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Even though school can be annoying, school supplies is still a fun catagory for Sonic. There are lots of neat Sonic theme things that can be done with school supplies. Plus, nothing says you have to use these for school work! Many of the items make organizing your Sonic collection neater or easier.
The UK, while not having as much in the way of school theme stuff like Japan (but in the area of skool...Japan is nearly invincible stuff-wise) still turned out a nice selection. Most of these things are classic, and you'll need EBay and some patience to get a hold of them.
Sonic the Hedgehog Cardboard Binder A simple cardboard laminated Sonic binder. The "Attitude" label/slogan is back, but the art is neat how it is shaded when it goes "under" the flap. Likely a 3-ring with velcro closure.
Sonic & Tails rubber pencil bag
A soft rubber pencil bag with zip top. The black stuff in the corner is the copyright info. This is a fairly uncommon stock art, with Sonic and Tails marching along, rather than looking like they are running.
Sonic & Robotnik School Bag
Here's an interesting School bag. It went with a rather Japanese angle, and did outline style art for the background. This time it's angry Eggman and some of his badniks, like Chop Chop and Caterkiller. Sonic springing up is a nice touch.
Sonic Tails Chopper Metal Pencil Case A Pencil Case or tin. These are not 100% the realm of JP only merchandise. You can even see a chopper under the bridge. The art is a bit cobbled together, because Sonic is not actually running on the bridge. Still, that they bothered to do such a background, and add a badnik robot makes this stand out.
Sega World London Sonic Pen Here's a pen from Sega World London. As you can see, the pen itself isn't Sonic themed (Just silver foil with black spiral) but the base is. It has speeding Sonic and Segaworld in silver. The pen is rather large, so it's mostly decorative. Why? It appears to be one of those 'floating' pens, where it will hover in place over its magnetic base. It is probably spiral designed so it looks fun when you spin it.
Photo by Rhia.
Checker Sonic School Bag
Yet another school bag! For how little you see of them, they were apparently popular. Here, an impatient Sonic looks annoyed while Eggman flies around with his checker-wrecker in the background. The loop is rather abstracted due to its size.

This bag is uncommon. It appears to be made of that same plasti-cloth as the first one.
Photo credit: Rhia of the UK

Sonic & Tails Metal Pencil Case Here's a nice quality metal pencil tin to add to your school supplies. A checkered background is common, but the purple name adds a new touch. Tails is imitating Sonic's pose (or is it the other way around?) and for once Tails is not a stock art, or horribly drawn. The "HWA" slogan proves this is a UK item. Photo by Rhia.
Clean Gray Sonic pencil tin
Gray Pencil Case Tin Yet another pencil tin!
This makes the third one from the UK region.
This case resembles somewhat the binder at the top of this page. They may have been sold together. They are both gray, with the "arm cross" Sonic and vertical name. They may have been released at the same time. The little red letters say "The Hedgehog With Attitude". The tin is actually scuffed some, and should have all edges streight. (it is somewhat worn) Photo by: Rhia, The 2nd photo shows the case in original condition, and is taken by Rachel.
Soft-Side Red Sonic Tails Pencil Case
Here's another soft-sided pencil case. Like the one above, this is tough fabric with a rubbery coating to prevent it from pencil stabs/wear/etc. Standard zip top. The graphic on this one is rather nice, with a good side-view of running Sonic & Tails. The art used is not common, and Tails looks quite good in it. Case circa 1991
Mini Sonic School Bag Purse This is a cute and wacky little item!
Here's a Sonic mini-schoolbag! This micro bag is likely to be something more like a coin purse or tiny item carrying case. It looks to be about 4 inches high, tops. You could wear it, if you put the 'shoulder straps' through a belt, or possibly attach it to a real school bag.With the fun Sonic design, and attention to detail (quite similar to a full size bag) this is a clever and cute little Sonic collectable.
Mini Backpack Sonic Back View
This is by Dekker toys and was available in 1991, which is quite early on the Sonic Timeline. It could be won/gotten at an amusement park somewhere in the England area.
Big Gray Sonic Duffle Bag
This big bag was reportedly difficult to get ahold of, even in it's time. It appears to be a large gray duffle type bag, with double zipper top and padded handles. Clearly a stock Sonic is on the side, but the magazine chose to set something right in front of him, so it's impossible to tell what's really going on. It also has a more modern-style printing of his name near the bottom. 1994 Photo credit Ricky Lee
Sonic Black Sport Bag
This black big bag has a sporty feel to it, for some reason. It appears more like a hiking pack than a school bag. With zipper fold-over top, carry handle and two plastic buckles it seems complex enough. However, it is NOT very Sonic-like. The only Sonic element here is a relativly small patch, and an even smaller word.
Having a "Subtle Sonic" item is one thing, but it is entirely another to just basically "Paste on" some random tiny Sonic thing onto a bag you want to sell and call it a day. Without a more detailed shot (the magazine, again) it's hard to tell where this lands. 1994 Photo credit Ricky Lee
Multi - item Sonic Desk Set This is a multi-item Sonic theme Desk Set.
While most common in Japan, other lands had desk sets too, fortunately with a Sonic theme. This one has a pouch, pencil, ruler, pencil sharpener, eraser and likely a paper sleeve. The inset (top right) shows what it looks like all together in the clear case it came in. The set uses Sonic the Comic like drawings and re-drawings of various stock art, all on a yellow theme with the plain Sonic logo in red. Photographed & owned by Aisha Osman
Old Sonic Pencil Topper Figure This Sonic pencil topper looks very old and primitive such as from a time before there were any models for him front/back (in Sonic 1, he was really only seen from the side) but it is NOT! This was actually packed in with Sonic 3D Blast (Flickie's Island) for the Megadrive! True it was Sonic's first sort-of-3D appearance, but this tiny topper does not really do it justice. The spikes are kind of melty/uneven looking, and they sort of stick up on the top of his head. It's a fully 3D figure, shown standing on a cog or gear, which is where the pencil would go. Info provided by David Baker. Photographed & owned by:
Sonic tails Mystic Cave hard cover binder Sonic binder & matching filo fax set Sonic binder dividers interior
These inner sheets were sold seperately.
This is a Sonic 2 themed hard cover binder and 'filo fax' notebook set. Clearly they're of the same theme and were meant to go together. The binder is A5 Size. The theme is Mystic Cave Zone from Sonic 2 (Log bridges, spikes, darkness, trees etc) The binder has a hard card cover with semi-gloss art of spinning Sonic and running Tails along with zone elements, though they're kind of 'on top of' the scenery. The inside has colorful dividers (and only 2 rings! This is typical in the UK area) which include a color-scale Sonic stock art (corresponds to the tab color)
The smaller piece with it is called a FiloFax book. It just appears to be a fold out hard-card cover for 3 different note pads. Each one has it's own seperate cover with different art for Sonic & Tails, with the black/gray checkered theme. The small yellow print under the word 'Sonic' is "Hedgehog With Attitude". Both items owned & photographed by: Donna M Evans Filo Fax Hardcover Sonic 2 Theme Note
Filo Fax 3 scene Sonic Tails Interior
Sonic & ring theme ballpoint pen
Sonic face valentine single card
Is a valentine a school supply? It could be, and this is a single card valentine. It could be found for free with an issue of Sonic the Comic. It's a slightly modified foreward facing winking Sonic stock face, over a rather loud hearts background. It says "Super Sonic Valentine" despite the total lack of SS, and the fact that the comic depicted SS as being evil. Photo by Donna M Evans
This pen was likely sold with the checkered pencil case also in UK School supplies. It has arms-crossed Sonic, and rings around the top. The tip should be yellow. Photographed & owned by Donna M Evans
STC Sonic theme tattoos & transfers These sheets are full of temporary tattoos & 'paper transfers'. A paper transfer is sort of like a sticker, however you usually rub the back of the sheet it comes on, with a pencil to transfer it to whatever you place beneath it. You can see various people from STC, as this came with Sonic The Comic issues. Their classic clothes Amy, Espio, Vector, Charmy, Robotnick and a comic-exclusive villain can all be seen. The bottom right sheet features special gold and silver ink. The bottom 2 sheets are Temp. Tattoos. Photographed & owned by Donna M Evans
Sonic the Comic mini note pad This is a thin and simple little note pad that came for free with a STC issue. It's die-cut and features classic winking Sonic, along with the comic's logo. There isn't actually much real space to write on this pad of note paper! Photographed & owned by Donna M Evans Sonic & Tails Notepad from set This note pad was part of a set that had an eraser, pencil, and another larger pad. It doesn't really use stock art, and adds in a nice green-hill looking background, so it's refreshing to see. Photographed & owned by Donna M Evans