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Love lids? Here's a page dedicated to just Sonic themed hats. For some reason, there are loads of hats for Sonic fans, in almost every hat style. You'll find snow caps, beanies, ball caps, knit caps, cosplay character head hats, trucker caps and more. If you're looking for accessories that ARENT hats, be sure to check the Sonic Accessories Shop. "As an Amazon Associate this site earns from qualifying purchases."
You've probably seen the Sonic hat before on Ebay.
Now, you can get it here if you don't want to bid or wait on it. All of these are modeled after wacky hats you see sometimes in anime, where it's literally the top of the character's head on your head. It's made of fleece (so it may actually keep your head warm) and is a fairly good likeness of the characters.
For the Sonic, the ears stand up, the nose is 3D and the spikes stay up in the back...which is more than can be said for some plushes, even. All are listed as being able to fit a child or a teen, and with the Shadow hat being stretchy, it is likely right. It could be useful for Trick or Treat (if finished off with the rest of a costume) and certainly it's a bit better than some of the plastic masks. The Shadow hat is confirmed to have a stretchy bottom, so it will fit on most heads. However, no one's taken a picture of the side of it to show what the spikes and coloration may do. If pictures do appear, they'll end up here along with the official pic, to describe it better. From right to left: Sonic, Silver, Knuckles, Tails, & Amy Rose.Though a bit strange, it's all right for halloween.
Here's an all-classic hat (left)
It's gray fabric, but the Sonic face on the front is made of rather thick cloth/felt...something such that it's almost 3D. The snap-back blue brim has a nice big full color running Sonic with 'fade' speed effect behind him. It's a nice classic look cap with good detail!

The hat at right is of the same design idea, but this time as a baseball cap style. It uses the border-less Sonic face, but this time it is spread over the top part and the brim, leaving the rest of the hat plain blue (where his head ends is assumed by the viewer) This hat is on USA Accessories and was also seen in a video.

GE Shadow Character cap.
A Halloween or cosplay type head-topper character hat of Shadow. He's just ok in form, and is supposed to have a stretchy elastic base so it fits on every head.
Here's GE Entertainment's Cream the Rabbit character hat. This is a rather cute cap with her long floppy ears. It could be the cutest of all the character caps, because her design fits well with a plush cap format like this.
Did you pre-order Sonic Colors at GameStop in the USA? If you did, then you got this Cosplay Sonic Spikes Hat for free. If you DIDNT...this is your opportunity to grab it anyway. Great for halloween costumes & conventions, it gives you Sonic's spikes to wear. The spikes are plush so they stand up. Hat is fairly warm too. This is in the SonicGear collection.
This is the "Laplander Tassels Winter Sonic Hat". It's some kind of knit cap, but it has 2 dangle strings with pompoms of fluff at the end. The Sonic part of it is the embroidered Sonic face on the very front of the hat. Unlike casual caps, this one seems to be winter only.
Scary chao character cap hat! To go along with the other character caps at the top of the comes a neutral chao. However, the execution of it wasn't very good so it's actually sort of scary looking. Posted here mostly for the gallery effect.
A cool classic cap! This light blue ball cap has a quite large 'getting ready to run' classic Sonic over the side & the brim. The large design helps it stand out. It's reasonably priced at around 11.00 too, great for classic fans.
Here is a Super Sonic character cap hat. It's from Great Eastern, along with all the rest and is one of the most recently-produced. It's all right looking, though not amazing. They paid attention to the red eye & upward spikes details, could be all right for Halloween uses.
It wasn't enough to have the 'big face' (a borderless, forward facing Sonic face) as a cap & a beanie above, now, it becomes the design for a Laplander knit hat with tassels and dangling strings. With 3 styles for the same choice of design, someone is positive that it is popular.
Another Lapland Tassel with more tassle action! For some reason this has 4 instead of the usual 2. It has a blue stripe & modern Sonic theme, with what appears to be a rubber Sonic 'patch' for the front. Warm for winter...if you want fuzzy bits.
This is the "Don't Blink" pixel style hat. This has unusual thread stitching/weaving to create the pixel-like look for the Sonic face on the grayish mottled (like jeans style) fabric of the cap. The side says in pixel style letters "Don't Blink" while the back above the adjustment band has "Sonic" spelled out. An interesting hat with lots of good details! Be sure to see it up close.
First there was the Sonic Spikes Only cosplay cap, now here's the Amy Spikes only cosplay cap. This has just her spikes, bangs & red headband. Cute for cosplay or halloween costumes. Not that common.
Here's the first of its kind: a hat & gloves set for the winter. The all blue hat & all blue gloves are only sold together. The gloves have a white star pattern on the back of each. The hat has modern Sonic face, and longer parts on the sides to cover your ears. It is a regular beanie cap. New in 2014, hopefully the price will come down, or you can shop around to avoid 24.88 which is steep for just a hat & gloves.
This is a "Snap Back" cap. It's got cool classic style with lots of embroidery. Embroidery wears well & is generally a durable thing. With neo-classic new pose Sonic jumping & his name in big black letters for the background, this cap has a pretty fresh look. For some reason, it is about 20.00, but the price may vary as this hat is new in 2014.
This cap may look like the other 'face caps' above, but it is different in that the whole face is covered in tiny, clear, faceted rhinestones. Its very strange that they did this, even to the eyes. This is here mostly to illustrate that it is, infact, for sale...not necisarily will anyone ever require a really sparkly cap.
Here's something new from Bio World! This bright, neon colored embroidered cap has cool colored lines for Sonic & Tails' faces. The embroidery is thick & 3D, you should def. try to look at a bigger photo of this cap to see what's really going on with the detail. If you're tired of similar looking designs, this is a good one to go see.
Here's a fun variation on the laplander style cap. It's another face hat, but this time those "lapland tassels" have been braided & get the fun addition of 2 felt 'gold rings' to go along with the Sonic theme. Watch out for this one selling out though...
This is called the "Snowball Slouch Hat". It's a winter hat with large pom-pom of brightly colored threads (the snowball part) & brightly colored forward-facing classic Sonic face. The hat is made a bit big on purpose, so it can be 'slouched' onto a head with wrinkling.
This is called the "Sonic Super Spikes Cap", because it's yet another "face-cap" but this one has big flappy spikes all over the back, stand-up ears & his face over the top & on the brim too. It's more of a 'costume cap' than an every-day wear item.
Yet another variation on the 'face cap', this one is a "trucker cap", meaning it has the plastic mesh back, & is generally 'taller'. This has added flat/flappy Sonic ears & mini spikes in different rows on the back of the cap. These extras make it cost around 20.00, while other hats may be less.
Another winter hat & gloves combo set, this one is called "Starring Sonic". It has modern Sonic in a star as a plastic/rubber sewn-on patch for the front of the star-themed knit cap & the gloves each have a 'faced away' modern Sonic graphic (decal? Plastic?) on the backs of the hands. This is a 'youth' size set, new in 2016, possibly by GE Entertainment.
Sonic winter hat & gloves set. This set has another wacky 'Sonic face' hat, this time with improperly placed tiny flappy side-spikes. It has long braided rope/tassels at the ear covers that hang down & comes with Sonic swirl logo backed blue gloves. This set is designed to fit KIDS so it may not fit teens or adults into the gloves. (head sizes aren't that varoius, but hand sizes are)