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Even though school can be annoying, school supplies is still a fun catagory for Sonic. There are lots of neat Sonic theme things that can be done with school supplies. Plus, nothing says you have to use these for school work! Making Sonic arts & crafts, and using them to store other Sonic items are also good ideas. Many of the items make organizing your Sonic collection neater or easier.
The UK, while not having as much in the way of school theme stuff like Japan (but in the area of skool...Japan is nearly invincible stuff-wise) still turned out a nice selection. Most of these things are modern to 2011. If you see any classic items (true oldies) you'll need Ebay to find those.
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Die-Cut Sonic & Tails Special Double Notebook Look at this great spiral notebook! It's special because it is a fancy double notebook. It has 2 covers. The first cover you see is hard card and features pondering CG Sonic, but look at the edge: it is die-cut. Behind him, is a whole shaped notepad worth of papers for doodles or notes. The notebook itself (also with hard cover) then features lined paper for usual note-taking or writing. Since it's spiral bound, you can flip one or the other over for easy use without bending anything. The way they've put Tails is clever too; it looks like he's peeking out from behind Sonic & waving. This book is not only a fun idea, it has a great deisgn to it too!
Hard card back Sonic & Knuckles Binder Here's an interesting 3 ring binder for your papers (or your clear poly slotted Sonic cards collection...) It is made of hard thick card, with modern CG Sonic & Knuckles art. Likely, this is a glossy over-layer for the card. Since it's CG, they're in new poses which keeps the art fresh (notice different poses for the spine art) Knuckles, however, looks like he was about to talk (or sneeze?) when the CG shot was taken.
Note: Card based binders like this aren't really that great for heavy-use situations because the corners can deform and the art can scratch. If you're aiming to collect this, it might not be great for actual school use.
Sonic & Tails Backpack School Bag A list of school supplies wouldn't be complete without a backpack school here's a nice new Sonic & Tails bag. The bag itself is a simple 2-tone blue. The outer pocket area has CG art for Sonic & Tails, so both poses are fresh once again. The background for this is similar to that of the binder, they're clearly meant to match/coordinate.
10 colors Sonic Jumbo pen This is a 10-Colors Pen. It's a jumbo fat pen that has 10 different colored inks inside. These were popular in the 1990s, but remain to this day. To get a color, you push down on the little springy bump and the tip comes out. Pressing any one half-way causes the tip to retract. It's pretty standard stuff, but handy since there's no individual pens to lose. It has some nice modern CG Sonic Knuckles & Tails art for the barrel, and a flat Sonic topper with logo. Adding some 'charm' to a reguarl pen & pencil, here comes a simple set. An ergonomic retractable Sonic pen & a regular Sonic themed pencil (with rings, Tails, logo & Sonic art) are given a cool upgrade with rubber charms. The pencil has a Sonic face, while the pen gets a logo. These charms are rubber, & were 'micro enjected' to get great detail.
Sonic Charms Pen & Pencil Set
Writing Time Big Case Sonic School Set With this set, it's 1 stop Sonic shopping for your desk-set style needs. This cool set comes in a decorative zip-sides Sonic themed case (with nice art and checkers all over) and it contains:
14 felt tip markers, 14 colored pencils (all Sonic branded!), 1 ruler with Sonic/Tails/Knuckles/Shadow, 1 pen, 1 regular pencil, 1 Sonic head shaped eraser, 1 Sonic logo sharpener, 1 thumbs up Sonic mini note pad. Everything here is detailed out with lots of great Sonic themes.
Carded School Supply Desk Set
This is the 'carded school supply set', but it is labeled "Super School Set". Not quite as deluxe as the set above, this one still packs in lots of cool Sonic supplies! On this card you can see: Sonic head shaped eraser, regular Sonic pencil (same design as one above, no charm) branded Sonic colored markers, the ruler from the deluxe set, and a pencil sharpener. The middle item is a die cut simple notepad in the shape of running-foreward Sonic. It opens on the right side and the pages are un-lined.
Sonic Scribble School Mini Set This is called "Sonic Scribble Set". In the bag you get the Sonic regular pencil, the head shaped eraser from all other sets, and a different blue pencil sharpener (S with wings in ring logo) The note pad this time is not die cut, and features thumbs up CG Sonic with a logo. It's still a great set to get, with 2 unique items on it. Large Spiral Sonic Notebook Here is a Larger spiral bound Sonic notebook. For actual note-taking a good big book is needed. This matches up with the binder above, & has a blue plastic spiral for sturdiness. The covers are thinner hard card. Simple, but functional & looks fresh as well.
Barrel Shape Sonic Pencil Cases Where to put your Sonic pencils? How about a Sonic themed pencil case. This is a soft-sides case in the 'barrel' shape. The ends have the "S" in stars/ring logo, and each 'side' features different Sonic art. The zipper pull is another micro-enjected logo rubber charm. Quality case with good detail. Sonic Stationairy Set This is the Sonic Stationery Set. It is mostly a collection of items from the previous sets (Ergonomic pen, regular pencil, square sharpener) but with 2 differences. This ruler features Silver while the others don't, and this modifies the head eraser into a pencil topper by boring a hole in it and mounting it.
This is a 'trainer bag'. It's a simple bag of unlined cloth with draw-string top & simple cord handles. It's inexpensive & lower quality than other bag styles, it's only meant to hold light objects (as obviously it would be uncomfortable) It has Sonic Shadow & Silver with rings, for a 3 hedgehogs theme.
3 Hedgehogs Trainer Bag
ALL Items above on this page made & photo by BLUE-PRINT Collectibles company. Little cropped words in some of the photos are their catalog numbers. You can Obtain The Catalog too. These items were released in Summer/Fall 2011, and can be bought at Tesco stores.
Sonic Tails Knuckles Drink Bottle
Sonic Tails Knuckles Soft Sides Lunchbox
This is the Soft Sides Sonic Tails & Knuckles lunch bag /box. It has all new (2011) and modern CG character art. Sonic is running, Knuckles is punching/gliding & Tails is pointing. With nice new poses & dynamic layout, the art here is good and fresh looking. The box likely has thermal lining to keep hot or cold food. It comes with the drink bottle you see at right, which appears to be black plastic. It also has Sonic Tails & Knuckles on it, with the modern logo. The dome cap protects the sipper part from dirt. Discovered by SonicBoy19
If you find these at NEXT stores the bag will be 8.50 while the bottle will be 4.50 pound
If you find these at Debenhams or Wilkinsons, the bag will be 9.50 but the bottle will only be 2.79
Price & location info added by:
Cylender Sonic Modern Pencil Case Remember the cylender pencil case seen above as an art/mock up type thing from the "Blue Print" catalog? Well, this is what it really looks like when you own it. The graphic is bright with good color, it seems sturdy looking, and the zipper pull is one of those layered rubber shaped pieces (similar to a type of flat keychain) so it lived up to their idea from the catalog. This makes for a great case with good detail too! Photo & owned by TheSuper5678
Attitude Checkered Backpack Here's a sort of interesting backpack. It has the usual "Sonic the Hedgehog with Attitude" catchphrase that UK area items love to use, but the front of the bag is sort of designed as a loop, checkered with Green Hill's signature ground. It's a bit off center, and there's no grass, but you can see little Eggman & his checker wrecker flying by. Sonic, however, looks annoyed/tapping his foot, which is also somewhat uncommon. The edge of the bag likely has another Sonic graphic.
Sonic the Hedgehog Duffle Bag A duffle bag. This is a nice, large gray duffle made of some kind of tough plastic fabric. The mixture of colored squares, logo, and stock art actually manages to give this some class. It is a good bag for carrying large items. So far, the UK seems to be good at making useful Sonic stuff.

This bag (being large) is rather uncommon. Buy it when you see it, it's likely not for sale often!

Green Hill Lunchbox Tin Tote Here's another somewhat cobbled together "photo" though it's more like a mock-up of a product. It's an old fashion lunch box / tin, with a Green Hill theme. It's unlikely to actually be good for lunches, as it has no insulation like a modern box. However, things like this are great for cards or supplies.
The design oddly enough has Sonic improperly dieing / being killed by a moto bug (is death via motobug a first to be featured on merch here?) He's clearly supposed to be losing his 4 rings, but that is the 'die' sprite for him. Plus, what's Buzz Bomber doing, as the energy bullet it shoots out is shown somehow behind it. Whoever designed this...does not appear to be faimilar with how the g ames worked at all. Plus, Tails in Sonic 1. This will be a site item in spring 2013. Discovered by Shadowfoxx757
Sonic blue vinyl swimming bag Here's an unusual's for your wet swimming gear or PE stuff.
First, it looks a bit like a shopping bag, but instead it is made of tough shiny clear blue vinyl. Then, see how the handle cord is attached? Twice through the top and then at the bottom. The design is painted on with opaque paint & shows Sonic swimming in the Labrynth Zone of Sonic 1. (The bag was made in 1991, so that's all it could be) You can recognize the tile, the bubbles and also the numbers right away. The art appears very early-Japan style, but it does show him swimming which is not something he could ever do. The bag was licensed by Copyright International. (info by Kari XIII, JenHedgehog) Photographed & owned by GhostieShadow.
Segaworld London Foil Pen
This is a regular retractable ballpoint pen from Segaworld London. It could only be bought there. It has blue flake foil for the pen barrel, plus a silvertone ink logo. Notice that Sonic's there too, he's hard to see as the graphic wraps around the pen. This is a neat old pen. Photo & owned by Ultimate Freiza