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Bendies or Flexible Figures
These not-quite-action figures are made of soft, painted plastic. They have a wire frame inside which allows them to (mostly) keep poses. They are not jointed, so the poses can get...odd. Usually these are small, inexpensive types, but as you'll see this is not always the case. Use the Ebay link to the below left part of the page and bid, if you can't find them retail, as they're all early 2000's items.
GamePro Shadow Bendy Card & Base GamePro Shadow Closeup Bendy Figure
Not bad for a bendy, eh? This is a great Shadow the Hedgehog bendy, sold in both the USA and UK. These were released in honor of Sonic DX or Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. They were available at Suncoast Video and Electronics Botique (EB) and EBX stores throughout the USA. He comes with a card with game info on the back, and a pegged base. However, this came at a premium, even when new. It retailed for about $13.00 USD! He is large, though.
Shadow Bendy Figure Back These were produced by Joy-Ride and Game Pro Magazine and came in an elaborate fold-open box which had a game review inside. Note that Shadow's quills are accurate as well! They really went the extra mile with these surprising bendies. (This is also from my collection) He is about 5 inches high.

So far this is ranked as the best Shadow Item available, sculpt wise, on a figure. This is both large AND highly accurate.

Game Pro unpainted figure box full shot
Game Pro bendy box open panel A jewel of my collection. This is the prototype unpainted version of the Game Pro Sonic the Hedgehog bendy figure. There were only 500 of these made for the USA. (Another 500 for UK)
The box-back velcro-s open to reveal a Game Pro review of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.
Unpainted prototype bendy Game Pro Sonic figure A close-up! This actually looks better unpainted. The painted version had a severe case of "The Crazy Eyes". Also some versions could suffer from 'badly spraypainted' details. Watch the prices on this prototype, someone is trying to sell them for $99.99 USD! Outrageous! Go to Ebay. Game Pro bendy figure sonic box back
crazy eyez paint game pro Sonic close-up
Mine is #235 of 500.
(UK Version)
Now imagine with a worse coat of paint.
Shadow bendy figure open box back hints Adventure 2 Battle Shadow MIB Photo
The interior of the Shadow's box also opened up to reveal a similar game review. That dot allows it to velcro shut for display. The photos are different inside of this, and the review is ok. The scores (1-5...though it got 4's all around) are down the left side. While Sonic's box used a picture of him from in the game, Shadow's has chosen official stock art. Photo by LarryInc64 Here's the MIB shot for him, the figure is easy to see in the package so he displays well.
Shadow didn't come unpainted variant variety. Photo discovered by JordanxSonic
Alternate game pro bendy base photo
Alternatly colored bases with no stickers hmm... Painted Sonic bendy shoe bottoms MIB Bendy Painted Sonic Joyride
With this photo you can see they did a good job with all his spikes on the back, and also that the shoes are extremely detailed even underneath, with paint and textures.
In all both of the JoyRide bendies are really great figures to collect, painted versions or not. The Sonic is only held back by his eye-positioning and occaisonal overspray. Figure back/foot photo by Larryinc64
When seen from this angle, the eyes look rather normal. This is still a great bendy to add to your collection! Photo by larryinc64 Adventure 2 Battle Bendy Big Pic The above photo is what fully painted Sonic looked like at retail. They used a big bubble card to keep the whole figure above the sticker/logo on the front (a good move, his red shoes are eye-catching) Keeping this bendy MIB is a good idea, they're both still super collectible. MIB photo by Dustin LeeAutry
Game Pro Sonic Red Base 5
What's going on with this figure & its packaging? You can see 2 differences right away from the normal version of this Sonic bendy above. First, it says "Series 5" in the circle, not "Series 1" like above. Then, notice the base: it is red & not gray as it should be. The edge photo there shows you that it says "Sonic" on the base (so they didn't just shove Shadows' base in there--as his base actually was red (see above) as an accident, or to use up old parts)
Was this some kind of re-release on a later series? A box error, or something else? Series 5 was not released closely with series 1 (so it's not like a couple of months later) Photo by Max6464
MIB Joyride Shadow Big Bendy Here are the Mint in Box shots for Joyride's regular release of their big Shadow bendy. He was on Series 6 (seen at top right of the box) & the box back advertises the Sonic, though he was on Series 1 (or 5 if you go by the box above) If you look closely at the bottom of the box, you can see the yellow point & red edges of his base peeking out from behind the big collectible card that was also in the box, but packed so it hides the majority of the base. Photo & owned by Dustin Lee Autry
Toy Island also did a set of bendies. These came packaged in sets of 4, or you could get them carded individually. There were 6 figures, but they were packed in 4s, so you'd end up with doubles. The individual carded figures were MUCH harder to get. Big and Eggman are the least common of this set. These also came with clear plastic Chaos Emeralds, when bought in a pack. These are still numerous, so you should be able to bid on a set at a decent price.
Bendy Figure 4-Pak Sonic Tails Knuckles Amy Emeralds Toy Island Individual pak bendy figure sonic knuckles tails e-102 unrleased The only ones not in the photos are bendy Eggman and bendy Shadow. (coming soon) But look at the photo above...Bendy E102! Don't have him? Don't worry, he was never released...
Bendable Big the Cat Action Figure Here is bendy Big the Cat.
If you didn't get him individually (such as on a Top Heavy Clothing Shirt) you had to re-buy the Bendy 4-Pak to get him, along with Eggman. Because Big and Eggman weren't that popular of characters, many people didn't want to be forced to buy doubles of figures they already had just to get a hold of these guys. Interestingly, this could lead to a bit of scarcity on them in the future. Photo by Sonicfan01
Bendy Big, being...big...isn't that bendable. Obviously the body won't do anything, so his arms are about the only bit you can pose. You can, however, turn his feet so his shoes point foreward instead of sideways, as in his package.
The bendies of Toy Island were re-released. This time, there is a secret GOLD Sonic bendy. Available at KB Toy? The 4-Pak is exactly the same, but instead of "Sonic Adventure" it says "Sonic X". Sonic T-Shirts can come with Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, or Eggman Individual-Bendys. Where are Amy & Big? They have not been sighted with any of the shirts, for some reason.
Individual Bendy Pak Tails
This is the Re-Release under the new Sonic X label for these bendies. They're the same, just the box has changed. These come with T Shirts sometimes, or can be found in KB Toy Stores. Golden Sonic Repaint Bendy Figure The golden bendy only comes inside the Bendy 4-Paks. These are not widely available, so Ebay may be your best bet, but watch the price on can be steep just to get this bendy re-paint.
Bendable Action Figure 4-Pak Shadow This is the back of the original bendy 4-pak. (SA one) The back shows figures from both sets, revealing the fact that you'll need to buy Sonic & Tails twice to get all the bendies. Not a whole lot changed when it switched to Sonic X on the back. The Golden bendy also appeared on the newer box backs. Photo by LarryInc64
Bendable Action Figure 4-Pak
And here we have even MORE capitalizing on the same old bendies from Sonic 1. Now they're throwing in a Shadow...and the only way to get him? Buy everyone else again. This time though, there's 5 bendies instead of just 4...good news if you don't own them yet! The Shadow is (thankfully) NOT a repaint of Sonic, but a real, individual bendy. (see his fists?) This pack is not common...Maybe KB Toy, but Ebay is a better bet.
Caution: Some sets (golden Sonic or Shadow included) when ordered online can really easily be broken. BE CAREFUL with these figures the quality of the rubber for them may either degrade or the re-makes used a worse quality. If you get them to collect, you may want to leave them MIB.
Shadow Bendy is shown next to 'gum holding figure' Sonic for size comparison. Shadow bendy photo provided by Berzerker.
Here is Shadow bendy out of his box. The head is clearly modeled off the 'worse head' megabot.
Flexi Friend Classic Vintage Bendy Sonic We now interrupt your Sonic X theme bendable action with...
A classic bendy! Just get a look at this oldskool Sonic bendable figure. This is a "Flexi Friend" toy. It is larger than the many bendies, but just look at the sculpt! For something classic-Sonic, this
guy is pretty good. Well sculpted hands, proportionate head and shoes, the eyes are big & spikes are small though. He adheres to the classic look, & so does the package. It's a pity these are so rare, this looks like something you'd really want to have in your collection. It was made by Tomy. Photo by Retro. Out of box photos by John.
The out of box photos reveal a rectangle eye-shine which is a bit odd and also that his face is nearly ALL eye. They're totally huge, limiting somewhat the 'really good' viewing angles for this figure. Still, it's a neat collectible piece.
Knuckles on Eggman Card Wrong Bendy
Notice something odd about this individual-card Kncukles bendable? If you look in the corner, he's clearly on Eggman's Card. This is the older (Sonic Adventure 1 Release) by Toy Island of these bendies. Each one should have the SA1 art of the matching character in the corner--but this one does not. This error may cause the figure to be worth somewhat more than normal because the mistake didn't affect the figure itself, but instead just makes it rare. This was attempted for sale at $1,000 usd, but of course, it's just a bendy on the wrong card so it will never sell at such a rate. Discovered by hypersuperchao
Bendable Eggman Figure
This bendy Eggman was either easy or hard to get. Hard because he was LISTED on the bendy 4-pak but didn't come in them often. Easy because he was on LOADS of the Sonic shirts (at Sears, Kohls etc) as an extra bonus item (single carded) if you bought the shirt. Supposedly he was the most common one to be found with a shirt. He's not all that common any more though, and is actually pretty bendable/posable with his long arms and legs. Hold onto this bendy if you have it! Photographed & owned by LarryInc64
Bendy Box Mistake Package Notice something strange about this bendy 5 pak box? It's the SonicX one sure...but look at Shadow. He's not a bendy at all! They've actually stolen one of their own Shadow Action Figure photos (he's from the MegaBot Line) and thrown it on there instead of actual Bendy Shadow. You can see bendy Shadow above, and he doesn't look at all the same. Photo by WackyStacker, discovered by Berzerker.
Yellow Recolor Sonic Bendy Pack
Here's the box back you would see if you got one of the "golden Sonic" bendy packs. It shows all 5, with the actual golden bendy photo/duplicate Sonic. Interestingly, they re-colored the big Sonic art on the back to be all yellow. Even the white parts are yellowed, and so are his eyes. The pack was considered a bit of a nuisance because you'd of already bought all the characters twice before (once to get them, again to get Shadow, now a 3rd for Golden  Sonic) Photo Discovered by TripleGamer3K
Single Card Bendy Shadow MOC
Little bendy Shadow (seen in the bendy packs above) was also apparently released (with shirts? on shelves?) as a single card bendy, as shown here. As Toy Island wound down the production of these small bendies, some were carded like this and packed with Top Heavy shirts found in Sears. Photo discovered by Dustin Lee Autry GENERAL BENDY NOTE

Avoid wetting any bendable figure. The rubber/plastic often has holes/mold points in it, & the interior wires are iron or steel and they'll rust through as there's no way to dry the wires once wetted. Once rusted, the bendy will break internally & can't be fixed.

Blue Arms Accident Bendy This bendy box has a mistake inside...can you spot it? It's blue-arms Sonic! Little paint errors like overspray or a missed detail on a shoe bottom could happen with this set, but less common is a complete miss, where his arms are totally unpainted like this. There are a few blue-arm-Sonic arts around, especially in Australia. However this is just a factory error that's interesting to see. Discovered by Zero the Hedgehog
Here is the single-card version of Sonic X branded Bendy Eggman. This may have been the only way to get him. He may have been sold with a shirt, or individually. As you can see, the box back has a good photo so you know which other figures they had were single-carded at the same time. He has good detail for a bendy, and seems mostly proportional. This one isn't so easy to find. Photo & owned by Zero the Hedgehog