This is a disclaimer!
Boring words? Maybe.

This is just here to state that the SonicGear store is selling only official licensed Sonic items. That means that it can't sell your fan items. Also of importance is "As an Amazon Associate this site earns from qualifying purchases."

None of this stuff is the property of SonicGear / It and all responsibility belongs to the seller
Also, anything that's for sale there ISNT for sale BY SonicGear. It's all going to be 3rd party retailers like or other online stores. Anything bought from them is their (the store's) responsibility. The store does all the check out stuff / security stuff /payment and shipping of the item to whoever buys it. SonicGear has no part in any of it and is unable to influence them in any way. SonicGear is also not responsible for the actions of these stores and is also not connected to their customer service.

Like if you buy something from and they put you on hold and delay your item, SonicGear can't do anything about it.

The buying links and photos are also the responsibility of the online retailer that's selling it.
If they sell out of something, the link may suddenly vanish or turn into an X or something. If this happens, SonicGear will attempt to restore it by connecting it to someone who still has that item left in stock. If no one has it, the item will retire (dissappear off of) the store page and go onto the merchandise archive where it will be available to be looked at and described forever.

It may also be possible for the price on something to change without it notifying SonicGear (all links are live in the store and there's some one on the back end of all of them) They also likely have the ability to break their own stuff by doing something wrong and that's also not under Gear's control. But if that happens, again, it'll attempt to be fixed.

The descriptions of all the items are by SonicGear, and sometimes supplimented by statistics provided by the seller. Most of the descriptions are either via the photos, or where noted, hands-on if SonicGear owns that item. Extra photos may be added to help describe things and provide informed decisions.
Because in most cases a description isn't even provided.

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