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Sonic the Hedgehog Clothing & T Shirts Store 2: Even More
With the advent of Sonic Boom many tee makers lost their modern Sonic license.
This means MUCH less shirts/clothing for sale regularly enough to earn itself a button. As older classic & modern style shirts sold out, nothing appeared to replace them. As a consequence, this page Clothing 2 is defunct at the start of 2017. There isn't enough merchandise to sustain 3 pages.

Page will be re-established if more clothing is produced. "As an Amazon Associate this site earns from qualifying purchases."

Sonic clothes are both great, and abundant.
However, they have mostly been the domain of retail chains like Sears and JC Penny. Giant retail doesn't really do online ordering of super specific things (read Sonic / character shirts) very well. However, more selections now appear if you can't get to a mall (to avoid shipping costs) or your local store just doesn't have the selection you want, you can now use the SonicGear Store!
When clicking the links, the retailers should all present you with sizes to choose from. All shirts seen here are also available to be viewed on the regular pages of Sonic clothing.
If you are near a walmart, check there for this shirt FIRST. It should be about 8.00 there in kids/teens. If not, here's the "Here to Party" orange tee. It has a "polaroid style" photo with break-dancin' modern Sonic & an obscured background.
This is called "Big Name Allover Print" tee. It has jumping twist modern Sonic with blue /abstract sky, green 'ground' & "SONIC" written large in orange across the middle. The 'background' gives a silkscreened look all over the front/back/sleeves.
This is the men's sizes of "Step it Up UR 2 Slow" shirt. It has classic style running Sonic, the slogan written in a Sonic-like font & the logo smaller at the bottom right. Where was this sold at offline retail?
Here is the "Sonic Speed!" lavender colored teens tee. Lavendar is an odd color for a Sonic item, & even stranger because Sonic is that color too. It says the slogan repeatedly for the background with classic style Sonic.
"Player" tee or "Sonic the Player" could be the title. This navy-blue tee has only white ink with getting ready to run classic style Sonic & the word "Player" written at the top, so it's pretty simple. Ok to collect if you didn't already have something like it.
This red tee is labeled "Women's" but it look like it's probably for everyone. It uses the Japanese original style art for 'getting ready to run' Sonic, adds the logo & a white grid background. It does have faux wear / weathering to the design.
This tee is older, but it looks like it's back for now. It has running classic Sonic & says "Oldschool" across the bottom. The fabric is a mottled blue. Sometimes it's mens' sizes, sometimes it isn't.
You'll need to get a closer look at this red shirt to see the detail. The classic Sonic art is 'popped out' of the red lines for the background for an interesting effect. This is a boys/teens size.
White "Sonic & Tails" shirt literally has it spelled out really large at the top & bottom of the modern art for both of them. It's written in a blocky red font, with some 'wear' to the ink.
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