Brittish Sonic the Hedgehog Clothing Title
New Clothes!
The important thing is they're available starting in (2009). If you live in England, you can probably find them at some exclusive store. If not, don't fear, Ebay is the place. Use the link to the left to start finding the things you see here. You can see more at My Sonic Clothing
Also note:
These are in REAL sizes. Ones that actually fit humans which weigh over 40 pounds, and exceed an amazing 1 meter (3 Ft) in height. Still, carefully read the sizes, but you'll have FAR better luck here.
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Watermark-Style Sonic big shirt Things get off to a great start with this 'watermark' style shirt. The Sonic is a super big size, as to become a part of the design. Although remember: horizontal stripes make you look wider.
Hot green running Sonic lycra Sonic X
Here's another lycra type shirt, but unlike the USA ones, this one will actually fit you! Notice the different tag (it is shaped like Sonic) and the little yellow tab on the side. These are always present on the UK shirts. This one is just an all-over pic of what looks like part of the cast, the Death Egg, and a ghostly Shadow in the background. Bit of garish coloring though...
Sonic X Stock Art Leaping Shirt
Sonic & Shadow Lycra UK T shirt Here's a great one! Another lycra type deal, but nice BIG shots of Sonic and Shadow. Decent coordinating color, neat logos and 2 of everyone's favorite characters make this shirt a real winner to add to your collection. Try Ebay for it today!
Sonic in the 'coming at you' pose that is common to many USA items. The background is not just stripy, it is 'watermark' style words of "Sonic"
Sonic X cast shirt blue variant Sonic pointing, with yellow on blue "photo" portraits for the rest of the cast in the background. They're somewhat hard to see, but the effect is still nice. The question is, 'is the Sonic a plastic gizmo like on some shirts?' As you can see, they also did color varients with the same design...
Sonic X cast shirt red variant
Labeled Sonic X Cast bright shirt
Sonic Expressions classy Tee
Another classy style! Different expressions of Sonic as photo squares fade around in the background, while a few highlights are shown for the design.
With the usual class of the UK shirt series, this is kid of odd. It has most of the cast as just mish-mash poses with their names on it, like a bizzarre chart of some kind. But the color? Eeee. Lycra strikes again though...
How is it that nearly EVERY country gets classier designs than the USA? These shirts have had real thought put into the designs, (well most of them) and they are actually made to fit ANY Sonic the Hedgehog fan from big to small. If you're outside the UK, start importing, it seems they've made enough for all!
Yellow Sonic X Tank & Shorts Set If the USA is getting Sonic X outfits, the UK is sure to try some too!

Here is their only known unique one so far, a yellow tank top and shorts set with Sonic Knuckles and Shadow. See the orange-ish blot on the leg? It is a hard-to-see Sonic design.

Red & Black Lycra T Shirt Sonic X collage
Lycra-mania! This one has a red/black/blue theme with different Sonic X Sonic the Hedgehogs all over it in many poses. Notice that part of the background is actually Eggman but it looks like his head is missing due to where the collar is. More of a collage...
New Classic Sonic X Pose with Lines Sonic in the 'new classic' Sonic X pose with thumbs up and a big logo. The background with yellow accents looks especially nice with the dark blue sleeves & collar. Plenty of cool logos too!
As you know, the UK sold identical track suits/combo clothes as seen in the USA, but with one they included a unique-to-UK long sleeve shirt. This is what the shirt looks like, and it can be found in any of the combos that match the US ones.
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