Sonic Hedgehog England Food
Sonic the Hedgehog themed food products from the UK Area.
Interestingly, it was England that made a surprising amount *and variety* of various Sonic foods. While the USA had mostly candy, gum and sweets, England's got a whole range of fun stuff for you to collect & eat! None of the foods so far are still being produced today, making most of these likely hard to get.
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Sonic shapes cookies UK First out of the bag, cookies
These are Toffee flvored (is that like taffy? or coffee? Toffee is described as "it's like fudge, with a slightly stronger flavour and a chewier texture") and are shaped like the head of either Sonic or Tails. They are described as "Bite Size Biscuits" and carry the "hedgehog with attitude" slogan. They are done in a detailed style, with pressed-in lines for the features. Since these come from the UK, they are called Biscuits, but they are likely to be cookies.

These are made by Burtons and said it came with collectible stickers. But they weren't. It was actually panels with stock art that could be cut out to make a scene if you taped it together. What do the scenes look like? You can see one of them below, but there were others.

Sonic Sally Scene Burtons Biscuits Here's one of the scenes you could make with the Burtons packages. Notice it uses that wierd pink Sally with black hair from Archie comics (though STC was the go-to UK area comic's pink Sally factor in?) It apparently uses 4 packages to make 1 picture (notice the number of labels/logos) which is rather steep, amount wise. Photo & owned by Jen Hedgehog.
Thanks to SegaFreak for most of these images and info!
UK Sonic toothpaste photo Well, toothpaste isn't really a food. And you shouldn't eat it, being as Fluoride is actually poisonous. (it's a by-product of Aluminum-Refining, and was classified as 'harmful waste' before someone probably got paid to put it in your water)
This is (presumably) a 50ml tube of toothpaste with a Sonic the Hedgehog theme. Fortunatly, it tells you it's minty...but is it blue? This is by Search, and is fairly old. It is quite uncommon.
Sonic Toothpaste Tube & Box Photo
Old crinkly metal toothpaste tube The tube itself is even an interesting component. It's clearly metal with an all over design. However, they've chosen an unexpectedly arty route, making Sonic so large that he becomes nearly abstracted in the wrap around pattern. It's also a nice touch that the tube isn't simply a copy of the box. Someone has clearly taken some good time to design the whole presentation. Good to see! Photo discovered by Kye.
Is it still minty after so many years?
Of course, you wondered what the paste itself looked like...well wonder no-longer! Here it is, and it is indeed blue. As seen at left, the tube does wrap all the way around with stock Sonic, & even has a star on the back. Photos by Aisha Osman
Sonic Blue Candy Sticks
Sonic the Hedgehog blue candy sticks. "With picture card" even. So very...non-spacific. What ARE 'candy sticks' anyway, I mean candy cane? Rod of hard candy? Pocky like substance? No one knows...and they expired back in 1996 so will we ever find out? Barratt made these in honor of Sonic 3 (obviously)

Were there different tradeable picture cards, like those 'bazooka joe' comics in gums? These are quite uncommon (being a now spoiled/out of date food product). If you ever tried one, write in for credit on the description.

Sonic Orange Zone Fanta Can Sonic on Fanta? Who knew. This was a non-USA promotion combo. It is now known that this can is from the UK. (Thanks to SegaFreak!) Yeah this cola is "Orange Zone", so why is the can red?

There's that "Attitude" thing again on the side, this was popular in England especially, so it makes sense that it is from the UK.

To the right, you see a "Mini Can" of the same thing. The only difference is, that it has 150 ml, instead of the normal amount. Want to see the other flavors? Look below. Thanks to MCRG for the photo & info!

Mini Sonic Fanta Can
Beans & Sausages HP Sonic Canned Goods These cans are supposed to contain Beans & Sausages. Being canned goods, you have to think that said ingredients would be suspended in...some sort of liquid. But really, what kind of thick goo could be fit to pour over...beans & sausages? Tomato sauce, apparently. And how exactly are such things Sonic themed?
This may be an incidence of it just being Sonic on the can. These were supposed to be at any grocery, circa 1994. Photo credit Ricky Lee
Sonic Chocolate Rolls Cakes Wrapped Here are some Chcocolate Rolls, still in their display box.
These appear to be creme filled cake rolls, much like a Ho-Hos or so in the USA. (also known as Swiss Cake Rolls) The magazine points out that the package is fancier than the roll, and indeed, it is so, as ther is nothing "Sonic-like" about the roll, he's just on the outside.
These were originally available at Tesco stores for 1.59 of pound/cents. They supposedly tasted exactly like the Tesco store brand of roll. Photo credit Ricky Lee
3 flavors of Sonic crisp snacks bags
Here are 3 different flavors of "Sonic Crisps". While sometimes a potato chip is called a potato crisp in the UK area, these appear to be 3D puffy crispy...somethings. But! They are shaped like Sonic's head, which is a plus. The magazine describes the flavors as 'mouth stripping' though reports are, that they are made of corn, and were enjoyable.
When you could find them at the grocery, they were 6 packs for 89P which is described as a bargain at the time. Photo credit Ricky Lee
Sonic Mega Milk Carton Box This is apparently some kind of mini-carton of "Mega Milk".
But what IS Mega Milk? The magazine says you can get it at your local Milky, but only if you know what that is too!
Supposedly this stuff is quite bad, as the magazine hated it. Has anyone ever been brave enough to drink/eat whatever substance is inside this carton? Write in! Supposedly, it was just regular milk! But then why all the fuss? Why is the carton blurry? The magazine couldn't take a good enough photo of it. You can't even tell where Sonic might be on this little thing. Very curious indeed. Photo credit Ricky Lee
Sonic Sally Mini Cans Pasta Shapes Here are some little (single serve?) cans of pasta shapes.
Much like "Spaghetti O's or Chef Boyardee" these are simple noodle shapes in a semi-thick tomato-flavored 'sauce'. These cans differ from the usual though, as they appear to be single serve, and have a convenient pull-tab for the top. The shapes are different too, apparently containing shapes for Sonic & Sally (but which one?). There are likely to be more than just 2 shapes, but, the magazine photo is not clear enough to tell. Photo credit Ricky Lee
Dairy Milk Sonic Chocolate Coins Here are some chocolate coins, presumably with a Sonic theme. By "dairy milk" likely, they're milk chocolate. Do the coins have Sonic faces on them, or on the foil wrapping? Apparently not. The magazine reports being dissapointed with these, as only the box has anything Sonic-ish on it. But at least this time Tails is orange. It also is supposed to contain an egg (why?) and they thought it cost too much at 1.65 pound. It's odd that a lot of this stuff is a bit of a rip, just because it has Sonic on it. Photo credit Ricky Lee
Sainsbury Sonic Circle Cake This...thing here is a cake. It's difficult to tell though, because of the way the magazine took the photo for it. It was also over-lapped by many of their lines and even other items. Apparently it is a Sonic-head shaped cake...of some sort. The icing may or may not be fondant, but the cake itself looks to be somewhat 'shaped'...though the face part is still really round. Sonicgear needs better shots of this cake? Did you ever see one? Send it in if you can beat this. This cake was 9.95 pound at Sainsburys stores in 1994. Photo credit Ricky Lee
Christmas Advent Sonic Calendar Here's a Sonic theme calander. It looks Christmas-ey, so it is an advent calander. It was for the year 2008. It is made of thick paperboard and is full of little doors. You open one for each day on the countdown to Christmas. However, the doors appear to be randomly numbered (ie. the 13th is on the 2nd row, and the 24th is on the top row, etc--but why?) Inside each little door is a normal chocolate (but of good quality--though it wasn't Sonic-shaped or anything) to eat. Once the season has ended, you could likely close all the little doors and end up with a Xmas themed Sonic decoration. Photo by Rhia.
Raspberry Zone Sonic Fanta Can Remember the Orange Zone Fanta can from the top of this page? Well, here's the matching Raspberry Zone can. As you can see, it's quite similar logo-wise, but they're using a totally different art for this one. Here, sonic is meant to look like he's punching & kicking through the can. It still says "The Drink With Attitude" off to one side, as well as "Sonic Special Can" which seems to be written in a similar/the same font as the Fleetway Sonic the Comic. Does this mean that somewhere, there is a "Grape Zone" can? (Fanta usually features 3 or 4 flavors at a time) This can was sold on ebay for 41.00 in 2011. If that seems unusual...can collections are slightly more common than one would think. They're colorful, light-weight, have interesting designs and can (clearly) be quite collectible. Plus, it's the power of Sonic to compell people to buy an old empty can. Photo discovered by Calistine
HP Badnik Shapes Sonic Pasta Can This is a can of HP Pasta shapes (likely in sauce). It has a Sonic theme...but only so far as badniks go! You can see the shapes you'll find inside are Orbinaut, Ball Hog, Chopper & Batbrain. What happened to Sonic, though? Why only 1 of him? Where's Tails, even though he is on the can? Certainly, the mechanical shapes of the badniks would turn out well in the cut steel heavy die that makes the pasta, so they are a good choice. The paper label has pictures of the enemies in a Marble Zone type background, along with the logo. Look at the Nutrition Facts. They seem to be in English, but the label itself isn't in American style/format. It's great to see a product with badniks too! Photo discovered by PiplupFan77
These added photos show the rest of the can, and reveal that it is pasta shapes in tomato sauce. You can also see the structure for each of the badnik noodle shapes. Since HP made single serve minis, this big can makes sense to see as well. Photo & owned by:
Metal Embossed Full Color Marshmallow Tin This is a cool tin...with marshmallows inside! The tin is metal, with slightly raised/embossed Sonic design. Its odd shape is formed after the image, making the tin quite a unique piece. A metal tin makes sense for marshmallows: something which can go stale easily. As you can see here it's sealed with anti-tamper plastic, as it is a food product. This can be found at Forbidden Planet in Birmingham. It costs about 2.99 pound. It is only about 4 inches long. The marshmallows have an artificial strawberry middle.
Sonic tin with strawberry marshmallows They aren't reported to be the best quality, but really you are after the tin anyway. Sealed photo discovered by Luke, open photo by Shadouge
You get about a grand total of...6 marshmallows inside. How...generous?
Knuckles Non Smoking Contest Card This isn't a food, but rather a card that was reported to come with a food. (see the number 10 at bottom) It's a contest where you can win either a 32X or Doom the game. (why not Chaotix?) You win it by answering a question...that's not on the card. Card left large on purpose because the text is kind of wierd and quite long. Where was this originally found? Write in if you know for credit. Discovered by Piplupfan77
When there's no picture of the food, this food ad/contest will do. Its the "Winning Ways" promotion from Milky Way candy bar. If you bought a Sonic & Knuckles theme wrapper bar during the contest and looked in the wrapper you could see "You Win" inside, where if you mailed it in, you could get a Genesis (MegaDrive) or Sonic & Knuckles game. How to win is told in little TV screen shaped comic panels. This is an interesting ad which was in a magazine. Discovered by Piplupfan77 Daddies Sonic the Hedgehog Ketchup This has to be one of the stranger Sonic the Hedgehog shaped items ever made! The plastic bottle is covered with a plastic coating to try and make it look like Sonic, rather than just having a picture of him on the bottle.
Maybe not the best move, he looks like a mutant bowling pin! This is by "Daddies" and is fairly recent, but Pre-Sonic-Adventure. Presumably the ketchup inside is red, as the "Colored Ketchup Fad" came along after 2000.
Fanta Sonic Flavors Soda Selection
Here are more flavors for the Sonic Fanta! You can also see how big the 'mini can' is when compared with other normal cans. Each flavor is labeled "zone" with whatever fruit it had. Here you can see Orange, Apple & Raspberry. Each flavor has a different art of Sonic 'breaking thru' a papery looking background. Were there any other flavors? Apple soda is unusual. Were they any good? Photo & Owned By: DarkGamer2011
Fanta Apple Zone Sonic Soda Here's a better look at the Apple Zone can.
Was this green apple (sour) or red apple (sweet)? Since the can is green, one can assume it was probably a bit of a sour fizz type soda. Were only 3 flavors made? Was any flavor less common than another? Were any of them good?
They are all likely quite expired by this point, so unless someone remembers one, there's not much a way to tell. What year did these appear? (Obviously earlier or mid 90s) the lack of Tails means nothing because unlike Japan, the UK area didn't care if he was included or not on products/packaging while Japan put him on everything as soon as he was released.
Daddies Ketchup Bottles Trio What could fight the terrible ogorki pickle creature?
Only...strange Ketchup Sonic! That's right, "Daddies" brand is back on the page, this time revealing that there was not only 1 bottle of strangely shaped Sonic, there were 3 to collect in all, each with a different look. You could get fretful side-looking Sonic, cheerful but 'vibration toony effect running feet' Sonic or winking arms crossed version.
The ketchup in here wasn't blue (This was before the era of colored ketchups) and the effect is a shrink plastic that went over their normal bottle--and that's why it was easy enough for them to do variants like this. It is interesting to see that they interperated the bottom of his shoe to be a cleat rather than a sneaker.
Another one for the stack of 'things that are totally not Sonic shaped but we'll put him anyway so it doesn't look good who cares'.