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This is a deck of Sonic X themed playing cards.
They're not 'cardgame' cards or really collectible cards, but rather traditional cards with a twist. They're well designed, with character art on (what looks like) all the cards. The backs have the same style as the Sonic X Books (which were adaptations of the episodes). This sort of echos onto the fronts with a 'grid' like design in the background, a character and then a solid color echo or shadow of it, to add a bit more color to the design.
These cards are a pretty new addition to Sonic merchandise. You can probably play any traditional card game with them. But what do the rest of the cards look like? No one owns these yet. They should be about $5.39, which is pretty reasonable for a full color themed deck. No previous deck prices exist to compare it with, though. If you want to see more Sonic cards (that are older) you can see them on: Sonic Cards USA Page.
(Left) Sonic Shoes Stainless Steel Pendant
This is a 25th Anniversary item. It replaces the sold out "Sonic X" necklace (it was the logo) as it has now permenently sold out. The pendant is both of his shoes together, with raised detail for the buckle & stripe. Reportedly, the pendant is good quality, heavy feeling metal. Is this the 3rd widely distributed piece of Sonic jewelry?
At right is the Sonic Digital Camera.
Made by Jazwares at the height of their Sonic merchandising, it's older now in 2016 (so, lower resolution) but its design is interesting to see.
Jazwares Sonic themed Boom Box. A portable radio that can also play your CDs & likely MP3s with the jack on the top. Jazwares produced several Sonic themed electronics, but they are older in 2016, & so may sell out shortly. Jazwares Sonic themed MP3 Player. This small, disk shaped player comes with themed earbuds too. It was never very costly in stores, only about 18.99 or so. This is in the Sonic Gear collection.
Kelly Toy Sonic Bat & Ball

Another sports set by this company brings its colorful and interesting design. This time, it is a soft bat and ball for use outdoors. You can read more about any of the Sonic Sporting Goods on SonicGear (as well as get some closer photos) with that link.

Sonic themed mini indoor basketball hoop & ball

This is made by KellyToy and is supposed to be available at stores in the USA, like Marshalls...however it can be hard to track down. It is neither expensive nor large, however it does have good design, as do all of their Sonic themed sporting goods pieces.

A store has somehow gotten a hold of some extra McDonalds mini LCD games from their Sonic promotion in 2003.

The only other way to get this would be over ebay, because this game is as old as it is, and still in the original bag. This is the Knuckles Soccer game. (Interesting to see it turn up here like this)

JUVI Metal Sonic
The best of the Jazwares JUVIs this was about 15.00 when released at ComicCon SanDiego...so if you can still see the link for 18.00 there it's not too bad a mark-up yet because this was an exclusive item.
Finally, a buy-able Sonic party supply! This is the large mylar Sonic X party balloon. Previously only seen on ebay sometimes, it's nice to get a permenent link to it. However, you'll need helium if you want it to work. If not, it makes for a nice, shiny flat wall decoration.
These are Sonic DS Sockz. They're a knit cover for your DS to prevent scratches. The Sonic graphic is embroidered, and they should be about $7.99 each. You can see these reviewed over at USA Random Items 4.
Mad Catz soft 'wallet' & Sonic Stress Ball. The Stress Ball is a soft foam ball coated in rubber & flexible paint to look like a 3D 'spinning' classic Sonic.
Sonic Pixel Bricks build-able figures. It's not really an action figure nor display figure but a building kit. You put the Sonic together out of 1x1 square snap-together bricks (Which takes a bit of doing, there's loads) to build the sort of Sonic-like object you see here.
Prices are wierd on these, they're supposed to be around 14.99 but may be discontinued/thus more expensive or prices going up/down.
Toy Island Figures & Emeralds line Shadow. Why is he so expensive? Great sculpt, long out of production. This store is working from a reserve only. Accessory Innovations Sonic Figural handle umbrella. A blue umbrella with colorful Sonic panels & 3D Sonic figure shaped handle. Sonic Chaos Emeralds candy sours as seen on USA Foods. Metal classic style tin of cherry apple candy. Re-use the tin!
This Sonic figural inductive wiimote charger. This is LIMITED EDITION don't expect the link to last that long. They're individually numbered and kinda-costly, so collect this right away if you want it. The Sonic Speed energy drink. This thing sells out frequently, so do get it if you see it. Link will be re-established if possible. The price is fairly typical, but you should look for it in Spencers Gifts to avoid shipping.
This is the really high quality Good Smile Co. Sonic Nendoroid figure. It comes from Japan, with loads of quality accessores in a big box. That's why it's pretty expensive at 50 bucks. You likely won't find it for less since GoodSmile sets the price. This is a Sonic Party Supplies pack for 8 people. It has the modern official items: Cups, plates, napkins & table cloth. There is also a page dedicated to individual Sonic themed party supplies too.
Amy Rose Notebook, Sonic finger waving notebook, Sonic neoclassic getting ready to run soft-cover notebooks are all spiral bound. The Sonics are classic, while Amy's is modern. (Solo Amy pink item? Perfect for Amy fans! & round winged-ring of stars Sonic & Shadow magnet stick-up note pad.
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