects, like Tails jumping over the word "Bloop". Very unique shirt here.
Here is an all-over print mens' shirt. It's all pale blue & has Green Hill pixelated scenes all over. They throw Knuckles, Eggman & Tails into the Sonic 1 game scene, though they were never actually there. The effect is very retro though.
This tee has a very wierd name "Attituder". It doesn't even make sense. The design is pretty cool though, Sonic jumping through a checkered loop from the game.
This shirt is being imported directly from Japan to appear in the tile to the left. It has laughin' classic Sonic with the speech bubble "Stay Sonic" & 1991 at the bottom. Japan shirts were always costly & the shipping/importing raises this one to about 40.00
If you are near a walmart, check there for this shirt FIRST. It should be about 8.00 there in kids/teens. If not, here's the "Here to Party" orange tee. It has a "polaroid style" photo with break-dancin' modern Sonic & an obscured background.
This is called "Big Name Allover Print" tee. It has jumping twist modern Sonic with blue /abstract sky, green 'ground' & "SONIC" written large in orange across the middle. The 'background' gives a silkscreened look all over the front/back/sleeves.
This is the men's sizes of "Step it Up UR 2 Slow" shirt. It has classic style running Sonic, the slogan written in a Sonic-like font & the logo smaller at the bottom right. Where was this sold at offline retail?
Here is the "Sonic Speed!" lavender colored teens tee. Lavendar is an odd color for a Sonic item, & even stranger because Sonic is that color too. It says the slogan repeatedly for the background with classic style Sonic.
"One Does Not Simply Go Fast", is the meme on this yellow classic style tee. The Gear entry for this shirt has the meme explanation, even though Sonic....kind of does just simply go fast. This is men's sizes only.
"Player" tee or "Sonic the Player" could be the title. This navy-blue tee has only white ink with getting ready to run classic style Sonic & the word "Player" written at the top, so it's pretty simple. Ok to collect if you didn't already have something like it.
"Skatin Sonic" is another unusual tee, because it combines photos & neoclassic Sonic stock art. He's in front of a weathered photo of palm trees & carrying a photo of a skateboard with pictures of Knuckles & Tails on it.
This red tee is labeled "Women's" but it look like it's probably for everyone. It uses the Japanese original style art for 'getting ready to run' Sonic, adds the logo & a white grid background. It does have faux wear / weathering to the design.
This tee is older, but it looks like it's back for now. It has running classic Sonic & says "Oldschool" across the bottom. The fabric is a mottled blue. Sometimes it's mens' sizes, sometimes it isn't.
You'll need to get a closer look at this red shirt to see the detail. The classic Sonic art is 'popped out' of the red lines for the background for an interesting effect. This is a boys/teens size.
This is a set for toddlers. Its VERY small. The green shirt has Japanese style art getting ready to run Sonic with a yellow lightening bolt & black collar. For some reason, it is packaged with plaid shorts.
White "Sonic & Tails" shirt literally has it spelled out really large at the top & bottom of the modern art for both of them. It's written in a blocky red font, with some 'wear' to the ink. area
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