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Sonic the Hedgehog Clothing & T Shirts Store 3: Even More Still
Clothing 3 is currently disabled. All clothing on it has sold out. SonicGear Main Store Page
To condense & clean the main store pages of tees, shirts & clothing sets, this 3rd page has 'unstable' items.
If the item breaks its own photo, frequently changes into something else, or is prone to selling out frequently, it COULD be on this page. If something is showing up here, it's likely to be "on its way out" of being available for sale, so it could be a good idea to pick it up if you see it & still want it.
Items that go too long on this page without ever being restocked will be deleted. When clicking the links, the retailers should all present you with sizes to choose from. All shirts seen here are also available to be viewed on the regular pages of Sonic clothing. (Just because it's gone from the store doesn't mean it's gone for good) "As an Amazon Associate this site earns from qualifying purchases."
A double-meanings slogan shirt...
This is seen on USA Sonic Clothing, but you can just get it right here. Though billed as a 'girls tee' the cut is not an extreme 'for girls' cut, with the only difference really being that it's longer and has small sleeves. Available in all adult sizes (lists as Juniors but any size S to XL there should fit anyone) The slogan is "I (heart) boys who move fast" with classic Sonic added among the block text. It does have the 'fake wear' effect on the design.
At right is the Sonic Multi Name Tee. This could be a JC Penny Teens/Boys item, so do check the sizes presented if you use the button. It has different brightly colored "SONIC" written for the background in a blocky font. The design resembles that of a wallet seen elsewhere on Gear.
This shirt is presumably made by TopHeavy Clothing.
However, it hasn't been found at regular (offline) retail yet to know for sure. It has Sonic X style peace-sign Sonic, but done in a single line which changes rainbow colors for an interesting effect. There isn't really another shirt that resembles this one, making it an interesting one to own.
The shirt at right is the "Sonic loses Rings" shirt. This has a somewhat pixelated looking design trying to represent the old school graphics. Popular upon initial release, it's good to be able to find it online.
The yellow tee at left is modern, but fairly standard looking. Sonic is jumping with some white squares for the 'background'. A decent design (the bright yellow is less common) if you dont already have something like it. If you find this at SEARS you can spend only about 8.00 to get it...that beats the button.
Old Navy with a Sonic tee? Absolutely. This store has carried 'character shirts' for several years now, but 2012 marks the first appearance of Sonic. If there's not an Old Navy near you, you can use this link to grab this great shirt. It's even got Metal Sonic! The oddly shaped squares frame fun poses for LOTS of the Sonic cast. At only about 12.00 this shirt can be a great buy!
At left is "Game Over Poster Tee". It has a huge all-over front graphic with blue rays & 'laughin' classic Sonic', along with some rings. It says "Game Over" at the top, and has his name spelled out vertically in Japanese down the side. May use 'faux wear' fading for the design. This is quite a unique looking shirt from Old Glory.
This tee is usually only seen at FYE stores. Missed it in malls? Grab it here. Sonic & Shadow have cool poses, while their names are written in Japanese. The price here should be the same as the FYE prices.
To the left is the "Need For Speed" shirt. It has side-view classic running Sonic with a gray checker background, on an all black shirt. The shirt says "Need For Speed" & has the classic logo. The slogan on here is from a movie, likely TopGun.
For some reason, the right shirt is called "Sonic Zoom Zoom". It's a dark gray/black shirt with a unique look, though. It has blue SA1 style Sonic outline, but then different faded modern Sonic logos in dark/blue spectrum for the background, and also seen through the line art. It's pretty unique if you want a shirt that stands apart.