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If you can wear it, or carry it around, it's likely a Sonic Accessory. With gloves, wallets, and other non-shirt wear-ables becoming available, it's a great time to get these items. Some of the things here are also good for halloween costumes or cosplay. Be sure to see the separate Sonic Hats Page for JUST hats. (There were too many for just one page!) "As an Amazon Associate this site earns from qualifying purchases."
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Sonic hard-sides flat wallet.
At left is the "Multi Color Name" Sonic flat hinged wallet. Meant to go in a purse rather than a pocket, this has classic Sonic in front of his name written many times in a big block font in lots of colors. Don't pay Spencers' prices...use the button for a deal at about 10 dollars.

This hard-sides wallet is for a purse or bag & features Sonic &Tails teaming up with great modern art & a yellowish background. Reasonably priced around 13.00 or so in 2016, it's a must-have for Sonic & Tails fans.

Finally. A Sonic mask that's not junk.
Tons of requests by parents come in every year to SonicGear because a little kid wants a Sonic mask for Halloween. Jazwares fills the need with this "Role Play Mask" that's sold year-round. It's sturdy plastic with see-thru screen-tone eyes. Though Jazwares was stripped of the Sonic license due to Boom, the mask remains available in 2016.

These character gloves also have a high chance of showing up on Ebay.
If you need gloves for halloween, or you don't want to bid or wait on them, you can just use this link. The suggested retail on them is 19.99, but 'best price' (usually a little link contained in the box--it CAN change around though) can sometimes go under that amount. Keep an eye on it if you're interested in either set of these gloves.
The gloves are BIG too, with embroidered logo and stuffing to make the hands look super big, while still fitting your hands in them. Because they keep their shape (and usually come in a totally clear bag) they're also all-right to display only, as well. The Knuckles ones are especially fun.
**Watch out for quick-sell-outs and rising prices in 2013!
(Left) Truffle Shuffle Mens Sonic Socks 3 Pack in Tin
3 pairs of socks in a collectible Sonic theme tin! These are cotton/elastene blend socks with the classic Sonic designs as part of the sewing. They fit UK mens' feet sizes 7 through about 10 (so, adults for sure but...?) You get steamin' Sonic, standing Sonic & running Sonic/black background

(Right) Truffle Shuffle Women's Sonic Socks 2 Pack
These ladies' socks are classic style also with all-over blue Sonic pair (sort of abstracted) & finger-waving Sonic on white with lines & triangles. These are adult sizes & mens/womens' socks aren't much different so they may fit you if you have an average foot.

Here's the famous Sonic Wallet.
It's the first wallet made in the USA for Sonic. (At Left, yellow) It is also, apparently, the only one that does not have a large chain attached. Once again, GE makes this and it is rather stylish. Suggested retail for it is around 19.99, however sometimes you'll see it around 13.50 with the link at left. If you own this, what is the interior like?

The right-side wallet should be from GE Entertainment.
It's a black faux-leather bi-fold with blue checkered band. A running classic Sonic is sewn on near the edge. The back just has the blue checkers. It's an earlier, simple wallet that's still around in 2016. There is also a hinge-wallet with this same theme.

Another GE Sonic patch.
This one is rectangular, and resembles one of their PVC pins. It is of the same great quality embroidery as the other two, and the close-in shot for the design makes this a good one to collect. It should be noted that the photo used here isn't of the actual patch, but that of GE's art of it. However, the real thing does look pretty much exactly like that, only made of stitching.
Sonic Earmuffs! (At Right)
These were also seen on Accessories USA, and GE Entertainment has done a good job with classic foreward-facing Sonic's face. The heads are the actual ear-warming parts and they're just connected with a blue plush strap. It's certainly a unique and unusual Sonic item to collect. It isn't known where else these may be found, either online or off, so this is your big chance to get them if you need them.
A regular bi-fold wallet, with classic style. The front says "I'm outta here!" with getting ready to run Sonic in a Green Hill like environment, and the back has Sonic in the O of the logo. The interior is black, and it is likely to be faux leather / plasti-leather all over.
At right, you'll find the Modern Sonic all-metal enamel Sonic face belt buckle. This is a large buckle for which you'll need to supply the belt. It should have a paper logo hang tag on it, which isn't shown here.
Great Eastern Knuckles Wallet! This Knuckles-only wallet is a must have for Knuckles fans. All done in reds & grays with a checkered background and modern art, Knuckles looks great here. (At left) It isn't too pricey either, it should be around 11.00 when you push the button. CAUTION: In danger of selling out in 2016 -get this soon if you want it.
This cool flat hinge wallet has Sonic & Amy teaming up for a great design! Watch out for sell-outs here, this wallet seems to be popular. (Also if it's not about 18 dollars, do click it then search for a better price as it can vary)
Classic Tails Slippers!
This is a cute pair by GE Entertainement. They're 'classicly styled' Tails plush heads on matching colored slippers. These VERY closely resemble a pair of actual-classic (1990s) Japanese if you don't want to spend a fortune, but still want a cute slipper, this is a good pair. The 12.95 price is quite reasonable as well, so take advantage if you want the pair.
The Sonic plush-face wallet. This is a HIGHLY impractical item! The face is enormous, making the wallet unwieldy. It's very unlikely you could even use this. It's impracticallity is talked about over on USA Accessories page, with a photo. Really this should be for collectors/display only as it's so odd-ball.
Sonic "Theme" Socks.
These 3 pairs of socks are slightly abstract, thus the 'theme' name. You get Sonic's shoe/sock/leg, abstract classic Eggman colors/look & Green Hill style socks. These are very interesting as it's a new approach to Sonic design for 2016!
Shadow wallet! Great to see another solo character getting their own item that's nicely designed! Much like the Knuckles one above, this one has gray/black checker background and uses some newer stock art, with a nice yellow splash behind it for interest. Classy, not over done wallet for Shadow fans!
This is a 'hard side wallet'. Which means a little more like a box. It's hinged at the back edge, and has a clip on the front. The inside has pockets for all your cards and cash. Classic Sonic is on the front with a blue checkered band, and the back just has the checkers. Spacious on the inside, but rather large. Still, it's nicely designed. At right is a thick rubber bracelet. It's blue with the classic Sonic logo, but look at the edge: there are checkers too so it's not too plain. It doesn't open, so it just stretches over a hand or foot so you can wear it. Used to be at Hot Topic, now here may be the only remaining place in 2016 to get it.
These are the Sonic Boxing Gloves by KellyToy. They weren't widely released in retail stores, so this is likely a good chance to get them if you need them. Prices vary, for some reason, so do watch the button. These are discussed on Sonic Sporting Goods USA. Great Eastern Shadow faux leather wallet. This classy wallet features solo Shadow in full color. It's just his face at the edge, but large so it makes a good impact in the bi-fold design.
Sonic house-slippers! GE Entertainment has these classic style "Sonic plush head on the toe" blue slippers. They used to be at FYE stores, but it went out of business. Here's another solid buckle from Bio-World. It's made of thick metal, and the whole front is enameled. It's Sonic's name in black & white with a neo-classic Stock art posed dynamically in the middle. Buckle feels quality, does not come with a belt. This IS a "bracelet combo pack" Can be under 10.00 - Bargain!
When fashion goes...strange you get this rotating belt buckle. It's an all metal & enamel buckle with gold rings border, and 'spinning Sonic' classic style enamel middle. But the center is on a rotation point so it can spin like a special car wheel. Buckle is rather large, does not come with belt. Buckle may be 19.99 elsewhere or going out of fashion. Rather hard to find (as it's listed under 'shoes') here is a ladies' Sonic clip wallet. It has a raised patch with modern Sonic, over a orange/green fade & checkered background. It is large and flat, meant to fit in a purse, and the metal beads on one side are the snap closure.
This is the modern Sonic logo black rubber bracelet. It's simply black with the full color modern logo.
Similar to the blue one above, it was breifly available packed with one of the myriad trifold wallets you can also see around the Gear store.
A cool wallet! This is the "3 Hedgehogs Wallet" which is quite stylish with Shadow, Silver & Sonic. It's a faux leather tri-fold which also features line art. Nice & different, this one is perfect for Shadow & Silver fans.
This is the black Sonic logo rubber bracelet. Similar to the above blue one, except the logo here is modern. It's a BioWorld item, and was often sold with a modern chain wallet...however it's good to see it separate here too, though it is rather expensive at over 9 dollars. Likely watch for a price drop of some kind, who knows why it's so high. Here is a BiFold Wallet. The only previous one with this style was the rather preposterous 'plush face' wallet seen above. This one has a blue checkered background with Sonic face nice & large on the front. Seems new for 2012.
At right is the Sonic Halloween Costume. Price may vary depending on what season it is right now. This should only be about 30 bucks or less, so watch the space for price variations to see what turns up.
A modern Sonic watch, with fancy flip up lid. This has a molded plastic Sonic shaped cover for the watch face. It sort of flips off to one side. The watch itself is the worlds simplest LCD screen, a tiny, cheap rectangle. The bad has rings & stars. This watch appears to mostly be a gimmick item.
Seat Belt Wrap (keeps car seat belt comfortable for kids), Classic Style GE Knuckles facing forward patch (all embroidered), GE Subtle Sonic wallet that's all blue with 'embossed' Sonic face & little white rings detail on the back,
Here's a 3-piece set with winter hat, scarf & gloves. It's all in the same color of gray, with a few checkers & classic style Sonic. They add a few 'sparkles' stars to him for a bit of interest. The gloves appear to be pretty generic though, there's nothing "Sonic" about them, which is pretty unfortunate. This says it fits kids...but anyone can wear a scarf, right?
This wallet is a must for Blaze the Cat fans! It's a solo wallet, with ONLY her! And a Sol Emerald design too. This is a hinge flat type wallet by Bio World, but because it features Blaze, watch for sell-outs / email if this item becomes the orange rectangle.