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Drop Dead?
Instead of an insult, it's the name of a clothing maker that serves the UK area. They have their own brand symbol/logo, and a website where they sell all the things of their design like shirts, jackets, pants, and accessories like hats and socks. Usually, they just make their own branded items, but in 2016, they decided to dedicate an entire line of clothes to Sonic the Hedgehog classic designs!
That's right, this is the first non-Japan "all-Sonic" entire line worth of stuff. Rather than distributing it across the categories of Gear, it's all right here in one place to keep the brand organized. All the clothing is adult size (so should fit anyone) and there are both men's and women's items too. Nothing here is particularly low-cost. However, it WILL (as of 2016) ship out of it's area, but for 50 pounds, no-matter what you buy. (Shipping within UK area is supposed to be free) To see on-site & buy any item from this page you can use their website at DropDead
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3 Long Sleeve Sonic Mens Shirts Here are 3 long sleeve men's shirts, which are all fairly simple. The first is an ivory white long sleeve with black embroidered neo classic no-mouth Sonic face as an outline. The middle is a gray hoodie with draw strings & big front pouch pocket. It is made of the same 'subtle Sonic' fiber fabric as the sweat pants on the previous page.
The last is a simple black zip-front long sleeve shirt with white embroidery. It has a fairly large finger-waving Sonic outline on the upper chest. These are all likely about 60 pound each.
First Place Sonic Long Ladies Shirt This is called the "Ladies First Place Shirt", doesn't explain why it's really long? This is the longest shirt they have so it must be some type of special shirt/fashion. It has the same all outline white embroidery as the 'first place' jacket, but it's on the back. The only Sonic indicator for the front is his name spelled out vertically in Japanese letters right under the collar. This is 45 pounds.
Sonic Shoe Theme Red Socks Here's something fun!
Sonic's shoe-themed socks. These socks are meant to resemble Sonic's shoe / be themed like it, but not to look like a copy of his shoe. They're all a bright red, with thick band of white all the way around the middle where his shoe stripe would go. The heel is also white, but it doesn't have a buckle graphic, or 'shoe sole' look or anything. Near the stretchy cuff is the Drop Dead logo in small white embroidery. These socks are 15 pounds. (So that's like...a 30 dollar pair of socks? Is it magic socks? Why is this so costly?)
Sonic & Knuckles Gray Mens Sweat Shirt This sweat shirt is called the "S & K Zone Tour"--and with good reason! The front has the ever-iconic Sonic & Knuckles symbol. The back lists off every zone name from the game in small white print. With front & back designs, plus something fun for fans to recognize (It never says the game name or uses text logos) this is a nicely designed sweatshirt. It is 60 pounds.
Drop Dead Logo Theme Mens Shirts These two shirts are together because they use the exact same design. It's the Drop Dead logo with neo-classic Sonic & Tails full color art applied to it. They're set so it looks like Sonic is leaning on the design, while happy Tails is sitting on part of it.
It may be classic styled, but the neoclassic art & cute way it's used helps the shirts stay looking fresh/fun. The left is a tan sweat shirt/hoodie with drawstring hood & big front pocket, while the right is a charcoal gray short sleeve tee. Both of these are called "Dream Team", the hoodie is 60 pounds.
Think Fast Sonic & Steel City Zone Shirts Here are two more shirt selections for men. First is the "grunge" look "Think Fast" sweat shirt. It's gray, with the seams set up in the raggedy 'inside-out-ish' look for the waist & cuffs. It has a faded look design of peace-sign classic Sonic, his name in Japanese & some rings with sparkles. The bottom says "Think Fast" in black letters.
The black tee is their other occurance of "Steel City Zone" with "S3" written near it in the zone/title card for the level type look. What is Steel City Zone? It's a reference to Sheffield England, known for its steel manufacture & the Drop Dead Shop. The "S3" is the post-code that the physical store is in. This way to reference it through nickname & font combines Drop Dead with Sonic. Info provided by:
Beach Chair Too Easy Sonic Gray Tee This charcoal gray tee is called the "Too Easy Sonic Tee". The design is a new one: neoclassic Sonic in a beach chair doing a thumbs up with a drink in one hand. They've added an orange/yellow umbrella. Sonic is smiling/having a good/easy time so the name makes sense. It's a fun little art This should be 30 pounds. Black Sonic 1 Zones Tee This is the "Zones Tee", which makes sense, because it's a plain black tee with the names of each zone found in Sonic 1 spelled out in a simple font. Is this really a design? It's certainly something only fans would know, but it costs 35 pounds.
Wooly Texture Tails Fuzzy Girls Shirt Subtle Sonic? No...subtle Tails!
This pale orange long sleeve shirt has an unusual texture. It's very fuzzy or hairy or wooly looking. It's element is the small embroidered detail of Tails' twintail symbol on the chest area up near the armpit. The photo inset magnifies it so you can see the embroidery better & also have a look at the woolyness of the shirt fabric. This is likely pretty warm for the winter time. This is 60 pounds.
DropDead Bonus Items Sonic DropDead clothing has made some Sonic themed bonus items.
Here, you can see a mini poster, various stickers, an art card & a mini poster card. Each has branding for DropDead, Sonic, or both. The Sonic theme socks are shown here so you can help tell the size of the items. They feature their logo filled in with colorful pixelated Sonic scenes, classic character art, and some plain logos too. One of these items may appear with your order of the Sonic clothing line on this page. The top white item is the 'thank you for ordering' card. Photo & owned by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Drop Dead Sonic Sneaker Stuffed Slippers Finally...Sonic's shoes...for you!
Sort of. These are house slippers. They're a 'plush' stuffed slipper shaped to look just like Sonic's classic shoes. They have the thick white sock for the ankle & a separate sewn white stripe with plastic yellow buckle. These really are great looking for cosplay, halloween costumes, or just to collect! They appear to keep the proper shape quite well. (If you were building a giant plush, maybe these could be the feet!) The DropDead version has this plastic buckle, there may be another similar slipper that uses a cloth buckle instead. (Use the buckle to tell it apart) You can order these through the website in 2016. This is a fall 2016 release.
Surprise Drop Dead Chaos Emeralds A special secret surprise prize?
Yes, it is! These little chaos Emeralds are a free bonus prize when you order from Drop Dead! Every clothing item will secretly come with 1 of these different chaos emeralds as a surprise. Notice how much attention they were paying to the actual emeralds from the games! They got the colors right, with both blue AND the aqua. (This is a lot more than even lots of toy companies can say)
This is a fantastic & thoughtful added touch! The quality here & level of nice-ness just keeps getting better with Drop Dead. Photo by: DropDead You can also see a Youtube Slipper review where the reviewer uncovers an emerald. Extra info added by All-StarWarriors
Drop Dead Package Extras Photo
When you order from Drop Dead, your Sonic stuff gets the premium treatment! Just look at all this nifty themed packaging.
First off, you've got the box (square black), then some Sonic themed tissue paper that has line art for Sonic Tails Knuckles & Eggman 9 (in his egg o matic) along with the logo. Your item can also come inside this cool & re-use-able Sonic zip top big plastic bag. There is also an art card, stickers & even the paper tag is themed.
The tiny colored bits in the top photo are the 'blind bag' style Chaos Emeralds they also include as a surprise. (So, you can see the stuff is actually pretty big) Photo & owned by: Darkon Drago
Drop Dead All 7 Chaos Emeralds DD Chaos Emerald Surprise Packs All
Now here is a feat of accomplishment that's a rare sight indeed!
It's all 7 of the Drop Dead Chaos Emeralds bonus items. It is very hard to get them all because they are both blind-packed (in those foil things you see there to the right) AND randomized - enclosed with whatever merchandise you ordered. No one had control over what you were going to get since it is mail offer items. Also, the items (as you can see from reading here) weren't inexpensive, which meant lots of buying & collecting (maybe people could trade too...if you knew someone else in the area) had to be done to aquire all 7 colors. However, here you can see it accomplished! And, they look great. The facets are pretty, the colors are accurate, they're a nice size...they're exactly what is cool as a bonus. Photos & owned by: All-Star Warriors