Sonic The Hedegehog Electronics
Sonic electronics: If you have to add batteries or plug it in, it's likely here. This includes figures, games, and basically anything battery powered that was sold around the UK area. Most of these items are vintage, but a few are fairly new, so everything should be marked with when it could be found. As usual, if it's old, your best bet is Ebay to try and collect some of these interesting items.
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Sonic the Hedgehog Pinball Game Toy
A pinball game, claiming it is Brittish. This is from Tomy (who I guess sells there as well) It may or may not be electronic, as you can see spring-laoded switches and numbers at the top. The photo was never very large, so it is hard to see all the gimmicks this might do. (though supposedly it was quite loud, and did need batteries) 1994, it was 27.00 pounds when new.
Rolling Sonic Toy
Sonic Racer in Box
This is a Sonic X remote control racer. Not sure why you'd need this, but it's interesting at least, maybe like a large action figure.
The rolling base is controlled only in 4 directions with the easy remote control. This should be currently available in UK 2007, and it is NOT a USA item. Photo credit: Rhia of the UK
Sonic Sound Zone Purple Walkman Tape Player This oddly purple walkman-like tape player goes with the "Sonic Sound Zone" cassette tape box seen on another UK items page. Why it is hot green AND purple though...still, this was supposedly a terrible item all around. Not only did it clash, but it never even had a rewind button! (see 3 buttons only) Which, even at the time was quite terrible.
The magazine which took the photo of it didn't regard it well, as it was big and klunky. It was also 15.99 pound, making it around thirty dollars, but it did come with a (very boring) free cap. The cap was all black with only the Sonic the Hedgehog logo embroidered onto it. Still, 15.99 for a barely-working walkman and a dull hat...not the best deal in 1994. Photo credit: Ricky Lee
Light Box Wall Decoration What is this curious decorative item? It is a type of wall light-box. See how deep it is? It's on mirrors so that it will reflect itself over and over again giving off a "Going back tunnel infinity" type effect. It is all metal, 18 inches on a side, and the blue rings are neon. When turned on, you can see the effect. Unfortunately, this is difficult to photo, so you kind of have to guess at it in the photo on the right (you can see 1 reflection only) Close Up Light Box Segaworld UK
The whole Sonic art, stars and ribbon also glow when it's turned on. It really is a wonderful piece! This amazing item was actually salvaged from Segaworld London as it was being closed down. It could be the only one like it, as Segaworlds sometimes were decorated with unique things. (such as fiberglass figures, merchandise montages, etc) Owned and photographed by: Ricky Lee
Sonic Racing Set Toy Impact Innovations Box Classic Style Sonic & Tails Racing Figures Sonic & Tails Race Track Assembled Photo
Sonic & Tails on the track toy
Well, in the winter of 2008 Impact Innovations got around to producing this racing set. It was shown as a prototype earlier, but this is the real set. As predicted, it is quite an ordinary race-track, with Sonic & Tails being the only 'Sonic-ish' things about it. The controllers (wired to the set) have a classic styled logo sticker on them. The box is fairly oldschool looking, with classic stock-art and the words "Super Sonic Racing System" and "Race them all the way!"
The figures themselves are pretty good, almost like little action figures with no feet/legs. Tails is especially nice, not drawing on the ugly stock art, but rather the cute Japanese
Slot Track for Figural Racers Concept
style. Sonic has an off-model blue line under his eyes, but is otherwise quite reasonable. However...nearly everything else about this is UNreasonable. First, it could only be found at Debenhams (a department store in England) for perhaps a week before Christmas, after which they all sold out. However, that wasn't the worst of it, as it appears they all BARELY WORK. A fuzzy wire under the 'cars' connects them to the electricity running in the gooves of the track. It does not keep contact, and the cars stop. Both buttons do the same thing, and the cars often topple. Many are likely to be
This is the protype photo, notice the different controlers.
returned. The combination of "Rare" and "Doesn't work" plus a starting price of 12.00 pounds (about $24.00 USD) it a terrible one. The ones that didnt' sell apparently went on clearance--meaning it is not likely this will return to stores. * you can buy this in 2010 at Argos store online for about 9.97 pound. All info and photos (except prototype & argo) by The GagaMan.
Power Chimp Sonic theme multi charger set This is a Sonic themed multi-divice, multi-method charger by Power Chimp. You can charge devices in the car, with AA batteries, or by plugging it into a USB port on a PC. It will charge the PSP, the DSi, the DSLite, a mobile phone, and your ipod. The Sonic detail seems to be on the package, and the main unit only. Photo discovered by: Red
Sonic DS Play Inside Game Case This is a soft-side case for your Nintedo DS (any model) it's made by A4T, and it uses SA1 art (oddly enough) The other curious feature is that it claims to have a clear pocket inside so you don't even have to remove the DS to play it. It has a cloth strap, metal clip, and space for extra games inside. Photo discovered by: Red
Sliding Puzzle Top Game Case for DS This is a game case for your DS games. It's all hard plastic, but has an interesting feature. There's one of those sliding blocks puzzles embedded into the top of the case, with a picture of Tails if you can slide all the pieces correctly. Photo discovered by: Red Sonic Speed Pack DS Accessories This DS Accessory set is called the Sonic Speed Pack, & it was released in 2010. It has a firm-side carrier with Sonic & logo, several character themed game cases, 2 styluses, earbuds (with Sonic logo on the back) a screen wipe cloth (Black square)
2 screen scratch-preventing covers (difficult to see) an applicator with logo (rectangle item) and phone-strap style screen cleaning pad widget. (it is puffy, and the back is fuzzy to rub dirt from screens) You can get it for around 12.89 pound. It is known to be sold at in winter 2010. Info & photo discovered by: JordanxSonic
DSi Nintendo Sonic Accessory Collection Here's a great selection of items for your DSi!
It has quite a good Sonic theme going, with everything in blue, and loaded with portraits & character art. The top is an aluminum safe box for the DSi with padded interior, storage and shoulder strap. Next are two game cases, and under those are Sonic theme screen protectors & application card, a "Magic Tube" that holds your games, and a solid DSi case with zip closure. You can also spot styluses, game holders with Sonic, Shadow, Tails Knuckles & even Eggman, plus a keystrap/accessory (the round item) that has a soft plush backing for cleaning the screen so you've always got it handy. With all of these great items, your DSi will be in great Sonic style! All photographed & owned by BlueSonikku
Magic Tube Inside
Sonic magic tube game holder These are Magic Tubes. They are cylinder cases to hold your games. Here, you can see 2 styles, one with 3 poses for Sonic, and the other with Tails, Shadow & Knuckles. The interiors are the same, with spaces inside for the games, in gray. But don't these enable your items to roll away? Photographed & owned by Blue Sonikku
Sonic Sega All Stars Racing Wii Wheel This is the Sonic Sega All Stars racing Wii Wheel. This was released alongside the game to help promote it/add official merchandise for it. The wiimote fits into the slot, and the wheel itself is more 'race car styled' than the traditional round wheels you usually see. It's Sonic blue, and has the logo at the top. Where in the UK was this sold? It may have been a bonus or a pack in of some kind as well. Photographed & owned by MrsHannahKaulitz
Starry DS Skin Here's a nice official DS skin from GAME or Gamestation. It has Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and shadow, with a nice gradient starry background. Notice the
Tomy RC Race Car & Controller With the car out of the box, you can see the front-fade & real color. Also the remote for it is larger than it is! This was made by Tomy.
nice art placement and clean look. It's easy to see this is the real thing. Available in 2010. Photographed & owned by Alexandra Paxman
Sonic Char-G car remote toy
Here is a new-in-box Char-G car.
This is a remote control car that you can drive around on the floor. The style is somewhat 'dune-buggy' with a short little car that has a fin on the back. It's clearly a licensed-out item as the car itself is not very Sonic-like. He's a decal in the window so it looks like he's inside. The stock Sonic on the box has been
modified to be holding the remote control (like a stick) for the car. This was available in Europe, likely in the mid 1990s. MIB Photo by Oni, loose photo discovered by Piplupfan77
Sat AM Compilation UK 4 DVD Box Set This is the 4 DVD box set that compiles only SOME of the SatAm Sonic show. It has 16 episodes only, divided over 4 disks. The box back has pictures of the inner cases (1 for each disk) that you'll find inside the main box. There's also a show description, and list of episodes below each one so you know what you're getting. Photo by: Narrator Sonic Video Ad W/Hologram This isn't a video, but an ad for one. If you buy any of the shown VHS cassets, you apparently got 'a hologram' with it. Was it a sticker? Was it in the box? What did the hologram look like? These are all AoStH episodes, & cost 9.99 pound per tape. Photo discovered by PiplupFan77