Sonic The Hedegehog Electronics
Sonic Electronics Sold In the UK Area
Sonic electronics: If you have to add batteries or plug it in, it's likely here. This includes figures, games, and basically anything battery powered that was sold around the UK area. This also includes electronic accessories, like special cases, styluses and ways to decorate or protect your electronic stuff. Most of these items are new, with few vintage, so everything should be marked with when & where it could be found. As usual, if it's old, your best bet is Ebay to try and collect some of these interesting older items.
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Wiimote holder classic tails figure Got 2 Wiimotes?
Now you can have 2 wiimote holders, they've added Tails! This larger sized classic Tails figure is a wii remote holder. He is posed exactly like the classic Sonic one (seen on USA electronics as both seem to be sold in both countries) where he's looking up, and holding his hands out to recieve the item. He is also on the same simple black circle base.
The figure is pretty decent. The head angle makes it difficult to judge the head sculpt/is the mouth a little big? It's hard to tell. He may also have a bit of "big body" or it could be the pose. The tails look fine, and the shoes/sock cuffs are also right. It's probably a good figure to get if you can find it. It would look great next to the Sonic one, standing around near the consoles. This is probably a "Cable Guys" product or license.